Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 7 - Don’t TouChapter Me

Chapter 7: Don’t Touch Me

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Luosang blinked her eyes while looking at Nian Junting, blushing and looking quite innocent indeed.

Nian Junting suddenly didn’t know how to continue. ‘This woman isn’t a thirty-year-old virgin, is she? No wonder she’s acting like a horny female monster, trying to find all kinds of excuse to scrub me. It’s so creepy,’ he thought.

However, what made him feel even more creeped out was the fact that his body had actually reacted to her.

Was he too sex-starved to be picky now?

He shivered, then said to Luosang, “Go downstairs and tell Sister Lan to call Doctor Han. Call Xiao Si too.”

“Are you feeling unwell?” Worrying that her careless act might have hurt Nian Junting made Luosang nervous.

“It’s none of your business. Just go and talk to Sister Lan.” A slightly embarrassed expression flashed across Nian Junting’s eyes as he responded. His tone was even meaner than before.

Luosang went downstairs to inform Sister Lan, then came back up right away. She felt restless, as she was afraid of being fired by this nit-picking young master.

After all, her college fund was depending on this job.

Fortunately, Nian Junting didn’t shout at her again after she came back upstairs, but laid still on the bed, eyes wide opened. His pajama top was still unbuttoned, exposing his chest.

Luosang intended to button up his top as she worried that he might catch a cold, but before her hand even touched his cloth, he yelled ‘don’t touch me’ at her.

‘I screwed up.’ Luosang thought of nothing but these few words. He wouldn’t even let her touch him now, so how was she supposed to take care of him from now on?

“Mr. Nian, I… really didn’t do it on purpose.”

She didn’t mean to see his private part or scrub that place for so long, nor did she have any attempt to molest him. She seriously had no desire to do anything to him.

Yuan Junting snorted, then turned his handsome face away without saying a word to Luosang.

In about twenty minutes, Doctor Han showed up in the bedroom. He was wearing a pair of glasses, looking gentle and elegant.

Before Doctor Han asked any questions, Nian Junting threw a sideways glance at Luosang and said to her, “Go downstairs.”

“But… As your carer, I need to know about your physical condition to take better care of you, right?” asked Luosang with hesitation.

“Go downstairs, or you can pack your bags and go home,” Nian Junting warned her with a dark face. “Close the door when you leave.”

Luosang had no other choice but to turn and leave. When she was about to close the door, a figure in blue clothing rushed up in a hurry, shouting, “Tingting, Tingting, why did you call me so urgently? Are you paralyzed?”

Luosang staggered and almost fell.


‘Oh my, what a disgusting nickname.’ she thought.

“I’ve told you not to call me that,” Nian Junting’s furious warning voice could be heard from the bedroom, “I’ll break your legs when I recovered, believe it or not.”

“Tingting, don’t be like this, we’re friends,” the man in blue said, grinning cheekily. “If you can get on your feet, I wouldn’t dare call you that.”

Luosang and the man saw each others’ faces. He was wearing a blazer and a pair of jeans, looking to be about Nian Tingjun’s age. He had a chiseled face, full lips, and white teeth, and looked like a kind and big-hearted man from an ink painting.

“Yo, is that a new carer?” Xiao Si glanced at Luosang quickly, then walked into the bedroom and conveniently shut the door.

A look of concern was shown in Luosang’s face as she went downstairs. She sincerely hoped that there was nothing seriously wrong with Nian Junting.

In the bedroom, Nian Junting’s chest heaved, as he was so mad at Xiao Si. He believed that he had made a mistake to call Xiao Si over.

He took a deep breath and turned his eyes to Doctor Han with a slightly strange expression, then cleared his throat and said, “Doctor Han, I remember that you were responsible for my recovery seven years ago when I had that accident in the army. At that time you said that my… thing.. is… uh… But today, I suddenly felt that part of my body have a reaction…”

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