Hail the King

Chapter 1223.2 - White Gas (Part Two)

Chapter 1223: White Gas (Part Two)

Fei was instantly curious about all this.

“There have been cases where the bugs controlled humans with spirit energy? From the looks of it, the Americans experienced such incidents before, and they have actually found a way to distinguish the difference between those who are controlled and those who aren’t, or they could break the control?”

This was interesting to Fei; it was something that he didn’t plan for.

While these people talked, streaks of white mist were injected into this white glass room through many invisible channels in the ground. Instantly, Liu Yun and others were engulfed in the mist, and a mystical fragrance permeated the air.

“General Liu, don’t worry. This is a type of gas that is only effective on the spirit energy of the bugs. It won’t harm humans. By staying in this type of gas for ten minutes, all spirit energy that the bugs might have left on you would be wiped out,” the American official explained with a smile on his face.

Liu Yun didn’t show anything on his face. He had seen all the events in his life. Although he was a little angry that he was being treated like this in the United States given his status, the old general showed his mild temper and stayed calm all the time after thinking that Fei might be after something here.

Fei reached out his hand and capture a mass of this white mist.

It was hard to tell what kind of matter this was, but one thing was for sure; this gas was corrosive toward spirit energy, especially toward the spirit energy waves and frequencies that the bugs used!

“The Americans somehow created such an interesting gas. Not bad… not bat at all, hahaha…”

Fei collected some samples of this white gas. Since the partnership between the official laboratories of China and the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory from the Azeroth Continent, this was Fei’s first time seeing a product of technology that could counter magic and ‘supernatural abilities’.

Ten minutes quickly passed by.

Then, Liu Yun and others were released from this tempered-glass laboratory.

“We apologize for this. But now, we are sure that our old friends are here for a visit, and the bugs didn’t infiltrate our base…” that American official said with a smile on his face.

“Humph!” Old General Liu snorted and vented a bit of his displeasure as a high-ranking official.

The American official apologized a few more times with a smile on his face, and then he led Liu Yun and others toward the depths of the underground city.

While chatting on the way, the American official intentionally or unintentionally asked, “Old friend, don’t be angry. After all, the whole world is being attacked by the bugs. You guys suddenly came to the United States abruptly; there is no way that we won’t have doubts. Oh, while we are on this topic… this is unimaginable! How did you fly this far and cross the ocean?”

Liu Yun paused for a split-second and smiled mysteriously. Then, he replied, “This is a secret. When I meet your real commander, I will discuss this matter with you in detail. After all, we are interested in the defensive energy sphere system and the supernatural weapons that you guys have developed.”

While talking, they took the elevator and went lower into the ground.

After a long while, they arrived inside a building that was even more secure.

Some researchers in white lab coats were busy working in this building, and Liu Yun got to meet the highest-level commander of the United States, Vice President Duranklin.

Unfortunately, President Obala died on the day of the catastrophe, and everything in the United States was being controlled by the Vice President.

Most of Fei’s attention was focused on the various laboratories inside this building.

The Americans had captured many living bugs, and they were running all kinds of experiments, trying to find these monsters’ weaknesses. Except for the spider-like monster, quite a few kinds of high-level bugs could be seen here as well. Their progress was much more advanced compared to China.

Soon, Fei discovered something that brought him an extreme shock. [S

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