Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 8 - You Shouldn’t Have SuChapter A Low Taste

Chapter 8: You Shouldn’t Have Such A Low Taste

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Doctor Han paused as Xiao Si asked surprisedly, “Really? What happened?”

Nian Junting pressed his lips into a thin line. He had seen numerous doctors abroad and taken countless medicines over the years. Many times he was on the verge of giving up on himself, but today, his body unexpectedly reacted to the carer’s touch. He was delighted, but also too embarrassed to tell the others about what happened.

If the carer were a young and beautiful woman, he would accept it easily, but she was average-looking and older than himself.

What the hell was wrong with him?

Some people would laugh their heads off if they knew what happened.

“Yeah, what happened exactly?” Doctor Han smiled and asked the same question. He said, “I need to know what happened so I can make an assesment.”

Nian Junting coughed, then clenched his teeth and said, “When the new carer was giving me a sponge bath…”

“Carer?” Xiao Si blinked and said. When he realized who Nian Junting was talking about, he asked in disbelief, “Is it one I bumped into when I came in? No way! She’s so old-fashioned and looks like a country woman. I mean, no matter how horny you are, you shouldn’t have such a low taste, right?”

“Shut up,” grunted Nian as he clenched his fists tight enough to click his joints as he wanted to tear Xiao Si’s mouth apart.

“Doctor Han, am I recovering?” he asked.

“That I can’t tell for sure,” remarked Doctor Han who then remained silent for a while. He then shook his head and continued talking, “As I’ve told you before, the nerves of that part of your body were injured. However, after all the treatments you had through the years, the injuries have healed. You stayed like this mainly because you’re under too much mental pressure, and you remain upset and unconfident. What happened this time is a surprise. I think you should keep this carer for a while and just let her take care of you.”

“Doctor Han, you mean he should let the carer to… wipe him frequently, don’t you?” Xiao Si smiled evilly and said.”He might just recover after trying that a few more times, but that’ll be some strong taste,” he said while laughing.

Nian Junting shouted,”Shut your mouth!” Merely picturing that scene made Nian Junting feel as if his head was exploding. “I have no interest to her,” he said.

“Alright, I was joking,” said Xiao Si while rubbing his chin, “I think you’re just too lonely. Someday I’ll take you to Eighteen Pearl House, then get you a couple of nice and clean girls to try that.”

“That’s an idea,” said Doctor Han while nodding.

Nian Junting dropped his eyes and remained silent.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave and let you rest,” Doctor Han said and prepared to leave.

“I’ll go with you. I was playing mahjong out there, and I was winning. I might win myself hundreds of thousands if I get back right now,” said Xiaosi.

With a dry voice, Nian Junting said, “You stay, I need you to do something for me.” Xiao Si stopped walking. After Doctor Han left, he asked, “What is it? Is it important?”

“No…” Nian Junting licked his dry lips then responded while pretending to be nonchalant, “Wipe my private part for me.”

“What…” Xiao Si was confused, so he asked, “Didn’t the carer wipe you just now?”

Nian Junting responded, “She didn’t wipe me clean. Do you have other questions?” Nian Junting’s handsome face turned awfully dark as he raised his eyes slightly.. The light sparkled in those eyes was as cold as the glisten of a sword, threatening to freeze Xiao Si.

Xiao Si surrendered, said weakly, “I’ll do that, but you can’t react to me.”

“Piss off…” Nian Junting was infuriated.

It was twenty past nine and Luosang heard the bedroom door open.

She automatically stood up, and then paused as she saw Xiao Si’s eyes fixing right on her as if he was seeing through her. His eyes contained a strong interest and some confusion.

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