Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 13

Chapter 0013: Immortal Promotion Plateau Showdown

The Immortal Promotion Plateau’s battle was different from the Immortal’s Path battle.

The Immortal’s Path was about slaying beasts within a closed environment.

The Immortal Promotion Plateau would be a savage melee under 100,000 pairs of eyes.

At the same time, the Spirit Concentration Pill and the Demon Banishing Blade were huge prizes that left all the candidates restless for the Immortal’s Sphere.

To make your name in one battle and sweep the prizes.

No one would pass on that temptation.

Wu Yu was the same.

The so-called Immortal’s Sphere was currently in the hands of the Elder of Imparting Arts, Mu Ge. It was a white sphere, painted with mountains and rivers, almost like a map. It was made of some unknown material.

What Wu Yu and the rest needed to do was hold the Immortal’s Sphere for 60 breaths of time, and then they would win it.

Of course, they had to ensure that they could still remain on the Immortal Promotion Plateau.

100,000 gazes seared hotly. This was enormous pressure, and many servants could not withstand such stress.

And there were the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples in the air.

“Wait for me to drop the Immortal’s Sphere, and then the battle is commenced.” Mu Ge’s voice rang through the mountain.


The nervous moment finally arrived. The Immortal’s Sphere rose up into the air, then plummeted with terrifying speed.

Mu Ge had pulled a move, and the Immortal’s Sphere landed on Wu Yu’s head. As it descended, virtually all the candidates surged towards Wu Yu’s direction.

At this time, the danger was high.

“The battle has just started, and it’s when there are most competitors. Whoever holds the Immortal’s Sphere will definitely be mobbed. My current ability in this crowd is not the strongest. If I force the issue, it’ll be a joke.”

Wu Yu had already thought it out. At this time, when a majority of the candidates were rushing at him, he found an exit and then fled. Just as he fled, his original position was filled with people. Immediately, it was chaos.

“Real risk.”

Wu Yu hid at the edges of Immortal Promotion Plateau. There were too many people presently, and it was inconvenient to act.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and the sun was intense. The heat was comfortable on the body, and Wu Yu’s muscles and sinews glowed with golden light.

There were many who were of the same mind as Wu Yu.

A majority were fighting for the ball, while a small portion of people were holding ground.

“The Invincible Vajra Body's fifth tier is known as the Golden Battle Blood. One has to absorb the fire of the sun during battle and transform one's blood. Only then will golden battle blood course within one’s veins. This blood will elevate and reshape the entire body, allowing one to reach the fifth tier of the Body Refining Realm. That's the tier I was at three years ago.”

Having gone through Blood Changing once before, Wu Yu was very familiar with this process. Of course, at the fifth tier, it was a completely new level. He would be fumbling in the unknown like the rest.


In the melee, even though Wu Yu was standing at the periphery, someone was staring at him. He was a tall and sturdy servant, a full head taller than Wu Yu. He was built like a bull and wielded a battleaxe. He was charging towards Wu Yu.

Wu Yu acted.

“Tide Chopper, Wave Breaker!”

It was the first move of Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas, and a preparatory move. There were many variations, each of which tested the will of the brave user. One stepped into the East Sea and then broke apart a tremendous wave to seek the whale at the bottom of the sea.

And now Wu Yu’s opponent was this whale.


A huge sound.

Wu Yu’s hands were quick. He hit the weak spot on the battleaxe and forced his opponent’s axe to fall from his hands. Although his opponent was broad of shoulder, Wu Yu was still his superior in terms of strength.


With a sweep of his leg, he felled the brawny man. Wu Yu crashed heavily into him, and his opponent flew out cleanly, landing with a rumble outside of the Immortal Promotion Plateau.

“Wu Yu.”

In the skies, Situ Jin was sitting atop his Immortal Crane. Seeing this, both guys and both girls had ugly expressions.

“Even sixth tier Body Refining Realm practitioners were easily defeated. Looks like this Wu Yu is on our level.” Hua Qianyou bit her red lip, her soft and nubile curves trembling slightly. Her beautiful eyes were shaking as well. She was clearly not feeling too well.

“Small tricks. If he met me, I’d clean up him in two or three moves.” Situ Jin did not want to appear weak in front of a beautiful girl.

Of course, Sun Wudao had also witnessed this unbelievable scene. In this melee of 100 people, he had tracked down Wu Yu with much difficulty. Seeing those clean moves, Sun Wudao dearly wished he could go down and fight alongside Wu Yu.


All around him, the servants were cheering.

After finishing off two or three unremarkable opponents, many knew how good Wu Yu was, so they did not invite trouble. Wu Yu was only too happy to be unbothered. At this moment, there was a huge commotion in the middle of the Immortal Promotion Plateau.

“Zhao Danlong has taken the Immortal’s Sphere!”

“But tens of people are ganging on him.”

Zhao Danlong was very confident. In this 100 man battle, perhaps he was not afraid of 10, but 100…

Wu Yu saw that Zhao Danlong looked to be in a tough spot. He displayed countless tactics, using scares, threats to intimidate his opponents. He had held the Immortal’s Sphere for maybe 20 breaths, and more than 10 people had been eliminated in this time. But in the next instant, he was ambushed by Ju Huo and lost the Immortal’s Sphere while almost getting knocked off the Immortal Promotion Plateau.

Zhao Danlong was covered in blood and fell heavily at the side. Given his heavily injured state, some wanted to push him off the plateau, but a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Although Zhao Danlong was grieviously injured and unable to contest for the Immortal’s Sphere, he was still able to stay on the plateau.

“Wu Yu.”

Zhao Danlong saw Wu Yu nearby.

“You coward, is hiding in dark places all you know how to do?” Zhao Danlong laughed coldly.

“Battles are not one-dimensional. I’ve always favored the result, not the method,” Wu Yu said in a chilly tone.

That was his best weapon as the prince of Dong Wu.

He had to act, but he would wait for the best opportunity.


Zhao Danlong gnashed his teeth.

Wu Yu was too lazy to care about him.

The entire melee was very intense, and people were constantly being eliminated. As the numbers dwindled, the rate of decrease naturally slowed.

At present, the one being surrounded was Ju Huo, who still held the Immortal’s Sphere.

His footwork was excellent, and he stepped within the battlefield. Tens of competitors were chasing him, although slightly less compared to the number that had been on Zhao Danlong.

45 breaths!

Ju Huo had already held it for so long.

Just a while more and the Spirit Concentration Pill and Demon Banishing Blade would be his.

Qing Mang had waited for this moment for very long. There were three people at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm, and they were undoubtedly the strongest.

“Qing Mang, don’t even think of taking it.” Ju Huo stared balefully.

Qing Mang did not waste words but hid in the crowd. Ju Huo had to defend the Immortal’s Sphere with his life. All he had to do was hold out. A pity that there were just too many people, and he only had one hand to defend. The Immortal’s Sphere weighed 1,000 pounds, and he had to support it with one hand.


A bolt of green light flashed past.

Ju Huo’s arm was injured, and his body had been scored by countless blades. He fell into Zhao Danlong’s footsteps.

“Nobody think of taking the Immortal’s Sphere!” Zhao Danlong could not resist a loud laugh. Actually, there had been many entrance examinations, but nobody could hold the Immortal’s Sphere.

“Qing Mang has a chance?” Mu Ge was smiling. Qing Mang was one of his disciples’ younger sister. If her future was bright, he would rise as well.

“Not necessarily.” Su Yanli pointed to the unwounded Wu Yu.

“That boy has many tricks. He is good at hiding and biding his time. But there are just over 60 people left fighting. Out of which, about 30 have no intention of taking the Immortal’s Sphere. Only 30 people are fighting for it. The pressure is much smaller compared to the start. Wu Yu is not yet at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm, and his martial arts are not sublime either. Not as good as Qing Mang's.” Mu Ge could read the situation clearly.

In a fair fight, Wu Yu’s Body Refining Realm was only at the fourth tier, and he was indeed far from Qing Mang.

“He wants to take the Immortal’s Sphere? Keke, if he can take it, brother here will eat the shit that Ling Er passed today!” Situ Jin was really worked up today, and even his speech had become vulgar.

“Situ Jin, you…” Hua Qianyou had not imagined that Situ Jin, who came from a good family, would be so vulgar.

“Qianyou, I’m sorry. I’m just a little down,” Situ Jin hurriedly explained. But in his heart, his dissatisfaction only increased.

Qing Mang was clever. After the little girl wounded Ju Huo, she did not immediately snatch the ball, but retreated to the edge, letting the other servants fight.

Because it was the Immortal’s Sphere, many were still fighting over it.

The next person who took hold barely held on for 10 breaths, and the number of people neared 30. Many chose to give up. At this point, to give up on their chance of becoming an Immortal Sect disciple for the ball was not worth it.

“Wu Yu, do you want the Immortal’s Sphere?” Ju Huo and Zhao Danlong were heavily injured, and he was not Qing Mang’s match, so the little girl lifted her head to look at Wu Yu, who was much taller.

“I do.” Wu Yu gripped the longsword and waded in.

Finally, it was the time to act.

Qing Mang did not say more. Her Qing Mang’s Point weaved through the crowd. A few sword slashes flashed out, and the Immortal’s Sphere was in her hands.

“If you lot come and try to snatch it, don’t blame me, Qing Mang, for not showing mercy.” The little girl’s eyes widened and scared the 10 or so competitors into retreating. There were about 40 people left, and perhaps only 10 had set their hearts on the Sphere. The chances of them teaming up was low, and so they should give up now.

“Wu Yu, your turn.”

Qing Mang held the Immortal’s Sphere in one hand and gestured at Wu Yu with the other, which held a longsword shimmering with green light.

At this time, all eyes fell on these two.

One was the youthful boy who had emerged first from the Immortal’s Path. The other was the girl widely acknowledged as most outstanding among the servants.

This was a turn of events that Wu Yu had not expected. Although Qing Mang was small, she was smarter than both Zhao Danlong and Ju Huo. She had concealed herself until now, and put a scare into the others.

Young, but her understanding of human nature and her grasp of the battlefield were very good.

But Wu Yu would not give up on the Immortal’s Sphere. Presently, he was the only one who dared to fight Qing Mang for the Immortal’s Sphere.

Against a seventh tier Body Refining Realm practitioner, he definitely could not win in a straight fight. But Wu Yu’s advantage was that he did not need to support the ball, and that meant that Qing Mang had to fight Wu Yu with only one hand. And given her slight frame, the 1,000 pound ball was definitely going to have an effect.

“This is going to be exciting.” Mu Ge stroked his beard and chuckled.

“I bet on Qing Mang,” Mu Ge said.

“Elder Mu really knows how to bully people. But Wu Yu is of my Yanli Mountain. I will bet on Wu Yu instead.” At this point in time, Su Yanli eyes shone. As she turned her head, her clear eyes tracked the scene as she stared at the youth advancing on the path.


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