Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 14

Chapter 0014: The East Sea Severs the Giant Whale

Wang Yiyang looked at Wu Yu, and then at Situ Jin, saying, “Brother Situ, you had best let Ling Er eat less today…”

Situ Jin was slightly angered, saying, “Brother Wang, what do you mean by that!?”

The less it ate, the less it shitted, and then he, Situ Jin, would not need to eat so much "essence." That was the logic.

Wang Yiyang waved it off, saying, “Brother Situ, please don’t be angry. I was just making a joke. Of course, it is impossible for Wu Yu to take the Immortal’s Sphere. Qing Mang is one frightening little girl.”

Only then did Situ Jin let the matter drop.

But inside, he was panicking. He felt a faint unease right as he looked at the two preparing to face off.


Under thousands of gazes, Wu Yu’s eyes shimmered with golden light, and he rushed forward, his longsword aloft and his sword’s shadow pervading the air.

“Tide Chopper, Wave Breaker!”

Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas, first move!

Qing Mang only needed to block him and then hold on to the sphere for 60 breaths.

“Green Cloud Sword Shadow!”

Her movements were exquisite, her hand brandishing the longsword and weaving it in patterns. The sword shimmered a green cloud that formed in front of Wu Yu like cotton. When Wu Yu’s sword pierced in, it was immediately mired within the cloud.


As they clashed, the crowd roared.

“This little girl is so good!”

Just this Yugu Mountain Sword Shadow alone was a significant attainment.

In this clash, Yugu Mountain’s shadow had bested Wu Yu’s East Sea Sword.

But this was just the beginning.

“Giant Whale to Sea!”

Wu Yu’s sword changed.

His longsword rang out. In an instant, it shook. The green cloud was like the East Sea in Wu Yu’s eyes, and the sword in his hand changed into the enormous whale of the deep seas. In that instant, the power in his body rushed out like a giant whale from the depths of the sea. The sword tip pierced the green cloud and reached Qing Mang in an instant.


A pity that it did not wound Qing Mang. The girl’s feet moved, and with sublime footwork, she avoided the Giant Whale to Sea.

Green threads flew, and Wu Yu cut through three strands. They flew before Wu Yu.

Qing Mang was just 13, but her senses were keen. She was graceful and her qualities were outstanding. In years to come, she would be a beauty on the level of Su Yanli.

But Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas’ majesty was like the waves of the sea. One wave followed the next, and each was stronger than the last!

“Sweeping the Sea!”

Wu Yu seized his chance and pressed forward. The immortal sect’s prize made him heedless that his opponent was a little girl. That refined steel longsword swept out and became a limitless, choppy wave. His sword soared. At that moment, Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas showed its outstanding power.

Qing Mang could only use her Qing Mang’s Point to continue retreating.

When that sword struck, 100,000 people were immediately stunned. Sweeping the Sea’s power was extremely awesome. Wu Yu alone was worth thousands of men and horses!

But Sweeping the Sea was just a support!

Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas’ best essence was all in the last strike. Back in Capital Wu, Wu Yu had not been able to call forth the quintessence of this style. It was different now. All of his frustrations were trapped in his heart, and under the scorching sun, the fire in his heart roiled.

It was as if Wu Yu had come to the East Sea, and the huge whale was wreaking havoc before him. He gripped his longsword and swept the sea, forcing the enormous whale to reveal itself. It was Qing Mang.

“East Sea Whale Cleave!”

North Eastern Sea, cleave the whale!

The longsword pointed towards the sky and sliced down violently.

Willpower, strength, and even one’s soul – all was contained within the sword.

In the vast East Sea, one sword divided it!

Enough power to cleave a whale – it came crashing down on Qing Mang’s head.

“So strong!”

Qing Mang’s face had finally changed. Suddenly, the block with Yugu Mountain Sword Shadow was broken before it was even engaged, and Wu Yu’s sword came crashing down.

Qing Mang retreated a few steps. Just as she was about to counter, her foot lost purchase.

“Damn, I forgot that this was the Immortal Promotion Plateau!”

Qing Mang’s face paled.

Her foot found air. Normally, she would not fall off easily, but the problem was that Wu Yu’s East Sea Whale Cleave was right between her eyes. If she did not retreat, she would take a hit. Such a powerful strike would definitely kill her if she took the blow.

But if she retreated, she would definitely fall off. Immortal’s Sphere aside, she would be eliminated. Although Qing Mang was young, and still had chances to enter the immortal sect, the servant status was a burden to her.

Qing Mang chose to counter the blow with her sword.


There was no change. Wu Yu’s whale-cleaving sword cleaved through as though it were rotten bamboo. The shock generated was powerful, and Qing Mang was thrown back while hugging the Immortal’s Sphere. Both her feet were in the air, and without any place to cast off from, she could only fall.


The entire crowd was stunned.

At this moment, Wu Yu made an incomprehensible move. He moved quickly, and with a good eye. He reached out a hand to catch hold of Qing Mang’s shift and gave it a gentle tug, throwing her back on to the Immortal Promotion Plateau.

Wu Yu had not given this action much thought. He simply felt that Qing Mang should enter the immortal sect. She had fought with him while holding the Immortal’s Sphere, and she had not fallen because she was beaten. She should not simply fall like this.

Qing Mang was amazed.

She thought she had been eliminated.

Everyone reeled at that moment.

“Again.” Wu Yu was about to attack.

At this time, Qing Mang suddenly threw the Immortal’s Sphere down, saying, “You win, no need to continue.”

Wu Yu caught the Immortal’s Sphere. He had not thought that Qing Mang would be so principled at such a young age, to accept a loss as a loss with no excuses.

Indeed, she should have been knocked off the platform and the Immortal’s Sphere returned anew to the Immortal Promotion Plateau for them to fight over.

But now Qing Mang was not intending to continue fighting. Instead, she was thankful that Wu Yu had pulled her back and allowed her to enter the immortal sect. Although the Immortal’s Sphere was precious, character was more valuable.

Zhao Danlong, Ju Huo, and the rest were too weak to contest, and Qing Mang would not fight. The Immortal’s Sphere was indeed in Wu Yu’s hands.

Of course, this did not mean that he was better than Qing Mang.

But that strike had indeed been amazing. Out of all the competitors, perhaps only the three seventh tier Body Refining Realm practitioners could receive it.

What came next was just cleaning up the rest of the competitors. Wu Yu held the Immortal’s Sphere aloft, and no one came to fight for it, because his East Sea Whale Cleave had been too powerful.

In the instant that Wu Yu had sent Qing Mang retreating, the entire Immortal Promotion Plateau was already discussing loudly.

“Wu Yu is actually so strong!”

“He can force Qing Mang back. Although Qing Mang was hampered by the Immortal’s Sphere, to be able to make it this far is already very awesome!”

“If the Immortal’s Sphere is in his hands at the end, that’s as it should be also.”

Even more people were cheering for Wu Yu.

“Qing Mang, that wench, she’s too honorable.” Mu Ge gave an irritated smile.

“Elder Mu, I win.” Su Yanli’s fair face was lit with an alluring smile.

“It’s not over…” Mu Ge just began to say, when the 60 breaths of time was over. The overseer announced that Wu Yu had received the Immortal’s Sphere and crowned the champion of this entrance examination.

The first out of the Immortal’s Path.

Eventually, he had taken the Immortal’s Sphere.

When Wu Yu heard this news, he was a little flustered himself. He had only wanted to enter the immortal sect. Who would have thought he would become the champion and even be awarded two staggering treasures!?

He was not the strongest, but he was the victor!

“Wu Yu! Wu Yu!”

100,000 servants were cheering for Wu Yu. In that instant, Wu Yu was the hero in their hearts.

And he embodied their dreams.

“Spirit Concentration Pill, Demon Banishing Blade!”

Such important treasures. These were unimaginable to Wu Yu, even to the Dong Yue Wu prince that he had been three years ago.

“Congratulations.” Qing Mang pouted a little. Although she was not thoroughly happy, she still said it.

“If you do not begrudge that I’m a few years older, maybe we could be friends.” Wu Yu smiled. Today was like a dream. He could never have imagined that he would be standing here with 100,000 people cheering for him.

Immortal Promotion Plateau battle, over!

“Sun Wudao, Wu Yu is the champion! He’s entered the immortal sect and gained a huge windfall!” A servant was shouting beside Sun Wudao.

“Oh…” Sun Wudao was still in a dazed state.

“Wu Yu has become an immortal!” another servant shouted.

“Become an immortal……” Sun Wudao tottered to his feet, his eyes brimming with hot tears.

“I have no more regrets in life! No more regrets!” Sun Wudao declared to the vastness of the Immortal Promotion Plateau.

High in the air.

“Situ Jin……” Hua Qianyou saw him shaking with anger. His face was ugly and she felt a tinge of pity.

At the side, Wang Yiyang’s mouth was twitching, but he did not dare say more.

Liu Muxue’s gaze was on Wu Yu. “Outrageous. I’m actually taking a liking to him.”

Wang Yiyang laughed coldly. “Just some small fry doing a flip. Such aesthetic taste you have.”

Liu Muxue scoffed. “Just pulling your leg. To think that you, Wang Yiyang, thought he would fail.”

Only Situ Jin did not say anything.

He felt like his face had been slapped. Multiple times. He was full of anger, and he had no way to vent it.

“Henceforth, you 30 are official disciples of our Heavenly Sword Sect! Come with me.” Wu Yu and the 30 faced the solemn Elder of Imparting Arts.

As for Su Yanli, she seemed to have already left.

“Elder, could you wait for me for a while?” Wu Yu asked.

“What is it?” Because Wu Yu had performed exceptionally, and had Su Yanli backing him, Mu Ge naturally held him in high regard.

“I came here with an old man on my back to watch the battles. I would like to arrange for someone to bring him down.”

At that time, all the servants had already left, but Sun Wudao had stayed put. Wu Yu had to listen to Mu Ge’s instructions and complete some formality. But under the harsh sunlight, how long could Sun Wudao endure for?


Mu Ge said expressionlessly.

“I thank the elder.”

Wu Yu expressed his thanks, then flew over to the crowd, bounding over to Sun Wudao, who had been waiting for him.

“Fine showing!” Sun Wudao slapped him heartily on the back.

Wu Yu looked at him. Sun Wudao was every bit as pleasantly surprised as he had imagined. And seeing him glow with pride, he looked 10 years younger.

“Wu Yu, Heavenly Immortal Wu, the Elder of Imparting Arts is waiting for you. Please do not worry. We will definitely see Sun Wudao safely back to Yanli Mountain.” From the side, a few of the Yanli Mountain disciples had started to curry favor.

Just perfect. Wu Yu needed their help.

“Wu Yu, go on, or you might miss out on your reward and other opportunities. I’ll just go back with them,” Sun Wudao said.

“That’s right. Heavenly Immortal Wu, from now on, our brothers’ lives all depend on you. We will definitely treat him well. Please go ahead and become an immortal with ease!”

The servants were not young, and they were very well versed with managing their relationships in this world.

Mu Ge could not be kept waiting for too long. Wu Yu hurriedly nodded and then briefly informed Sun Wudao before turning to leave. He returned to Mu Ge, ready to follow him.

“Let’s go back.”

A bunch of servants escorted Sun Wudao across the mountains. On the road, they were in high spirits and singing songs.

“Eya-hey, eya-hey! From Yanli Mountain, Wu Yu emerged! Beat the path, took the sphere!”

The servants sang as they walked.

Above them, the Immortal Cranes soared.

“Situ Jin, look below.”

Hua Qianyou suddenly said.

“What?” Situ Jin was irritable.

Looking below, he saw a bunch of servants escorting an elderly person and celebrating.

“It’s that old geezer.” Wang Yiyang smiled coldly.

“Great Wu Yu, what a hero! Fought Danlong, repelled Ju Huo, vanquished Qing Mang. Fight Situ Jin again in the future, beat him up, and pee and shit!”

“Pee and shit, pee and shit!”

The servants were composing their own ditties and singing without a care.

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