Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 26

Chapter 0026: Zhongyuan Dao Sect

“Senior Sister Su, I want to become the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s Immortal Kingdom Supervisor,” said Wu Yu after he had clarified the situation. He knew that by the time he was strong enough to return, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian might have left for his sect already, and thus there was no other way.

Su Yanli immediately shook her head and said, “Unfortunately, I believe that that is not possible. According to the rules, only those who have condensed their qi and are core disciples can become an Immortal Kingdom Supervisor. Frankly speaking, only those who have condensed their qi are competing for this position. You are not of that level yet.”

Wu Yu was not concerned with these rules. He quickly explained his situation and then asked again, “Senior Sister Su, this matter is extremely important to me. If it can be done, this would be an immense kindness.”

The rules were rules. However, Su Yanli was the Sect Leader’s personal disciple, and Wu Yu believed that by relying on her connections, this task could be completed easily.

Seeing how firm Wu Yu was about this, and coupled with his immense animosity and desire for revenge, she replied, “The organizer and the one who determines the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor is Elder Mu Ge. Mu Ge is also my respected master, and I am on good relations with him. So long as you have the strength of an immortal who has condensed their qi, there is an opportunity for you to be selected. However, I have to tell you two important points.”

“Please explain, Senior Sister.” This was an important task, and his opponents were also treating this seriously.

“The first point: Situ Minglang will also be part of the selection. If he were to learn that you were participating, he would use his connections to ensure that you will fight him. Fights are blind, and even if he kills you on the spot, he will likely escape punishment. If you want to participate, you have to prepare yourself for death. Between you and him, only one of you can end up as an Immortal Protector.”

This was one point that Wu Yu did not mind. This was not a reason that would stop him from returning to Dong Yue Wu.

Su Yanli became even more solemn as she spelled out the next point word by word. “The second point is of even more importance. If you do become the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s Immortal Protector, when you arrive at the capital, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect’s representative will definitely provoke you and perhaps even challenge you. This is a tradition. We rotate this role every decade, and we have always competed over resources. Thus, we have had differences. However, as you are going back to avenge yourself, you have to remember that no one can find out that you have killed the other party. At that point in time, you would be representing the Heavenly Sword Sect and he would be representing the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. If the Zhongyuan Dao Sect were to learn that the Heavenly Sword Sect’s disciple has murdered their disciple, this would be a tipping point, and the implications would be massive. For the sect, the only recourse would be to hand you over. Do you understand what this means?”

Wu Yu was born in the courts and was very clear about the implications of such politics. Su Yanli spoke very reasonably. He was a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect and definitely could not openly kill Hao Tian. It would trigger a conflict between two parties.

Wu Yu had read through The Chronicles of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. It spoke much of the nearby Zhongyuan Dao Sect. They were the largest competitors to the Heavenly Sword Sect. The two were as different as fire and water. The Heavenly Sword Sect cultivated the sword, while the Zhongyuan Dao Sect was more orthodox; they cultivated the heaven’s dao. The Zhongyuan Dao Sect saw them as ones who had cultivated a mistaken path.

Who would have thought that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian would have such background and would be this difficult to deal with?

“Have you made up your mind to enter the competition?” Su Yanli had already explained the pros and cons of his decision and wanted him to make his decision carefully. However, regardless of the difficulties with his decision, returning to Dong Yue Wu was Wu Yu’s dream.

“I have and I will.”

“Alright. Now I will send you to the battle location. You are now in charge of your own life and death.”

That battle location was at an even higher location compared to the Immortal Promotion Plateau. It was a place where the Heavenly Sword Sect’s disciples would battle and learn from each other. A grand place which was also a sanctified ground.


Wu Yu’s eyes blazed with a raging flame.

Just as he was thinking back to what had happened to him previously, Su Yanli had soared away on top of her Immortal Crane, disappearing into the clouds.

“Senior Sister Su clearly hopes that I will remain in the Bipo Mountain Range and strengthen myself. However, I have the chosen the path of strife, and I will walk this path to the very end!”

Although Su Yanli was sometimes solemn and rigid, even cold at times, Wu Yu engraved all of the times she had helped him into his heart. It wasn't just about his potential; it seemed that she had also approved of his personality.


“Fifth Disciple, the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor candidates have been chosen. There are six kingdoms and there are 12 people participating. Deciding the positions will be easy as there will just be six pairs, with each person fighting once. The winner will become an Immortal Kingdom Supervisor.” On this day, Lan Huayi’s personal disciples had arrived on Proud Lightning Peak.

“12 individuals? Weren’t there only 11?” Situ Minglang had walked out from his cultivation room quickly. As he walked, wind and lightning could be seen swirling beneath his feet, allowing him to walk as quickly as lightning. A single step allowed him to cross vast distances. With just a hundred steps, he had arrived in front of the other disciples.

That disciple gave a laugh and replied, “Something very interesting happened. That Wu Yu has also entered the selection process. Everyone is now talking amongst themselves about this decision. Furthermore, this Wu Yu has not even condensed his qi, so how would he have the right to take part? It was a decision made by someone on the Sect Leader’s side. Normally speaking, we would oppose such an arrangement, but thinking about it, I don't think you would disagree, am I right?”

Situ Minglang gave out a hearty laugh. “Disagree my ass. I support this 10,000%! Since he offered himself up to be killed, just why would I chase him away? I have not had much opportunity to kill him off. This is perfect as I am about to leave the sect, and furthermore, he has been hiding like a coward on Sky Gazing Mountain. Now that he will be on the Immortal’s Battle Stage, how can I let him get off so easily? Third Senior Brother, I will head over to Master’s place. I will get her to assign Wu Yu and I to the same group.”

“You can relax, I have already informed the Master of this situation. She has already made arrangements.”

“Great.” Situ Minglang gave a wry smile. He had been to eager and had wanted to let Ye Guyu murder Wu Yu. But who would have thought that Ye Guyu would never return? Wu Yu had spent all day hiding in his residence, and no one knew just what had happened. As a result, he had not had a chance to deal with Wu Yu properly.

This had been a thorn in his heart and had affected him from cultivating properly. This was great news. He would be able to be chosen as an Immortal Kingdom Supervisor and kill him off in one go. After this, he would finally be able to focus.

“Great. This is great. But at the same time, this is too weird. Do you think he actually had the strength to kill Ye Guyu? This speed of improvement is terrifying,” that personal disciple questioned.

“It is rumoured that he has undergone a strange encounter. His fleshly body is frighteningly strong. However, when it comes to a battle amongst qi practitioners, who would even compete with him with such crude techniques?” Situ Minglang gave a cold laugh. He had a great understanding of Wu Yu. He had spent the time to understand both his weaknesses and his recklessness.

Dao techniques would be an unblockable nightmare for Wu Yu.

“I have not planned for my sword to be stained with your low-class blood. However, you have aggravated me, so I have no choice. I won't be polite. After my sword has been stained with your filthy blood, perhaps only after washing it for many days will it finally be cleansed of your filth.”

Looking at the direction of the Immortal’s Battle Stage, Situ Minglang could only feel a sense of anticipation.

When the list of candidates for the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor position was released, there was a lot of discontent seen amongst the disciples. Wu Yu was famous, but what he did was clearly a violation of the rules. Since this was the second time already, it had created a lot of dissatisfaction and disgust towards him.

The first time was when he killed five disciples and was only sealed away.

Within this period of time, whether it was core disciples, external disciples, or servants, all of them were talking about this individual named Wu Yu. Everyone wanted to know just who this esteemed individual was. However, Wu Yu had always secluded himself within Sky Gazing Mountain, bitterly cultivating, and did not show himself.

Frankly speaking, Wu Yu knew that he was not Situ Minglang’s opponent. Thus, he to make use of the time available to rush towards the ninth tier, the Immortal Transformation realm.

The Invincible Vajra Body’s corresponding immortality art was known as the Immortal Ape Transformation. After cultivating it, one would obtain a godlike body akin to an Immortal Ape’s. Compared to a mortal, its strength, speed, defensive prowess, and regenerative abilities were superior by far with the caveat that it consumed strength.

However, the Immortal Ape Transformation was not simple. Wu Yu had pondered over it for quite a bit of time and had not made much progress. He had a feeling that he was lacking something important. However, the Invincible Vajra Body did not give any hints.

He was a mortal by birth, and perhaps the Immortal Ape Transformation required the blood of an ape to be stimulated. Thus, it was likely that he would have to obtain an ape’s blood or some kind of treasure to allow him to cultivate it.

He had already spent quite a lot of time pondering over this, and it was getting close to the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor competition. Yet he had not made much progress. This battle would very likely result in his loss, and he felt quite unsettled in his heart.

“If I cannot win, I do not know when I will have another opportunity to kill Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.”

Once Hao Tian returned to the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, it would be impossible for Wu Yu to have his revenge.

Time was tight and the pressure was increasing. Wu Yu had cultivated to a point where he felt so frustrated and moody that he wanted to destroy his residence.

“It was my own actions that caused me to walk this road. I have been too overconfident and have become irritable and moody, incapable of progressing any further. With my current situation, if I were to challenge Situ Minglang, I would die without a doubt.”

Bang! Bang!

Wu Yu clenched his fist and pounded the floor of his cultivating residence. That rock floor had already been smashed into pieces by him some time ago.

“To cultivate the Immortal Dao requires inflicting cruel pressure on oneself. I am afraid I have looked down upon its difficulty. This is why I feel so repressed. From ancient times till now, no one has ascended to immortality in a single step!”

On one hand, he held great eagerness and thirst for improvement.

On the other hand, reality was not so simple and had obstructed him.

This had caused Wu Yu to feel extremely aggravated in his heart.

“Wu Yu, what are you up to?” All of a sudden, Qing Mang’s crisp voice sounded out. The thing was that his strikes were too loud and had shocked her.

“Qing Mang.” Wu Yu wrestled down his emotions and the golden light in his eyes faded. He tidied himself up and walked outside, seeing Qing Mang looking at him with irritation. “You are so noisy! I can't even sleep properly!”

“I am sorry.” Wu Yu felt quite helpless.

“Are you still as clueless as before? It seems you only have about 10 days left. If you don't improve…” Qing Mang looked at his baffled face, no longer angry at him.

“Mm.” To Wu Yu, it looked like he would have to face Situ Minglang with the strength he currently had and see if he could struggle for victory.

“Are you lacking any sorts of treasures? We can go take a look at Myriad Treasures Valley and see if there is anything we can buy to help you,” suggested Qing Mang.

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