Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 10

Chapter 0010: Your Life Be At Stake!

The so-called authentication was very simple. It was merely reporting one’s name and which Heavenly Immortal one belonged to. The organizer had the data in his hand, and Wu Yu was in his records. He was 15 years old this year.

“You’re at the Body Refining Realm’s sixth tier?” The organizer raised his head to look dubiously at Wu Yu. It was not that he wanted to cause trouble for Wu Yu, it was just that Wu Yu’s data had no records that he was a cultivator.

“That’s right.” Wu Yu nodded.

“Go ahead and try, then.”

It was already near noon. A majority of the servant had basically passed the authentication. It was said that about 300 had met the requirements.

Before the examination, one had to authenticate one’s status and also one’s level.

Behind the organiser stood 100 bulky, energetic warhorses. Each warhorse was completely black and had a fiery temper. They snorted in a lively fashion. If they stampeded across this limestone surface, the entire place might be smashed.

The warhorses were tethered to coarse ropes, which were eventually entwined. And Wu Yu, under the direction of the organizer, gripped this rope. There was a simple test to verify whether he was really at the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm: a tug of war with 100 warhorses!

“Who is that?”

“I don’t recognize him!”

Some had not made it in time to scale the Immortal Promotion Mountain and were watching the qualification trials below. Wu Yu had been at Yanli Mountain for a long time. To the Heavenly Sword Sect, basically no one knew him.


The organizer cracked his whip, and the place was instantly filled with shadows of whips that cracked on the horses. The warhorses felt the pain and began to run in a frenzy.

“So strong!”

Wu Yu was full of respect for this whip.

But the warhorses’ energy brought a terrifying power charging down the rope. The hundred warhorses raised a thick cloud of dust as fearsome as any enemy on the battlefield.


Wu Yu had been prepared. With one hand gripping the rope, he was planted in a horse stance, his entire body’s muscles, tendons, and bones all as one. The strengthening of his five organs was especially powerful, and he had the power of a beast.


The 100 warhorses were actually being dragged back!


The organizer gave Wu Yu a red paper talisman, saying, “This is a Fire Talisman. If your life is in danger, or you surrender of your own accord, you just have to crush it up and a red light will surround you. The immortal sect disciples will save you.”

“It’s actually a daoist talisman.” Wu Yu held the red talisman. On it was written complex symbols that he did not understand. But he could feel the Immortal Dao power that was contained within.

It was said that this was an object that only a mighty immortal could produce.

He carefully stowed the Fire Talisman and then walked into a cave at the foot of the mountain. Above the hold were the words: Immortal’s Path!

Entrance examination, stage 1.


“Wu Yu hasn’t come back yet!” Sun Wudao looked left and right.

Beside him, a fat, burly servant had taken up Wu Yu’s spot.

It was already noon.

From this position, you could see who first emerged from the Immortal’s Path.

The fight of the Immortal’s Path was first, then the fight of the Immortal Promotion Plateau, and any who passed could become a Heavenly Immortal.

More than 100,000 servant disciples were present, necks craned, yet not a sound was heard. They quietly waited for it to begin.

In the sky, the Immortal Cranes danced. On each Immortal Crane was an official disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. They gathered in twos and threes. Today, they were on high to watch the events.

But the most attention-grabbing person was the overseer of this examination: the Elder of Imparting Arts!

On the Immortal Promotion Plateau, there floated a platform of white jade. There were a few swirls below it, as though it were being kept aloft by the wind, which lifted the white jade platform into the air.

On the platform were three white jade thrones. The one in the center was largest, and on it sat an elder with white eyebrows, white hair, and a white robe. His face was solemn, and intimidating without anger.

This was the Elder of Imparting Arts, Mu Ge.

There was no one on the left seat. On the right seat was a white-robed girl. It was Su Yanli. Many of Yanli Mountain’s servants felt proud upon seeing that Su Yanli was present.

“Master Yanli, are there any good servants from Yanli Mountain coming?”

Elder of Imparting Arts Mu Ge asked casually.

He knew that given Su Yanli’s temper, she would not pay too much attention to average disciples.

“Just one, named Wu Yu,” Su Yanli said.

“Is this person special?” Mu Ge was curious.

“I don’t know. I was thinking the same thing, so I came today to see for myself,” Su Yanli said.

“I see. Then I will pay extra attention.” Mu Ge chuckled. Even if he laughed, others were still very reverent towards him.

After all, he was a major presence in the Heavenly Sword Sect.

“Su Yanli is actually here!”

In the sky, the Immortal Cranes flocked. On one excellent position was Situ Jin and the other three.

“Situ Jin, what’s there to see in a bunch of servants? We were chosen by the sect to directly qualify. We are 10 times stronger than this bunch,” the red-clothed girl said arrogantly.

Situ Jin smiled. “Hua Qianyou, since there’s nothing else to do, let’s see them do battle like beasts and amuse ourselves.”

The red-clothed girl’s name was Hua Qianyou.

The tall girl in blue was called Liu Muxue.

And the other tall, thin guy was Wang Yiyang.

They were geniuses in the mortal realm, and descendants of martial families.

Especially Situ Jin. His family was secretly aristocrats of the martial way. In this generation, three brothers had been chosen to enter the Heavenly Sword Sect, which were oldest brother Situ Kang, second brother Situ Jin, and the most outstanding youngest brother Situ Minglang.

“Situ Jin, let’s not be too arrogant. I heard that among these disciples, three have already reached the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm, a level stronger than us.”

“Seventh tier, that’s my big brother’s level!” Situ Jin was admiring.

It was said that the battle on the Immortal’s Path had already started.

“Let’s guess which of the three emerge first from the Immortal’s Path.”


“Those who enter, your life be at stake!”

In front was a stone plaque on which these eight words were written in fresh blood. Just looking at it quailed the spirit.

“The Immortal Dao is merciless. No turning back on the road to being an Immortal!"

Another stone plaque.

“Martial Cultivation is plunder. The strongest rule!”

The last stone plaque, and also the biggest.

“That’s right. Martial cultivation is taking what one can from heaven and earth. Might is all there is and what determines what is right.” With his rough life, Wu Yu deeply felt these words.

At present, roughly 300 disciples were in the dark belly of the mountain. Because they were all competitors, there was some distance between them.

The official examination was about to start, and Sun Wudao was at the exit of the path. There, countless Heavenly Immortals awaited and watched. As for Wu Yu, who wanted to enter the immortal sect, this was the most important challenge of his life!

It was impossible for him not to be worked up.

“If I pass this stage, then I’m qualified to challenge Hao Tian.”

The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. He had to go back.

At this time, people had begun to discuss.

“That's Zhao Danlong. He is said to be at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm, with the strength of 200 warhorses. He was most proficient at the middle-grade mortal realm technique 13 Swords of Zhao. 14 years old this year!”

The crowd murmured as they saw a disdainful youth.

Actually, these 300 servants were all geniuses in the mortal realm. Wu Yu was among the oldest at 15 years old. At a casual glance, some were only about 11 years old or so.

“That’s Ju Huo, also at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm. It’s said that he was raised in the wild by a tiger, and a natural born fighter. He is a servant of the core disciples, and the core disciples like him very much, so they taught him the Demon Slayer Eight Styles and the elite moveset Phantom Serpent Steps. Only 13 this year.”

The crowd discussed a youth wearing an animal skin, who surveyed the crowd like a wild animal.

In total, three were at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm. There was one more called Qing Mang, a 12-year-old girl. She was not very tall and had a pair of eyes that tended to green. She was also a servant of the core disciples, and she was born a commoner. Rumors said that she was seven years old when she came to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Back then, she was powerless.

She was very good at the martial arts she specialized in, Yugu Mountain Sword Shadow and Qing Mang’s Point. Of which, Qing Mang’s Point was a martial art.

Although these three were very good, Wu Yu did not need to come in first place to become a disciple of the immortal sect. Therefore, they were not ultimate rivals. He really respected these young children, especially the little girl named Qing Mang. She had already reached the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm at age 12.

“But Situ Minglang is still the most awesome.”

Wu Yu was just feeling embarrassed when more than 20 immortal sect disciples appeared in front. From their midst, a black-haired, black-clothed young man led. His pupils were fathomless and sinister. He had to be a member of the core disciples.

“To the candidates, the Immortal’s Path will soon open. On the Immortal’s Path, you will each meet three waves of attacks. These will comprise of the beasts of demons. The risk is great, and even some of my disciple brothers might not be guaranteed to pass through. If there is any danger to your life, crush up the Fire Talisman and we will save your life.”

These first words put a fright in quite a few people. Many started to turn pale.

“A total of 300 people. Only the first 100 can emerge from Immortal’s Path and participate in Immortal Promotion Plateau’s fight! Therefore, a one in three chance. Everyone, please do your best.

“Remember, as long as you succeed in the evaluation, you can proceed on the path of an immortal! From then on, you can sing to your heart’s content and banish demons! If you cannot even handle a few hundred beasts, how can you slay demons?

“I am a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect, and I made my name with my sword. The time has come. You need to remember but one word: kill!”

As the last word fell, the belly of the mountain rumbled, and a huge door opened in front of them, revealing a dark and bloody path.

“Immortal’s Path battle, begin!”

There were only 100 slots.

The path was very wide.

300 servants clamored against each other to charge in, afraid of missing out. Wu Yu was in no hurry. He understood that those who took point on this Immortal’s Path were often those who met the most painful attacks first.

Drawing his longsword of refined steel, Wu Yu advanced in the middle of the pack.

Shua, shua!

The cohort of people entered. Passing through the dark path, there was wide ground ahead. They had not thought that there would be so much space in the mountain. It looked dim ahead of them, but they could see that many subterranean plants were growing there.

In this vast mountain belly, the 300 servants separated and proceeded at high speeds, teeth gritted.

“Redhorned Serpent!”

Just as they entered, some yelped and wailed.

Anything that could make those at the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm wail was a scary beast indeed.


This made Wu Yu think of the snake demon, Wan Qing.

"Hiss, hiss!"

In front, beside the subterranean plants, a skull as big as one’s face reared, the stench leaping towards their nostrils. This was a three-headed black snake, with a blood-red horn growing from each crown. It's fangs were as sharp as swords, and also venomous.

Casting one’s glance forward, within the dense subterranean plants, there were hundreds of the Redhorned Serpents.


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