Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 30 - Even The Nicest Person Can Get Angry Too

Chapter 30: Even The Nicest Person Can Get Angry Too

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When he was finished talking, Nian Junting angrily hung up the phone and murmured, “No one has ever dared to disrespect me all my life, but today, someone actually tried to pour piss on me. They’re playing with fire.”

Nian Xi swallowed and said carefully, “Brother, take it easy. It wasn’t poured on you, was it…”

Before she could finish her words, Nian Junting glanced at her with dagger eyes and snapped, “It wasn’t poured on me, but it was poured on my… pet. That was like a slap my face.”


Suddenly, Luosang didn’t want to feed him anymore. So, she smilingly put down his bowl and chopstick and said, “So pets can feed people? Then how about I go to the backyard and bring Xiaosi here to feed you?”

She kindly risked her own safety to save him, and to repay her he called her his ‘pet’? She was a nice person, but even the nicest person could get angry at some point.

“How dare you taunt me?” countered Nian Junting as he widened his eyes. Even the air temperature around them dropped.

Luosang looked him straight in the eyes and innocently said, “I didn’t. You said that yourself, didn’t you?”

‘We should also let Xiaosi give you sponge baths from now on,’ she thought.

Nian Junting’s face darkened immediately.

‘This woman is so ungrateful. Countless people would want to be my pet but can not. Don’t you know how good Xiaosi’s diet is? I spend hundreds on each of his meals, and thousands on all of his clothes’ he thought.

He didn’t like Luosang before. Therefore, she wouldn’t have the honor to be called ‘pet’ by him if she didn’t risk her own safety to save him today.

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting more and more tense, Nian Xi coughed and said, “Brother, you shouldn’t say that. Sister Luosang isn’t your bodyguard, yet she kindly protected you. How can you call her ‘pet’? To be honest, under that kind of situation – I mean a large bucket of piss pouring over – I’d run away even though I’m your sister. It’s just too gross.”

Nian Junting was speechless.

He began to doubt if Nian Xi was really his sister.

“Sister Luosang, let’s just ignore him and eat. I’ve been busy the whole morning and didn’t get to have lunch. I’m starving,” Nian Xi said as she quickly got herself a bowl of rice. After two bites, she gave Luosang a thumbs up and mumbled to her, “Sister Luosang, this fish is delicious. I didn’t know you cook so well. Eat, ignore him.”

While speaking, she kept putting food in Luosang’s rice bowl.

Luosang was indeed hungry, so she pretended not to see the angry look in Nian Junting’s eyes, and started to leisurely eat.

She was just a carer, but she had dignity too. Plus, she wasn’t afraid of Nian Junting’s threats, because Murong Cheng would pay her anyway.

Seeing that Nian Xi and Luosang were enjoying the meal right in front of him, Nian Junting wore a sour look.

This was the first time in his life that he’d been ignored like this.

He was already hungry before, and now he felt even hungrier while watching the other two eat.

What was worse was that Nian Xi had taken a large piece of his favorite fish.

Suddenly, his stomach rumbled.

Luosang heard it. Seeing the angry and embarrassed look in his face, she nearly laughed out loud.

“Ah, brother, are you hungry? Do you need me to call Xiaosi here to feed you?” said Nian Xi smilingly and sarcastically, with a chicken wing in her mouth.

“Luosang, don’t forget about your job. If I insist on firing you, then even my mother wouldn’t be able to change my mind,” Nian Junting reminded Luosang with a cold voice.

Luosang stopped smiling, knowing that he was serious.

She shouldn’t push it too far, as she was only a carer.

So, she picked up his bowl and chopsticks, and continued feeding him.

He chewed in satisfaction. Maybe because he was hungrier than before, but he now felt that the fish tasted incredibly delicate. Sister Lan cooked well, but she used to work in a grand hotel so her dishes were a little less special than Luosang’s. Luosang made more homely dishes, ones people would never get tired of eating.

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