Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Big Sis, I’m afraid this is a misunderstanding! (4)

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“Your highness, no!” Niya shouted out in horror, trying to stop Difuya. However, Difuya was too enraged, her right hand holding Niya away, and her left already pointed towards Zhou Weiqing.

Although Niya was a 9th level Heavenly Jing Energy Hierarchy Shi Master, higher than Difuya by 2 levels, but without activating her Physical Jewels, and being afraid of harming Difuya, she was still stopped by Difuya’s right hand momentarily, and in that short moment, Difuya released an attack towards Zhou Weiqing.

Difuya’s left wrist’s first ruby released a bright light, and a head-sized fireball shot out leaving a trail of fire behind as it slammed viciously into Zhou Weiqing’s back and exploded. Zhou Weiqing cried in agony as the explosion threw him 5 metres before he landed on the ground in a roll, his whole back was a mess of burnt flesh and blood with a terrible scorched odour.

“You… you…” Zhou Weiqing looked up with all his strength and looked towards Difuya who was in shock. He had never imagined that Difuya would actually lift a hand against him so viciously.

Difuya’s face was pale in shock, after attacking in anger she had realized what she had done. She knew how powerful her first ruby’s fireball was, and was in a fluster. After all, Zhou Weiqing was the Commander-in-Chief’s son, but now it was too late for regrets.

As Difuya’s personal royal guard, Niya was also shocked. She was covered in cold sweat. If the princess killed the commander-in-chief’s son, Zhou Weiqing, who had been awarded the title of Viscount since birth, it might cause the whole empire to erupt in chaos. Yet, neither she nor Difuya were skilled in healing, and the 2 females were at a loss.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the fine skies turned dark, and lightning flashed above followed by the loud sound of thunder. In a matter of moments, the skies had turned pitch black and the 2 ladies were struck by a sudden chill in their hearts.

“I… I … didn’t mean to…” Difuya muttered to herself.

Niya came to her senses, and pulled Difuya along while running, saying: “Your highness, the weather is turning bad. Let’s hurry back to the palace and look for a Life affinity Elemental Jewel Master to safe Viscount Zhou.” She knew that the odds of Zhou Weiqing, who did not have any Heavenly Energy, surviving were miniscule. At this time, they had to leave the scene immediately, or if any other people spotted them then they would be finished.

Although there weren’t many Fire Elemental Jewel Masters in the Heavenly Bow Empire, but at least it wasn’t only Princess Difuya alone. As long as they weren’t caught at the scene, there was still hope.

Zhou Weiqing lay on the ground paralyzed, but he could hear the departing footsteps of the two. At this point, he felt like his whole body was soaked in magma, his blood felt like it was boiling, and every breath he took was a red mist. The impact area on his back did not hurt anymore, it was totally numb, but the fire venom was spreading through every inch of his body. If a Life Elemental Jewel Master had administered aid right after the attack, he might still be able to survive. However, now that the fire venom was invading his internal organs, his life was ticking away.

Zhou Weiqing was by nature an optimistic person, after all he was a Grand Marshal’s son yet could not cultivate, yet he could maintain his life without falling into depression. He did not want to die, and he still had many things he wanted to do. Never in his wildest imagination did he think that he would die at the hands of his fiance. In fact, he didn’t particularly hate Difuya, but hated the heavens why they did not gift him with a body that could cultivate. If only he could become a Jewel Master, then everything would be different. The sheer hatred and malice in him seemed to coalesce around Zhou Wenqing. He swore viciously in his heart: “Difuya, if I don’t die today, one day I will make sure you kneel in front of me, and beg for me to take you as wife. Then I’ll reject you like you have today.”

After swearing his last curse, Zhou Weiqing was on the verge of unconsciousness. Even the burning sensations were dimming. Is my life just going to end like this – Was his last thought.

All of a sudden, there was a loud sound of an explosion above him, causing the semi concious Zhou Weiqing to be shocked awake. He opened his eyes weakly, only to see a strange scene in front of him.

A strange black gash split apart the air 3 feet away from him, as if a huge black eye opening in the air. Zhou Weiqing’s mouth gaped open, and blood spurted out from his mouth.

At this moment, a strange light emitted from the black opening. A ball-shaped object, as large as an infant’s fist, black as coal but with green, blue and silver colours swirling around it, shot out. Zhou Weiqing’s blood which had spurted out of his mouth just happened to land upon it. Suddenly, a burst of unbelievable cold burst forth from the black object, dashing into Zhou Weiqing’s body in a flash.

His body started to shudder as the previous burning sensation vanished and he felt as if he had been suddenly thrown into an ice cellar. He was jolted awake and suddenly everything seemed crystal clear to him.

The black pearl seemed to be attracted by something within his body, and with a swoosh, it flew right into his mouth. Zhou Weiqing felt a sudden cold in his throat, then his whole body seemed to turned into ice, and his senses were all sealed suddenly, and he blacked out.

The opening above Zhou Weiqing slowly closed, and just as suddenly as it had appeared, the dark skies stilled and cleared, and the sun shone brightly once again in the Star Forest, the rays of sun once again returning to the Ice Spring Lake.

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