Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Big Sis, I’m afraid this is a misunderstanding! (3)

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The lady royal guard was clearly bamboozled by his honest appearance, and the anger in her eyes lessened, and she said in a cold voice: “It is not up to me to let you go, Her Highness will decide on your punishment.”

“Highness? Oh my god! Are you referring to Princess Difuya?” Zhou Weiqing said in shock.

“You recognize me?” A proud, cold voice sounded out from behind the lady Royal Guard, a note of anger in the voice was clear as well.

With a flash in front of Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, another person appeared beside the lady Royal Guard, wet pink hair across the shoulders, with an alluring figure covered in a pink outfit, her fine features showing off a pair of deep blue eyes. Her young bosom was heaving with her anger and emotions.

As their gazes met each other, they both exclaimed simultaneously “It’s you?”

Zhou Weiqing was red in embarrassment, thinking to himself that he was in deep trouble now. He said abashedly: “Hello Princess Difuya, I didn’t expect to see you here.” To escape this crisis ahead of him, he tried his best to sound and look as sincere as possible.

Unfortunately, this Princess Difuya was not so easily swayed. After a short surprised, her beautiful face twisted in anger and her fists gripped together, “So it’s you, you piece of trash, how dare you follow me here to peek on me! Niya, kill him!”

The lady Royal Guard Niya unhesitatingly stepped forward to obey the princess’ instructions. Although she also believed it was an error, after all how could this common boy follow the princess without her detecting anything. However, he had looked at the Princess’ naked body, and that was definitely punishable by death.

“Wait!” Zhou Weiqing had not seen Princess Difuya many times, and hadn’t spoken to her before, though he had heard of her proud nature. He did not expect her to suddenly order his death, and if he didn’t speak out he would definitely be killed now.

As Niya’s sword slowed a little, Zhou Weiqing said quickly: “Stop, I’m her fiance!”

Niya paused in confusion and looked towards Princess Difuya, only to see the princess’ ashen face.

“Who says I have such a trash fiance, furthermore you are so wretched and disgusting, how dare you peek at me… Niya kill him now, I will take responsibility!” Difyua shouted out in anger, like a little lioness. She was especially infuriated for a reason, just yesterday she had asked her father to dissolve this marriage, and today that Zhou Weiqing came here to peek at her. In her mind, Zhou Weiqing had heard the news of her request, and came here to do such indecent things. Furthermore, she had always looked down on him who was unable to cultivate, and naturally her anger grew further.

Niya looked at the princess again, then looked towards Zhou Weiqing, and said hesitatingly: “You are Commander-In-Chief Niu’s son, Viscount Zhou?”

Zhou Weiqing had a helpless look on his face, and said self-mockingly: “Yes! I am Zhou Weiqing! The notorious Dog Son of the Tiger Father Dog Son pair1, and also Princess Difuya’s fiance. I really did not mean to peep. I often come here to take a bath, and this was just a coincidence.”

The lady Royal Guard Niya looked back at Princess Difuya, “Your Highness, perhaps this is really a misunderstanding. The Viscount did not mean to do so, furthermore he is your…”

“Shut up!” Difuya’s brows were raised in anger, and with a step she pulled Niya away and stood directly in front of Zhou Weiqing: “I don’t have such a fiance. I, Difuya, aims to be an Elemental Zong, to be among the strong of the world. My husband has to be a hero who is above all others. How can such a despicable, shameless trash be worthy of me?”

The fawning expression on Zhou Weiqing’s face which he had put on for survival was slowly being replaced with anger. Even the most good natured person had his limit, and his eyes bulged in anger as he swept Princess Difuya with his gaze. “So what if I look at you? According to empire law, you are my fiance, even if I take you now, the Emperor himself wouldn’t punish me! Hmph, I may be despicable and shameless, but I’m despicable and shameless towards my own fiance, what law can govern that? And you, will still have to marry this despicable and shameless trash! What do you have to be proud of? You were just born into royalty and had the luck to be born with talent. If I wasn’t born with blocked meridians, maybe you are now begging me to watch you bathe, even coming on to me. Such a brainless woman with your eyes on top of your head2, do you really think that I want to marry you?” After ranting, he turned around and walked away. Although this fellow was usually quite smooth and sly, but when his temper came, he was just as stubborn as anyone can be.

If they were just comparing status, although Difuya was a princess, Zhou Weiqing was not afraid of her. Although he personally was considered a joke by most of Heavenly Bow Empire, but still his father was the one and only Commander-in-Chief of Heavenly Bow Empire’s armies, and furthermore he was the strongest person in the whole empire, and could be called the pillar of the entire empire. The Emperor Di Fengling and Zhou Weiqing’s father called each other brothers in private, this was also the reason why Zhou Weiqing and Difuya were promised to each other in marriage since birth.

Zhou Weiqing’ words struck a nerve in Difuya. Just as he said, although she did not want to marry this Empire’s joke, but she could not disobey her father’s orders. In a sudden rush, her old grievances and fresh anger combined together and Difuya’s face paled in anger.

Raising her left hand, a sheen of red appeared around her wrist, and 2 Jewels appeared. As compared to Niya, Difuya’s 2 Power Jewels on her left wrist were 2 bright red rubies, and were her Elemental Jewels. Difuya was 16 years old this year, and was considered one of a rare geniuses in the royal family, her Heavenly Energy had already cultivated to Heavenly Jing Energy 7th level, and she had already gotten her 2nd Elemental Jewel.

Elemental Jewels were different from Physical Jewels; instead of getting physical boosts, they were instead able to control elemental energy. While Physical Jewels were various types of Jades, Elemental Jewels were different types of coloured gems, and their power and type meant different types of elemental affinities. For example, Difuya’s red rubies signified a fire elemental affinity. Besides that, there were sapphires for water affinity, diamonds for earth affinity, tourmaline for wind affinity, emerald jade for light affinity, black pearls for darkness affinity, cat’s eye gems for spatial affinity, and lastly green jade for life affinity. As such, it was much easier to differentiate what affinity that an Elemental Jewel Master was.

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