Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 26 - You Use A Coat WhiChapter Cost Tens of Thousands As A Seat Cushion?

Chapter 26: You Use A Coat Which Cost Tens of Thousands As A Seat Cushion?

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Luosang moaned in pain. She tried to fight through the pain, shut the car door hurriedly, and guarded it to prevent those people from opening it.

In the car, Nian Junting angrily and anxiously looked out of the window. Luosang’s face and body were pressed against the car, but she clenched her teeth and remained silent without moving an inch. No matter how hard those people pulled her clothes and hair, she kept hanging on. Her arms clung to the car, and her eyes showed immovable determination.

“Luosang, open the door,” shouted Nian Junting; he was enraged.

All his life, he was the one who protected people, but now, he was actually being protected by a woman.

A feeling of powerlessness surged from the bottom of his heart.

He wanted to move his body, but a sharp pain from his spine prevented him from doing that.

Fortunately, Lu Kang came over quickly. Once Luosang felt that she couldn’t hang on anymore, Lu Kang had rushed over and pushed away a few of the attackers. The hospital security guards arrived at the same time.

Seeing this situation, the people ran away immediately from a side entrance of the hospital.

“Mr. Nian, are you okay?” asked Lu Kang as he opened the car door. He saw am extremely angry look in Nian Junting’s eyes.

“Check Luosang,” said Nian Junting with a tense face, surprising Lu Kang who thought that he was gonna yell at him.

“I… I’m alright,” said Luosang, standing about a meter away from the car and rubbing her scalp, face ghastly pale. She felt that her entire body aching, and felt intolerably stinky. She stammered, “Those people didn’t use any weapons, they just pulled my hair. It’s… alright.”

“Alright?” said Nian Junting as his brows twitched. The look in his eyes turned darker and darker as he said, “Do you see yourself as a woman at all? Who told you to play hero in that kind of situation? There were so many people, didn’t you think that you might die? And that bucket of urine! How could you stand before me even before you figure out what it was? What if it was sulfuric acid? Don’t you want to get married one day?”

Luosang was suffering severe pain, but Nian Junting gave her a full dressing down. She felt wronged, so she kept her mouth shut and didn’t say anything.

Lu Kang glanced at her, then at his boss, and then sighed silently.

‘Boss, I know you mean to concerned about her, but do you have to make the caring words sound so mean? Not everyone knows you as well as I do,’ thought Lu Kang.

“Call the police. Call the police now!” Nian Junting shouted. He really couldn’t restrain his anger at the moment. “Find those scums no matter how! I want a result before it gets dark,” he yelled.

“Will do, will do,” Lu Kang nodded while wiping the cold sweat on his forehead. After that, he turned to Luosang and said, “Miss Luosang, do you need a checkup in the hospital?”

“No, I’m good. These are just some minor injuries. Adhesive bandages will solve the problem.” While responding, Luosang sniffed at her own hand and the smell made her feel sick. “I’ll take a taxi back to the villa; I really stink,” she said.

“Who told you to take a taxi? Are you rich? Get in the car now. I’m going back for a shower too. You can take the front seat,” said Nian Junting. The thought that even a few drops of urine had splashed on him, made him want to scrub his skin off. He turned to Lu Kang and continued, “Lu Kang, I’ll leave the rest to you. It’s New Year now, so damn unlucky! And Lu Kang, give her my coat.”

An expensive, customized wind coat was handed to Luosang, and made her feel extremely flattered. Through these days spent with Nian Junting, she had learned that he was a clean freak. However, under the current circumstances, he not only let her sit in his car, but also gave her his coat. How inconceivable!

But, why did he give her his coat?

Luosang struggled shortly, then spread the coat on the front seat and carefully sat on it.

Lu Kang was speechless.

Nian Junting’s lips twitched as he said, “My coat cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you’re going to use it as a seat cushion?”

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