Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 18

Chapter 0018: Seven Days and Seven Nights

Situ Minglang, 13 years of age and a super youth genius!

Body Refining Realm 10th tier, and his martial way was at the Spirit Ascension tier. He was just shy of condensing his qi and entering the Immortal Dao for real.

At present, this legendary person was standing in front of Wu Yu. He was undoubtedly terrifying. In the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, Wu Yu had never seen someone so close to Spirit Ascension. The only strong martial practitioner he had met was still at the ninth tier of the Body Refining Realm. He was a 100-year-old man. He had basically exhausted his vitality and was almost as feeble as Sun Wudao.

Situ Minglang was a super youth genius who would be recorded in the books as a legend. His brilliance was only just beginning to show. No one could estimate how far he would go in the future, and he might even surpass the Sect Leader.

And now, he had seen Wu Yu cut down his two elder brothers with his own eyes.

Situ Minglang stared at Wu Yu. In that instant, Wu Yu felt a fatal coldness. He was immediately plunged into a freezing world. Casting his eyes about, there was not even a hint of warmth in this world. Only death.

“What is your name?” Situ Minglang walked over, pace by pace.

It was said that to reach the Sky Realm, one had to have 2,000 warhorses worth of strength. This person would be worth an army. If anybody had such a mighty warrior, they could basically dominate the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

“Wu Yu. Wu, with the character for mouth and sky. A Wu which devours the heavens!” Wu Yu stood straight. He would not be cowed by this frost.

“You slaughtered my two elder brothers. I will let you taste a thousand pains before you die.” Situ Minglang’s eyes swirled with blue light. Although he was young, his intellect was uncommon.

Wu Yu did not reply. The tremendous pressure emanating from Situ Minglang made him understand that this was no time to let his pride rule. There was always a taller mountain. Although he was the foremost genius in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, compared to this Situ Minglang, he was dogshit.

“Senior Brothers, Senior Sisters, may I end him?” Situ Minglang inclined his head questioningly towards the core disciples. These core disciples were of a very high status. If Wu Yu did not guess wrongly, they were the Sect Protector's disciples.

In the Heavenly Sword Sect, the Sect Leader was the highest, and there was also a Sect Protector. His status was equally noble, and was second to the Sect Leader. There were many tasks in the immortal sect that were, in reality, handled by the Sect Protector.

The direct disciples of the Sect Protector were not inferior in rank to Su Yanli.

It was said that the Sect Protector was waiting for Situ Minglang to condense his Qi and enter the Immortal Dao before accepting him as a disciple. That was why Situ Minglang was now with the Sect Protector's disciples, and it was seen as normal.

“Little Brother, be at ease. We will settle this for you. You may deal with him as you wish,” one of the guys said coldly. Clearly, to Situ Minglang, killing him on the spot was not hateful enough. He would use every method available.

“Many thanks.” Situ Minglang turned back and walked towards Wu Yu.

He naturally dismissed Wu Yu. In truth, given his current level, there were not many in the Heavenly Sword Sect who were his match.

As he approached, Wu Yu could really experience the terrifying power of the 10th tier of the Body Refining Realm. It was like a savage tiger in the frost, and Wu Yu was a rabbit in front of it. He could crush him at will.

“What now?”

Wu Yu had no idea. All he knew was that he had been taking revenge for Sun Wudao and was not in the wrong. As for how Situ Minglang would torture him, he could not imagine it. All he knew was that as long as he lived, there was a chance!

Ding! Ding!

The ice swirled and danced, the shards cutting him. Flecks of blood and scars appeared on his skin.


Just as Situ Minglang was about to grab him and crush him at will, a long-skirted woman floated past before Wu Yu’s eyes. She was enshrouded in a fairy mist, but from the silhouette, Wu Yu already knew who she was.

Su Yanli.

The ultimate woman of devastating beauty.

Wu Yu was actually a little moved.

This was not the first time. Was she still going to save him?


“Senior Sister Su.” Seeing Su Yanli’s arrival, Situ Minglang let all his pressure dissipate. He was only 13, and he had just lost two brothers. To be so calm still… it chilled Wu Yu’s blood.

Wu Yu had lost his head completely after seeing Sun Wudao die.

But Wu Yu did not want such clarity of thought.

That was not him.


Su Yanli nodded, her long skirt dancing. There were strands of beautiful, colored chains that wrapped her body. As the mountain breeze blew, these tendrils curled towards Wu Yu’s face, wafting fragrance.

“Senior Sister Su, I will finish him,” Situ Minglang said, neither servile nor overbearing.

Su Yanli said, “He is of Yanli Mountain. No one may take him away.”

Situ Minglang had not imagined that Su Yanli would actually protect a servant who had just entered the immortal sect! Even his cold countenance began to show signs of anger now. “Senior Sister Su, he has killed five external disciples, including my two elder brothers. He should be punished by right! Do you dare to rebel against the sect’s rules?”

Su Yanli said, “You, Situ Minglang, are not the sect’s rules. The one who enforce the sect’s rules are the elders, the Sect Leader.”

“You!” Situ Minglang was roused now, his anger terrible to behold. But Su Yanli was right. He did not have the right to enforce the sect’s rules.

“Su Yanli, don’t be foolish. Sect rules are dead things, and we are living ones. This Wu Yu has caused such a calamity, even killing Situ Minglang’s two brothers. Consider it as giving us face and give Wu Yu to Minglang to settle this.” The Sect Protector's disciples had come up one by one.

To them, Su Yanli’s actions now were illogical.

Wu Yu was just an insignificant disciple, while they were the twin pulses of the Sect Leader and Sect Protector. They were direct disciples, and their status was higher than Wu Yu’s by hundreds of times. If Su Yanli would offend them on Wu Yu’s behalf, that was beyond foolish.

After all, they were the main cornerstone of the Heavenly Sword Sect’s next generation.

Of course, even Wu Yu himself felt that she had no need to make enemies of these people on his behalf.

But perhaps she had set herself against them precisely because they were affiliated to the Sect Leader and the Sect Protector?

But Su Yanli said, “I’ve already informed the sect masters. The Sect Leader will arrive shortly.”

These words stunned everybody! Many of the initiates had never seen the Sect Leader after all this time. Today, for Wu Yu’s troubles, Su Yanli had actually invited the Sect Leader down!

He was the foremost person in the Heavenly Sword Sect. He was a Jindan Immortal of legends, the one who had established the Heavenly Sword Sect’s enormous power.

“Sect Leader!”

The Sect Protector's disciples’ expressions were dark.

Even the Sect Protector had to defer to the Sect Leader. He was the greatest presence here. He was the law in the Heavenly Sword Sect. Besides, the Sect Protector was not even in the Heavenly Sword Sect now. Once the Sect Leader came, if he was biased towards Wu Yu……

But they were still not worried. The respectable Sect Leader – why would he be biased towards some nameless small fry like Wu Yu?

But this still caused Situ Minglang to clench his fist. Although his countenance did not belie it, in his heart, his anger raged like a fire that would evaporate rivers and seas.

“Sect Leader……” Wu Yu thought of the person who had brought him here. He was like Sun Wudao, a person who had changed his fate. And to this Jindan Immortal, Wu Yu’s heart was filled with reverence.

Su Yanli had left immediately after the entrance examinations. Could she have gone to see the Sect Leader?

Heaven’s Lament was in chaos.

Suddenly, a golden beam of light descended from the skies, and a huge, golden sword floated in the air, piercing through the clouds. On the huge golden sword was a black-haired middle-aged man. Both of his hands were raised, and his aura filled the heavens!

“It’s him!”

Wu Yu immediately recognized him.

“Honors to the Sect Leader!”

Immediately, everyone knelt on the ground, Su Yanli included. Wu Yu had long bent his knee to him, and he did so now as well. This was a person worthy of respect. He was Wu Yu’s benefactor.

“I know and understand all that transpired today.” The Sect Leader’s voice echoed in the space.

“I beg the Sect Leader to let me handle Wu Yu. He killed five people in a row and violated the sect’s rules!” Situ Minglang said composedly.

Everyone looked respectfully towards this legendary Jindan Immortal.

Feng Xueya was unperturbed by Situ Minglang, saying, “Situ Jin's group of four murdered a 100-year-old man. They had already lost the bearing of a martial cultivator. They were unfit to be disciples in the Heavenly Sword Sect. Their deaths are not regretted. Situ Kang helped the disgraced, and he did not die innocent either. The disciples of my Heavenly Sword Sect practice the righteous path and the Immortal Dao. You must live up to your conscience and your sword!

“I await instruction in the sword and banish demons. If I turn on a 100-year-old man, then I bring dishonor to my sect!”

These words swept through the Bipo Mountain Ranges like wind and lightning. Everybody could hear it! This was the voice of the Sect Leader! It was the voice most respected throughout the entire Bipo Mountain Range. Without him, there would be no Heavenly Sword Sect!

Nobody held him in disregard.

As a Jindan Immortal, he had his own aura. With these words, nobody dared to object. And nobody could object.

Situ Minglang had not thought that such a judgement would be passed. He was stunned. All the Sect Protector’s disciples were stunned.

But thinking this through carefully, the Sect Leader’s logic was infallible. Martial Cultivators killing old men instead of demons – on what basis could they qualify as righteous?


Situ Minglang knew that if this continued, he would have no hold on Wu Yu.

But his voice of objection stuck in his throat and was not voiced. Under the Jindan Immortal’s suppression, all he could do was kneel on the floor. He could only shake.

“Wu Yu, you killed five in succession. Although these five were in the wrong, your methods were overboard. I sentence you to be sealed for a year. Reflect and correct your behavior.” Feng Xueya’s voice again echoed. Again, he shook them to the heart.

This was the Sect Leader’s judgement.

Situ Minglang was not satisfied.

He was going crazy.

But he had been suppressed and could not dissent.

Even those senior brothers and sisters who had condensed their qi could not voice their discontent.

Because this was Feng Xueya’s domain.

To Wu Yu, all of this was more than he could process.

Situ Jin and the rest, their deaths were not worthy of regret.

And for himself, sealed for a year. One year in jail. Although it was called a punishment, in truth, it was for his protection. At least for a year, Situ Minglang could not kill him, and he would be safe and sound.

This outcome was far out of his expectations. It was like being given a new lease on life.

He was deeply shaken, and grateful.

It was like saving his life.

As for the reason, he was not too clear for now. Perhaps the Sect Leader hated the Sect Protector’s people, or the Sect Leader had recognized his own astounding talent…

In this life, Sun Wudao, Su Yanli, and Feng Xueya were all his benefactors. Always at a time when Wu Yu was in the most abject despair, they brought rays of hope to him.

In this instant, he did not even have the words to express his gratitude. Wu Yu would remember this deep in his heart. He would definitely repay these two in the future. He had missed out on Sun Wudao. As for these two, he would not let it go.

“Sect Leader, Wu Yu has committed murder. How can his sentence be so light…” Situ Minglang fought the pressure of his power and bit out those words.

On the huge sword, the Jindan Immortal looked at him and threw his words back at him in whole.

“Situ Minglang, when your heart is like a newborn baby’s, only then can you become a Jindan.”

Every word that Feng Xueya voiced cut deep into Situ Minglang’s heart like sword wounds. Situ Minglang had held himself highly. But at this moment, he understood how terrifying the Sect Leader truly was. He was definitely one of those who would destroy his own people with just a look.

He was a young genius and everyone favored him. Only this Sect Leader did not hold him in regard.

“Minglang, there will be chances. Our master is elsewhere, so we can only suffer for now. Clearly, the Sect Leader favors this person’s talent,” the Sect Protector’s disciples quietly said to Situ Minglang.

“I understand. I will wait the year!”

Right now, it was impossible for him to take on the Sect Leader here. Besides, the Sect Protector was not here, and there was no one to back him up. To say more at this time would be asking for trouble.

“Wu Yu, when you come out after a year, I, Situ Minglang, will come to find you again!” Situ Minglang knelt on the floor, but his eyes still shimmered with the light of hate.

Wu Yu was still deep in the joy that Feng Xueya had brought. But Situ Minglang’s hate was not eradicated.

In his days to come, he would have to bear the killing intent that this genius disciple would bring. As long as Situ Minglang still lived, that intent to kill would not cease, unless Wu Yu surpassed him.

“After a year, perhaps you will not be my match,” Wu Yu mildly said.


Hearing Wu Yu’s insane words, everyone burst into laughter. In truth, although Situ Minglang had been bettered today, no one would even compare them.

One was 15, and the other just 13 years old.

The key was that he had already entered the Sky Realm at 13, and he was about to condense his chi and become a core disciple for real.

“Ridiculous.” Situ Minglang completely dismissed Wu Yu’s words. Even if the word got around, it would still be a joke.

Wu Yu said no more. But in the year of sealing, this was his goal.

“Wu Yu, follow me to Reflection Peak, and the sealed room.” The Sect Leader was actually personally bringing Wu Yu there. Such hospitality to Wu Yu indeed stunned everyone.

Although Wu Yu would be sealed for a year, it has to be said that today’s battle had already made Wu Yu an extremely powerful person within the entire Heavenly Sword Sect.


In an instant, he was actually standing on the enormous golden sword. Beside him was the immortal-like Sect Leader Feng Xueya.

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