Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 17

Chapter 0017: Nirvanic Rebirth

With the Demon Banishing Blade, he was able to display a strength with the Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas on a completely different level from before.

Especially since he was absolutely furious. The anger held within him erupted into a blazing inferno, his hatred spewing out like a volcano.

However, Situ Kang had already been in the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm for a while. His battle experience was also greater than that of Wu Yu’s. Facing Wu Yu’s killing move, he remained calm and undaunted. He took a step back and slashed downwards with his massive broadsword.

The two weapons clashed!

“1000 Lis of Eternal Ice!”

Situ Kang’s sword materialised a scroll painting that depicted a frozen land as he shouted out. A gust of chilly air splashed across as the numerous sword attacks were imbued with the cold energy. The attack was extremely dangerous and was countless times stronger than Situ Jin’s strongest move.

“Brother, slaughter him! Turn him into mincemeat!” Situ Jin would eternally remember this grudge. If he did not die today, he would ensure that Wu Yu would live a life of regret!

Dang! Dang!

Wu Yu with his Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas martial art clashed against Situ Kang with his Eternal Frost’s Killing Sword martial art several times. Although his will and his sword were one, the opponent possessed over 200 warhorses worth of strength. In a single exchange, Wu yu would be knocked back flying over 10 steps, almost dropping his Demon Banishing Blade.

“Wu Yu is finished.”

“With Situ Kang’s massive strength, he overpowers him by almost two times!”

The surrounding disciples were in constant discussion. Some of them looked at Wu Yu with a pitiful gaze. He had made such a blunder just moments after joining the sect. He was doomed.

There was absolutely no suspense in this scene.

“Elder Brother, don’t just kill him. Let me strike him a few times.” Situ Jin scrambled to his feet, his face glaring viciously and evilly.

Situ Kang’s face was cold as he rushed forward with a mysterious footwork. He raised his icy broadsword as he prepared to deliver a deathblow. Wu Yu was trapped within the tiers of Eternal Ice and it was difficult to retaliate. It seemed that it would be hard-pressed for him to survive.

Frankly speaking, Situ Kang was just too strong for him.

It was as though he had entered an icy land, surrounded by eternal frost.

This was a moment of life and death.

Situ Jin had killed Sun Wudao and had not suffered any consequences. On the other hand, Wu Yu had not done anything to him, yet he had done such a vicious deed. Yet right at this moment, Situ Jin had become even more unbridled. Who cared if his entire body was dyed in blood? His eyes only held a gaze of anticipation as he wanted to personally see Wu Yu die regretfully right in front of his eyes.

“Wu Yu, you are destined to die full of regrets by my hand! You want to avenge that old man? It's a pity. You are trash. You do not have that ability!”

Situ Jin laughed raucously.

On the other hand, Situ Kang risked his life to unleash a killing move at Wu Yu.

“I cannot die!”

He had just embarked on the path of immortals. How could he die just like that?

The scorching sun continued to sear the ground. Wu Yu’s entire body emitted flames. He was not scared of Situ Kang. How could he be scared of eternal frost? His entire body was full of flames! This was his self-confidence.

“That Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal, was a prideful individual. As his sole successor, I cannot die here. I especially cannot die to such a minor character!”

He had his own pride as he gave a cold smile.

It was not over.

It had been two hours since he had ascended the Immortal Promotion Plateau and had started this outcry on the Heaven’s Lament’s Platform. He had always been under the scorching sun, he had always been nervous. His entire flesh and blood had been subject to the rays of the sweltering heat, the sun’s truefire!

Situ Kang burst outwards and rushed at him with the intent to kill. Wu Yu blocked his strike once again, but his weapon was smashed away and the Demon Banishing Blade was knocked flying. It was almost knocked off Heaven’s Lament entirely.

“Wu Yu, your death is at hand.” Situ Jin, who had been hiding behind Situ Kang the whole time, began to laugh frenzedly.


As Wu Yu was now unarmed and defenseless, the reserved Situ Kang struck at him yet again, an eternal frost descending upon Wu Yu!

“I, Wu Yu!”

At this point in time, Wu Yu opened up both arms, bathing his entire body in the rays of the sun. His entire body seemed to become alit with a golden flame. The sun’s truefire baptised his flesh, blood, tendons, bones, and even his organs in flame.

He raised his head, his golden eyes staring right at Situ Kang and Situ Jin, as well as at the rest of the sect’s disciples.

“I am an indestructable Vajra, I cannot be killed and cannot be vanquished!

“All of you mortals cannot harm my body!

“Today marks the beginning of my Immortal Dao path. From today onwards, I, Wu Yu, will rebel against the heavens and the earth! I will kill those who wrong me and will relish in my revenge. I will repay the heavens with my rightful way!

“Golden Battle Blood, change my body!”

He had actually chosen to undergo Blood Changing right in the midst of battle. Although it was extremely dangerous, Wu Yu had decided to do just that.

All of the blood in his body began to burn with a golden flame. All of the blood in his body began to transform under the scorching truefire of the sun. Gradually, the blood throughout his entire body began to turn a gold color.

“What!? He was only at the fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm. He’s only undergoing his Blood Changing now?”

“It’s impossible. The Body Refining Realm’s fourth tier should only possess the strength of 20 warhorses. Yet he seems to have the strength of about 120 warhorses!”

“A miracle! It's a heaven-defying miracle!”

As Wu Yu underwent the heaven-defying Blood Changing process, the surrounding 30 sect disciples were shocked dumbfounded.

The Body Refining Realm’s fourth tier could fight against the Body Refining Realm’s seventh tier. In fact, he had not been killed!

This stunning sight felt as though someone had hit each and every one of them with a heavy hammer. All of their minds were blank. They could only focus on Wu Yu’s miraculous Blood Changing process.

This was also his second time doing so.

All along, his cultivation had been smooth sailing. He understood each of the skills and difficulties related to cultivating the early realms of the Body Refining Realm. He knew that now was the perfect time to undergo his metamorphosis. Situ Kang’s killing intent had galvanized all of his potential.

Situ Kang’s expression finally had a minute change, but he did not hesitate to chop downwards. Right behind him, Situ Jin took three steps back while shouting, “Although he is already 15 years old, his abilities are heaven-defying and he is extremely fearsome. Elder Brother, you must exterminate him!”

“Cut the crap!”

Situ Kang knew exactly what he had to do. If he was already so strong at the fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm, who cared if he was older than others? So long as he continued to develop, he would become an indescribably strong enemy.

Situ Kang staked his life as he thrusted towards Wu Yu’s throat.


The heaven-defying Blood Changing had completed. Wu Yu had properly stepped into the fifth tier of the Body Refining Realm.

Forging Muscles, Polishing Tendons, Refining Bones, Strengthening Viscera, Blood Changing!

He had finally returned to the tier he was at when he was still a prince. However, his strength vastly outstripped what he had previously.

Right at that crucial moment, his eyes opened as the killing blow was about to land on him.

This was a moment of life and death!

Wu Yu let out a cold smile and reacted quickly. He reached out with his hand and grasped the longsword with his bare hands. With a kacha sound, the sword was tightly held in a death grip. Yet, no matter how Situ Kang struggled, he was unable to make the sword budge even an inch within Wu Yu’s hands!


The sect’s disciples were once again treated to a shocking sight.

He had used his bare hands to receive the blade, and he had even succeeded.

Situ Jin looked as though he had been struck by lightning.

It was only at this time that Situ Kang’s expression changed immensely. He could feel a ferocious and horrifying strength coming from within Wu Yu’s body. It completely suppressed him. His broadsword was being gripped by Wu Yu, and he was unable to extricate it.

He was not wrong. After undergoing Blood Changing, Wu Yu already possessed the strength of 300 warhorses. He surpassed Situ Kang by over 50%.

“Second Brother, get Minglang!” At this point in time, Situ Kang was already shocked. He could only rely upon his genius brother, Situ Minglang.

However, his voice was cut off midway.

Wu Yu had used his other free hand to form a fist and had pummelled Situ Kang right in his chest. An explosive sound reverberated as Situ Kang’s armour was smashed into pieces.


Situ Kang let go of his sword as his eyes widened. He spat out blood and crumpled onto the ground. His viscera had been completely shattered. The blood that flowed out was all black.

“Elder Brother…”

Situ Jin’s face was pale as he dropped onto his knees.

In just a moment, Situ Kang’s supposed great victory had turned into his death.

The successor to the Situ family was no more.

The battleground had become eerily quiet. All of the disciples began to retreat. All of them looked at Wu Yu respectfully. The golden light that wreathed Wu Yu would inevitably become a nightmare for some.

Although he was only at the fifth tier of the Body Refining Realm, no one here was stronger than him.

“I will not let you have any more chances.”

Wu Yu’s face turned grim. Killing four individuals had only caused some of the hate within him to dissipate. All that was left was Situ Jin, and he hated him the most.

He retrieved the Demon Banishing Blade and walked up to Situ Jin as he remained kneeling. Situ Jin looked as though his spirit was completely broken.

“Raise your head.” Wu Yu raised the Demon Banishing Blade, looking down on him.

“Wu, Wu Yu, my younger brother, Situ Minglang…”

Situ Jin spoke with great difficulty. Both his eyes were full of bloody tears. It was a pity that he only understood the meaning of regret at this point.

“Uncle Sun once told me that mortals could not offend immortals. He was wrong. So long as mortals become immortals, they can challenge them. Am I right, Situ Jin?” Wu Yu said as he stared at Situ Jin with a fiery gaze.

“Yes. Yes!” Situ Jin nodded his head repeatedly in agreement.

This sight caused everyone to feel suffocated.

Wu Yu raised his head and looked at the sky. It was as though he could see Sun Wudao looking upon him amidst the Immortal mist.

“Uncle Sun, from today onwards, regardless of any catastrophe or anyone’s repression, I, Wu Yu will promise to be unyielding. Thank you for letting me change my body and be reborn!”


After saying those words, the Demon Banishing Blade swept downwards. Situ Jin’s head was knocked flying from the impact and rolled off Heaven’s Lament.

To Wu Yu, this conviction allowed his own spirit to ascend, to release the shackles of the mind.

“It turns out that this is the true path of the Immortals.”

The immortal path was cruel. Cultivation was not enough. It required one to battle.

They had to wage war against the heavens, the earth, amongst humans and the demons!

They would have to do battle as only the strong would obtain the Dao!

“Martial cultivation is plunder. Only the strongest rule!”

This sentence was the fundamental essence of cultivation.

With the death of Situ Jin, the fury in Wu Yu’s heart completely subsided. He stood on top of Heaven’s Lament’s Platform, no longer emanating any golden light, looking no different from a mortal.

All of the sect disciples were looking at him.

Wu Yu was clear that what awaited him would only be retribution. Karma was sown that day. No matter what, he had still killed five people of repute, so there would definitely be consequences.

This was the Heavenly Sword Sect’s rules.

“Eldest Brother, Second Brother…”

As Situ Jin’s head had rolled away, there was a man who emerged out of the immortal mist far away. He was accompanied by several youths. As they rushed over, what they rode was not an Immortal Crane but a huge, white roc! It was countless times faster than an Immortal Crane. That group of youths descended from the top of the roc. All of them were like Su Yanli. They all possessed the cultivation and demeanour of a Heavenly Immortal. All of them were at least core disciples.

They were an extremely strong group of individuals. They had all surpassed the realm of the mortal martial way. They had stepped onto the path of the Immortal Dao.

One of them was a 13-year-old youth. He was not tall and had delicate facial features like that of a female. He had a head of long hair which shone with blue light, and even his gaze would inadvertently release blue fluorescent rays. He was surrounded by a group of core disciples, and just as they had rushed over, they saw the scene of Wu Yu decapitating Situ Jin and executing Situ Kang.

He was the 13-year-old demonic evildoer, Situ Minglang.

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