Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 25 - Luosang Protects Him Like a Hen Protects Her Chicks

Chapter 25: Luosang Protects Him Like a Hen Protects Her Chicks

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Doctor Gu paused, and Luosang felt speechless.

“Does he have to make it sound so strange?” she wondered.

“This is the patient I’ve been taking care of lately. He’ll need me until he’s fully recovered,” she explained to Doctor Gu.

Doctor Gu sighed in relief after hearing Luosang.

“Alright then, let’s wait until you have time. I’ll call you.” As Nian Junting looked quite difficult to get along with, he only nodded to Luosang before leaving.

After that, Nian Junting squinted at Luosang with a meaningful, faint smile, and said, “You and that fatty looked like a great couple when you were standing together. That’s right, you two even look a little similar, as you’re both wearing old-fashioned glasses. But isn’t working in the urology department a little disgusting?”

As a carer, Luosang often needed to visit the hospital, so she knew that doctors had been doing tough work. Therefore, she couldn’t help but retort when she heard Nian Junting speak so sarcastically.

“Mr. Nian, working in the urology department may sound not good, but eighty percent of all people will need to see urologists at some points of their lives. If you ever suffer a urinary disease in the future, please remember to endure it instead of going to see a urologist.”

Nian Junting laughed and responded, “I just said a few things about the fatty, do you really need to defend him so seriously? Look at you, so easily offended.”

“Doctor Gu and I are just friends.” Luosang sighed and said, “Mr. Nian, let’s go back. I still have to cook your lunch after we get back.”

Nian Junting stared at her for a little while then said, “Em.”

Luosang followed his wheelchair. However, after making two steps forward, she heard Nian Junting add, “That fatty is plain-looking. He looks old, and his nose is flat. I think you should avoid looking at me too much from now on, because you’ll find that no other man is as good-looking as me when you’re no longer around me, and I worry it might make it more difficult for you to get married, which would be bad.”

Luosang didn’t know what to say.

She had never met someone so narcissistic and shameless.

While heading to the hospital gate, Lu Kang called the chauffeur and told him to drive the car over from the parking lot. When they came down to the ground floor, Nian Junting suddenly frowned and said, “I left my phone in the physiotherapy room.”

“I’ll go get it. Ms. Luosang, please wheel Mr. Nian to the car,” Lu Kang said to Luosang before heading back quickly.

The eye-catching Rolls-Royce was already parked under a tree as they came to the hospital gate. However, when Luosang wheeled Nian Junting’s chair to the car, a mob of people suddenly rushed to them.

“You evil capitalist! Profiteers! You should die!” While yelling, the bald man in the front poured a large bucket of an unknown liquid at Nian Junting.

“Watch out!” Luosang knew that Nian Junting couldn’t move his body fast enough, so without thinking, she stood before him and let the liquid pour down on her hair, face, and body.

The stench made her want to throw up.

A few drops of the liquid splashed on Nian Junting’s clothes, so he immediately figured out what it was.

A trace of surprise flashed across his eyes, which were widened because of anger. He didn’t expect Luosang to stand before him. He knew that he couldn’t dodge and had prepared himself for that already.

Failing to pour the liquid on Nian Junting, the bald man raised the bucket to hit him. The people behind the bald man all rushed up, trying to push Nian Junting or throw things at him.

Rotten eggs and all kinds of leftover foods were thrown at him and Luosang.

His wheelchair was shaken violently, while Luosang shielded him firmly like a hen protecting its chicks. The bucket fell on her shoulder, and caused great pain.

“What are you doing?” The driver got out of the car as soon as he could to try to push the people away.

However, it was a large group of aggressive and violent people, and the driver could only hold off a few of them. However, he managed to give Luosang some time to open the car door, lift Nian Junting up, and directly put him into the backseat.

“Don’t you run!” The nearest ferocious man rushed over, grabbed Luosang’s hair, and dragged her out of the car.

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