Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 31 - Nian Xi Felt that Her Brother Was Like A Puppy

Chapter 31: Nian Xi Felt that Her Brother Was Like A Puppy

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“Brother, isn’t this braised fish especially delicious?” Looking at her brother, Nian Xi felt like she was a puppy getting fed by its owner.

Nian Junting raised his chin proudly and said, “Just average. There’s still room for improvement.”

Luosang snorted silently.

‘If it’s just average, why are you taking such large bites?’ she thought.

She never saw him with such a big appetite when Sister Lan cooked his meals.

“You call that average?” Nian Xi hated his dishonesty, so she put the rest of the fish into her own bowl and said, “Since you think it’s average, I’ll eat it all. I haven’t had such delicious fish for a long time.”

“Nian Xi, can’t you pay a little attention to your manners?” Seeing that his favorite fish was gone, Nian Junting became so angry that he nearly choked on his rice.

Nian Xi’s large eyes were filled with innocence as she responded with, “We’re family. Why do we have to act so reserved? Brother, you like the fish, don’t you?”

“I don’t,” said Nian Junting.

“That’s what I thought,” continued Nian Xi while eating happily. “Sister Luosang, I decided to come here more frequently to bum meals off of you. The food in the police station is a disaster,” she said to Luosang.

“I don’t want you here,” said Nian Junting through clenched teeth.

“I don’t need you to,” responded Nian Xi carelessly.

Nian Junting felt speechless.

This was definitely the worst meal he ever had.

Sitting beside him, Luosang observed his tightened, handsome face. He seemed to be on the verge of losing his temper, but he knew that he shouldn’t; it was like he was suffering constipation. Seeing the complicated look in his face, Luosang lowered her head and smiled.

Luosang believed that being arrogant and sharp-tongued was a disease. She couldn’t cure this disease that he had, but his sister probably could.

The morning before New Year’s Eve, Luosang arrived at the family home of the Nian Family with Nian Junting and his sister. It was a manor, located about twenty miles away from Xia City. The manor was designed to resemble Suzhou traditional gardens, decorated with rockery and pavilions, and had a man-made stream running around. However, different from the other part of the manor, the villa was a foreign-style building, built during the Republic China period, and seemed to contain a wealth of culture.

It was almost New Year’s Eve, so couplets were put up on both sides of the gate of the villa. They made the entire building radiate with joy.

A couple of cars had parked in the parking lot. Some were luxurious, and some weren’t. The only thing in common with these cars were their special license plate numbers.

Luosang wheeled Nian Junting into the villa. Around ten people were already there. Some of them were playing mahjong, some were chatting, and some children were frolicking about. They were all members of the Nian Family.

“Tingting, Xi, you’re back!” An old lady walked over on a crutch with red eyes and said, “Tingting, I heard that you had a car accident. I wanted to go and see you, but your father didn’t let me. Look at you, you’re even sitting in a wheelchair. When will you recover? How could they tell me that you weren’t hurt badly?”

“I’ll rest for a while, and then I’ll be full of vigor again. Don’t worry.”

Once he finished his words, a middle-aged man sitting on the couch snorted coldly and said, “I told you to not to be a businessman, but you insisted. Look at you now. You haven’t recovered from the car accident yet, but yesterday, someone tried to pour piss on you in public. I heard from Director Yao that you were attacked by over ten people. You’re lucky that they didn’t disable you.”

“Dad, it wasn’t so bad. They were just trying to frighten my brother. Everyone knows who he is and no one dares do anything to him, unless they want to die,” said Nian Xi smilingly.

“Alright, don’t you blame Tingting,” Nian Junting’s grandma gave her son a threatening glance, then said, “Being a businessman is safer than being a politician at least. Don’t forget that Tingting almost died in the army.”

“Please don’t mention these unhappy things during New Year’s Eve.” Nian Junting’s grandpa changed the topic and said to him, “Tingting, you should talk to your mother, and tell her to come back for the New Year. It’s been so long since they’ve separated. Are they really gonna get divorced?”

“I don’t know, and I’m too lazy to care.” The look on Nian Junting’s face instantly turned cold.

He turned his head slightly, then pointed at the grapefruit on the tea table and said to Luosang, “Peel some for me.”

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