Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 11

Chapter 0011: Devil Ape’s Demon Transformation

Just as they charged into the subterranean forest, there were distant flashes of red light. Clearly someone had already sustained fatal damage and decided to quit the fight.

Although all those present were basically at the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm, their psychological tenacity, their battle experience, and their mastery of martial arts differed.

Some backed off, while some advanced at speed!

The 300 servants charged into the forest. In that instant, the sounds of killing rang out.

Wu Yu could only watch those around him killing.

“It’s begun!”

Wu Yu gripped his refined steel longsword. The steel forged weapon was very sharp, but the scales and flesh of these Redhorned Serpents were also very tough, almost like a demon!


The red horn, sharp as a sword, came swinging with bestial power. Wu Yu gripped the longsword in both hands and executed a horizontal sweep.


Wu Yu was going to swat the huge snake aside and advance.

But he had not expected that the serpent also had at least 100 warhorses worth of strength, about the same as himself.


Wu Yu moved with speed, swatting aside the snake’s head, then transferred his sword to his right hand. With a frenzied chop, he cut deeply towards the head of the serpent. Instantly, snake blood spurted, showering down.


The huge snake hissed, but it was not dead. Wu Yu’s longsword was embedded in its skull.

“Hit a snake seven inches down.”

Recalling this, before the snake could retaliate, Wu Yu used enormous strength to extricate his steel longsword. The steel gleamed with cold light in the dark. Wu Yu brandished it, and with a squelch, it pierced the heart of the Redhorned Serpent.

The Redhorned Serpent collapsed limply to the ground.

“A pity!”

This huge beast’s scales, flesh, and snake liver were all valuable ingredients, but all of it belonged to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Besides, there was no time to harvest it.

Wu Yu hefted the bloodstained sword and moved past many skirmishes between servants and Redhorned Serpents. He came to the front of the pack. Actually, many others had also finished off a Redhorned Serpent, but they did not advance prematurely. If one charged solo, there was a possibility of being surrounded by new beasts.

“You were pretty relaxed back there.” Someone suddenly spoke to him from the side. Looking closely in the darkness, that person should be Zhao Danlong, one of the people at the seventh tier in the Body Refining Realm.

“But today’s number one is definitely me without a doubt! The Spirit Concentration Pill is mine!"

That youth exploded out with frightening speed and charged forward into the darkness ahead.

“Zhao Danlong, how swift!”

“I reckon he’ll be the first out.”

“Nope, Qing Mang has long disappeared.”

In the savage fighting, some had already backed down, while others had finished off their opponents and continued forward. And they were also discussing.

“First one out?”

Wu Yu pondered this for a moment. The entire audience was waiting outside. The first one out would definitely be the center of attention.

Previously, his goal had been to reach the top 100, but thinking of Sun Wudao’s eagerness, he wanted to be the first one out.


In the darkness, he shot forward like a beam of golden light.

Ghostly Monkey Steps was most suited to advance in this forest. Wu Yu avoided a few Redhorned Serpents. After calculating, he was definitely within the forward few positions within the squad.

“Hold here first.”

If he pressed any more forward, he would definitely meet painful waves of attacks.

Around him, there were still about 20 people. Among them, three were especially outstanding. All of them could defeat the rest of the servants. They were at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm.

“I’m 15, but only at the fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm. In terms of talent, the old me is far below them.” Wu Yu could not resist a bitter smile. Of course, he would not despair. Because his real training time had only been a month since he had been reborn.


After passing the subterranean forest, they came to another world. In front of them was all swamp. The swampy soil was very soft, and there were definitely countless beasts hiding below. A stream of sluggish bubbles continuously rose.


At this moment, a disciple charged in, and suddenly the marsh shook. A black beast of 30 feet charged out and bit the servant between its jaws. Its sharp teeth sank deeply into the flesh before dragging him into the swamp!

“Save me!”

The servant howled.

To be rushed like that while panicking, he was so terrified that he forgot about the Fire Talisman.

Wu Yu was right there. Saving people was like saving a fire. Without much more thought, he immediately rushed up.

“It’s the Giant Fushan Alligator!”

He recognized the black-scaled beast. Back in the day, when he was at the fifth tier of the martial way, he had duked it out with the Giant Fushan Alligator, and he was not its match.

“The Giant Fushan Alligator’s scales are like steel, and sword and blades cannot penetrate it. The only weakness is its eyes!”

Because he was familiar, this notion flashed through Wu Yu’s heart. Without another word, he darted in front of the Giant Fushan Alligator and exploded outwards with his power. The steel longsword stabbed downwards!


The longsword pierced through the brain.

The Giant Fushan Alligator immediately died.

Wu Yu was calm. He pulled the wounded servant from the jaws of the Giant Fushan Alligator. It was a youthful girl who had been scared deathly pale. She gibbered on at Wu Yu.

“Got to go.”

Wu Yu did not say more. Time was tight, so he entered the swamp in the blink of an eye. Using Ghostly Monkey Steps, he traversed the swamp, controlling himself so he never entered the swamp.

A black-robed immortal sect disciple appeared beside the girl. Seeing her safe, he looked at Wu Yu’s silhouette and then turned to the girl. “The next time there’s danger, quickly crush the Fire Talisman!”

“Yes! Heavenly Immortal!

“Many thanks.” After the Heavenly Immortal left, the girl looked at Wu Yu’s retreating figure. She was thankful in her heart. This was a competition between the servants. The way he had wasted time to save her was rare and invaluable.

On the road, Wu Yu trusted his power, which was more than the Giant Fushan Alligator, to again slay a few beasts! Normally, the beasts were very strong, but their attack techniques were not as good as the immortals'. Humans had finesse. That was why when Wu Yu had more strength than his opponents, overwhelming them was not difficult.

There were many more figures ahead of him.

“Finally out of the marsh!”

Wu Yu’s legs found solid ground, and he felt a sense of relief. But in his heart, he knew. There were heaps of gravel ahead of him, stretching out wider than the eye could see. Evidently, the most terrifying test was here. There were three waves of beasts, and this was the last one.

“Kill!” Zhao Danlong roared before vanishing in the darkness.

Behind him, the other servants were charging up. It looked like the rest were strong as well. After all, this was a generation full of talent. And they had been training under the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Wu Yu increased his pace.

“Bloodsucking Devil Ape!”

Circling the huge stone, there was a narrow path ahead, and a small path that led into a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was the exit of the Immortal’s Path, which was the place that all the servants dreamed of reaching.

But this narrow path was packed with a full 300 Bloodsucking Devil Apes!

This was a type of black ape, with blood-red wrinkles all over the body. Their eyes were also red, and they stood 20 feet tall. Wu Yu and the rest were not even as broad of shoulder as these monkeys. It was said that the Bloodsucking Devil Apes loved the smell of fresh blood. As long as they smelled it, they would go berserk.

From the swamp, the smell of fresh blood wafted over.

That was why the eyes of the Bloodsucking Devil Apes were turning redder. Their huge fists beat wildly against themselves. And the road. And the surrounding boulders. Instantly, the ferocious aura filled the place, and the disciples’ last exit was blocked.

Only by slaying their way through the heap of Bloodsucking Devil Apes could they pass.

The beasts here were densely packed, making it impossible for someone to go at them alone.


Out of the marsh, more than 20 charged. They were mostly elites, and the three seventh tier Body Refining Realm people took point. 20 people concentrated their power and charged! And new power was constantly being pumped in from behind!

Wu Yu was mixed into the group.


Direct collision with the Bloodsucking Devil Apes!


The steel longsword cleaved through the bodies of the Bloodsucking Devil Apes, but it only left a scar.


The Bloodsucking Devil Ape was furious and sent a slap flying. Anyone else would have been sent sprawling, but Wu Yu’s expression did not change. He took it on the left shoulder! With a loud clap, the entire ground gave way!

“What strength!”

Although he felt embarrassed, in truth, Wu Yu was pleasantly surprised. This was because he had tested that his own body’s resistance was stronger than average by many times! And he had better recovery power.

This meant that his strength, defense, and recovery were all many times that of a normal person.


Wu Yu channeled his energy. His longsword swept out sideways, and in the instant that the Bloodsucking Devil Ape attacked, his sword point flashed through the throat, and fresh blood was sent spraying.


The Bloodsucking Devil Ape slumped to the ground.

But that was just one.

There were a full 300 here, and all on this small path. The servants behind continued to stream forward. Even if those three at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm tried their best, they would not be able to break past the entire horde; they could probably only kill about 10 Bloodsucking Devil Apes each at best.

“If we want to kill all the Bloodsucking Devil Apes in our way to exit this trial, that is just unrealistic as there are too many of them.”

“That’s why the group attack method is not favorable for the strong, and not fair. Those behind will gain an advantage.”

“That means that the best way is to use one’s own skills to enter the Bloodsucking Devil Ape horde and then kill your own way to the end.”

Wu Yu had just realized this, and so did others, especially the strongest three; they had already used their skills to push forward into the horde of Bloodsucking Devil Apes. The Bloodsucking Devil Apes were tall, and they could completely move about freely below.


At this point, Wu Yu naturally wanted to be the first who rushed out.

He was basically the fourth to charge into the horde.


Zhao Danlong was covered in blood, and he saw that it was Wu Yu.

Actually, he was exhausted, but Wu Yu’s arrival was either motivation or a threat to him because Wu Yu was not yet at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm but was ahead of him. That was a disgrace.


Wu Yu continued to charge.

Luckily, he had trained the Ghostly Monkey Steps, and he understood the movements of these Bloodsucking Devil Apes. That was why in this horde, he did not have to take much pressure. He basically avoided all the attacks.

“Actually, this last stage tests one’s movement abilities!”

Casting his gaze far, he saw Qing Mang, using her Qing Mang’s Point steps, darting forth like a bolt of green light. Although she was only 12, she was already in front of the group.

That Ju Huo was not weak either, closely following Qing Mang.

Zhao Danlong’s fighting power was strong, but his movements were a little weaker, in third place.

“No way. If this keeps up, I’ll only be fourth.” As Wu Yu cleaved forward, he was thinking. Because his Invincible Vajra Body had superb defenses, the Bloodsucking Devil Apes' attacks did not bother him.

Just at this moment, a huge howl that reached the heavens sounded from the end of the road. All the Bloodsucking Devil Apes also began to howl.

“A Devil Ape has actually absorbed enough blood mist and turned into a demon!” Zhao Danlong hollered. He frightened all the servants rushing up from behind.

Whether it became a demon or not, that was a crucial transformation!

Given the power of a Bloodsucking Devil Ape, after it became a demon, its fighting power would definitely rise, even reaching the level of one who had ascended the martial way.

Luckily, becoming a demon was a process.

And through this process, the turning beast would be stronger than normal beasts, but was not that terrifying. After a short scare, the servants continued to charge. Wu Yu also spotted the transforming Bloodsucking Devil Ape now.

Kacha, Kacha!

Its body was swelling, and its weight was roughly twice that of a normal Bloodsucking Devil Ape. The red of its eyes was currently fading, being replaced with intelligence. Once it gained sentience, it would have a human’s intellect, becoming a demon that was very powerful. It could even take human form and blend in with humans to eat and kill them.


This ape demon blocked the end of the road. He had to be eliminated for them to pass.

Zhao Danlong, Qing Mang, and Ju Huo attacked at almost the same time. The three seventh tier Body Refining Realm cultivators were engaging the ape demon.

The attacks used were probably 13 Swords of Zhao, Yugu Mountain Sword Shadow and Demon Slayer Eight Styles!

All peak middle-grade martial arts!

“Cloud Piercing Sword!”

“Green Cloud Sword Shadow!”

“Demon Slash!”

These three were not bad. Their attacks left many wounds on the body of the ape demon, but they were not fatal. Furthermore, their energy expenditure was enormous. Within a short time, all three were left panting.

It was not that Wu Yu did not want to help, but the three already occupied the breadth of the path, so Wu Yu had no way to assist.


The ape demon was extremely incensed and was spitting blood. With a bellow, the scent of blood filled the air, and whenever it touched a surface, rot appeared. In a panic, Zhao Danlong and the other two hurriedly backed off.

Wu Yu’s chance had finally come.

Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas.

Wu Yu gripped his longsword and passed the three, rolling out like the East Sea!

This time, he was closest to the exit of the Immortal’s Path.

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