Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 27

Chapter 0027: Immortal Ape Transformation

Myriad Treasures Valley was one of the larger valleys within the Bipo Mountain Range. There were numerous merchant stores there, and it had turned into an exchange hub. It was similar to the numerous shops found in Capital Wu. However, what was exchanged here were immortal treasures. The core disciples were the ones who were mostly involved in the trade here. As Wu Yu was an external disciple, he only had minor purchasing power and could only buy ordinary items.

It was said that Myriad Treasures Valley and the merchants of the mortal world also had a connection. The Heavenly Sword Sect’s disciples would cooperate with the merchants, with the merchants being responsible for providing the items, while the disciples would be in charge of selling them. The largest of the stores were even said to have relations with the sect’s elders. Resources were the most important thing to cultivators. Whoever had more resources would become stronger. For example, Ye Guyu possessed the Golden Flame Talisman and had almost easily annihilated Wu Yu.

Furthermore, it was with the use of the Golden Flame Talisman that Wu Yu was able to obtain the Agile Rock Body.

The Demon Banishing Blade, the Spirit Concentration Pill, and so on were all resources.

It was worth saying that the only possessions Wu Yu had were the Demon Banishing Blade and the Spirit Concentration Pill. The rest were not even worth half a piece of gold. What the sect gave to the ordinary disciples was not very useful. It could not slake one’s thirst for more resources. The resources provided every month would be consumed in the blink of an eye.

The core disciples were the ones who were truly developed by the sect to eventually become the backbone of the sect.

For example, Situ Minglang and Su Yanli were important personal disciples. The resources that were allocated to them by their masters every month were not minor.

Wu Yu was now completely impoverished.

“I won't go. I don't have any money.”

The currency used by mortal kingdoms was usually silver and gold taels. However, in the Heavenly Sword Sect, no one used silver taels, but gold was still acceptable. Certain immortals used gold to do deals with merchants to get them to do things for them. It was even said that the upper level of core disciples only used Spirit Concentration Pills as a form of money. A single Spirit Concentration Pill could be used to exchange for 5,000 kg of gold!

It could even be used to bargain for up to 10,000 kg!

Even amongst immortals, the kilogram was used as the metric for gold.

“I have some. If something catches your eye and I, Qing Mang, am able to afford it, I will gift it to you,” said Qing Mang haughtily. On Sky Gazing Mountain, as Wu Yu only attentively cultivated and did not interact much with others, she could be considered his sole friend.

Qing Mang had good intentions and wanted him to have another chance at victory, so Wu Yu did not decline. The two of them got on their Immortal Cranes and flew into the clouds, past the numerous immortal palaces, crossing over half of the Bipo Mountain Range before finally arriving at Myriad Treasures Valley.

Wu Yu had even passed by the Heavenly Peak and the Stained Glass Sky Peak! These sacred places were areas he had no authority to enter.

Looking from above, Myriad Treasures Valley was full of bright lights and was bustling with life. Numerous treasures were being exchanged in this place everyday. This was the place that the disciples most wished to visit. Even if they were empty-handed, they would still come to broaden their horizons!

A few of the smaller stores had servants running them, while the more important ones had core disciples in charge of them. It was even said that the sect elders were managing Myriad Treasures Valley and its stability, so wanting to steal from here was just asking for one’s life!

“There are so many treasures! I really want to buy all of it!” Qing Mang exclaimed once she descended. She passed the Immortal Crane to a servant to watch and the two of them began to wander through Myriad Treasures Valley. The numerous treasures as far as the eye could see dazzled the duo.

There were numerous martial arts, supreme-grade ones, that were commonplace in this place. The larger stores even sold dao techniques. So long as one had enough money, they could purchase it. Additionally, there were numerous types of equipment and immortal treasures being sold. There were even immortal spiritual medicines, treasured stones obtained from the earth, and even talismans drawn by powerful cultivators! This place had everything a cultivator would want!

Additionally, there were even numerous mysterious objects. Even the one in charge of selling it could not determine what these objects were for, but they were willing to sell it. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent was so vast and expansive that the items that no one could recognize were too numerous to count.

As they walked, Qing Mang’s eyes were enlarged as she stared at everything. She did not want to miss out on a single treasure. However, she did not purchase anything and instead encouraged Wu Yu to look. Wu Yu had actually come here quite a few times. However, as Wu Yu was embarrassingly short of money, he would leave after just a short walk through the valley.

At this time, Qing Mang had her eyes on a longsword. It was a supreme-grade treasure and was worth 250 kg of gold. After some internal struggle, she gave up on it.

The price was just too high. A transaction like this would require Qing Mang to return to get more gold before she could purchase it.

“This piece of equipment is comparable to the Demon Banishing Blade, yet it is only worth 250 kg of gold. If it was placed in a mortal kingdom, its price would easily go to the tens of thousands. With regards to the Spirit Concentration Pill, it is useless to mortals and not worth anything.”

Immortals and mortals prized different things and were clearly not alike.

“Qing Mang, why did you not purchase the sword?” She seemed to really like that Roaming Jade Sword.

“I don’t want it. It looks too ugly.” Qing Mang had a reluctant look on her face as she parted with the Roaming Jade Sword. Wu Yu suspected that she was unable to afford it and did not think of it any further. He continued to accompany her as they strolled through the streets. He was only here to loosen up and calm himself down.

“That, that is Wu Yu!”

“The Immortal Kingdom Supervisor candidates list has been out, and his opponent is Situ Minglang.”

“He doesn't seem very extraordinary. How did he manage to gain the attention of the Sect Leader?”

As Wu Yu walked through the streets, there were numerous people observing him and talking about him in the dark.

Frankly, this wasn't the first time. Whenever Wu Yu came out of Sky Gazing Mountain, there would be numerous people who wanted to challenge him. However, amongst the disciples below the Qi Condensation Realm, none of them were Wu Yu’s match.

“Condensing one's qi means that one has entered the Immortal Dao. They have ascended into the skies. It is said that Wu Yu has a ferocious fleshly body. But when it comes to a battle of dao techniques, he wouldn’t be able to take a single hit.”

“Well, let's just wait and see. Situ Minglang is so heaven-defying, and Wu Yu murdered his two older brothers. Being able to live till now is already quite the feat. It is rumored that he only entered the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor competition as part of his plan. He just wants to live for a bit longer and just pretended to join the competition. This way, Situ Minglang will not kill him before the competition and he will be able to stay alive. Once the competition starts, he will just admit defeat. At that point in time, Situ Minglang will leave the sect and will not have a chance to kill him.”

“So that's why. I have to say, his daringness is just a ploy to gain more time. How devious!”

“This is known as being smart. However, his methods have caused people to look upon him with disgust.”

All of these discussions in the dark led Wu Yu to feel admiration towards their imaginations. Even his own non-existing ploy had been discovered.

Myriad Treasures Valley was just too large. After exploring it for half a day, they had only covered just a 10th of it.

Yet, regardless of where Wu Yu went, he would become the focal point of everyone. As a result, he also felt impatience towards all these individuals.

“Wu Yu, shall we return?”

Qing Mang was unable to discover anything to buy, and she did not want Wu Yu to continue listening to such unpleasant things.


The two of them began to make their way back. Just as they were about to leave, Wu Yu was still pondering over the Immortal Ape Transformation. All of a sudden, an item placed on the floor on his left attracted his attention. An external disciple was running that store.

“What is this?” Wu Yu pointed at a fruit. It was emanating a faint fragrance and seemed to be a spiritual fruit. However, it didn't seem to be of a particularly high grade and was even more unlikely to possess spiritual marks. Yet what was striking was that this fruit looked very much like a monkey’s head. It possessed a shape that looked like the fruit had eyes and a nose. It was extremely special.

“This? It is a Monkey Head Fruit. Its mostly used to temper the body. It can be used to increase the speed of regeneration of one’s injuries and can even replenish flesh and blood. However, it has a much greater effect on monkeys and apes. Furthermore, as the quantity of these fruits are small, they are basically never sold. In terms of price, it's not high. I think 15 kg of gold is enough.”

Mysteriously and inexorably, Wu Yu felt that he really needed this seemingly ordinary Monkey Head Fruit and that it did not only have regenerative properties when consumed. It possessed a trace of something connected to apes, and ordinary individuals could not perceive it.

Since this fruit could grow the likeliness of a monkey, it would definitely possess some mystery to it.

“Can you help me buy it?” Wu Yu wanted to bring it back to take a closer look.

“Of course.” Qing Mang was very happy. Regardless of whether there was any use to the fruit, at the very least she was able to help Wu Yu. Just as she was fishing for money and confirming the price, there was another external disciple who was tall and sturdy-looking sitting right at the side. Even though he was sitting down, he was the same height as Qing Mang.

“500 kg of gold.”

That disciple raised his head as he looked at the two. Although he was smiling, it didn't look like one.

Qing Mang trembled and the gold she had counted out had almost fallen onto the floor. Compared to the previously quoted 15 kg of gold, the difference was just too large. She hadn't brought that much gold out to begin with.

“I didn't hear that wrongly, did I? Is this not a Monkey Head Fruit? It's worth at most 15 kg of gold. What do you mean by 500?” Qing Mang said in a displeased fashion.

“As I said. If it's him, it's 500 kg of gold.” That disciple was adamant. The way he looked at Wu Yu and Qing Mang had a hint of enmity in it.

Qing Mang immediately snapped. She felt that the other party was toying with her. Just as she was about to reason it out with him, Wu Yu motioned to her to not be incited. He immediately asked, “You were on Heaven’s Lament?”

That disciple shuddered. “How did you know?”

Wu Yu’s gaze was blazing as he replied, “I’ve killed people on Heaven’s Lament. Of course I would know.”

All those that recognised Wu Yu were people from Heaven’s Lament. Since they knew that Wu Yu wanted to buy their things, they would definitely choose not to sell to him. The purported 500 kg of gold price tag was just to mess with him.

Frankly speaking, Wu Yu really wanted this Monkey Head Fruit. However, the opposing party coincidentally had a dispute with him. This was troublesome. If he let the other party know he really wanted it, then he would act even more impudently.

Myriad Treasures Valley was a place that emphasized the rules. Since it did not belong to Wu Yu, he could not snatch it.

“Qing Mang, lets go look around Myriad Treasures Valley, see if we can find another of this fruit.

“Although it might be rare, it doesn't mean we can't try!”

There was still a hope that Wu Yu could find it elsewhere, so he did not stay to bicker. He directly brought Qing Mang along to search the rest of Myriad Treasures Valley. After half a day, although he had seen over 10 Monkey Head Fruits, the funny thing was that all these other fruits did not give him the same feeling as the first one. It was clear that the others would not be useful to him.

“Only that fruit would do?” Qing Mang also felt a headache coming.

They returned to that tall and sturdy disciple. When the disciple saw them approaching, he put on a serious face and gave a cold smile. “What's up? Do you have 500 kg of gold?”

Qing Mang clearly didn't have that much and wasn't willing to let him humiliate her.

The two of them once again left and Qing Mang replied, “I can look for someone to help buy it for you.”


Qing Mang had several friends that were not from Sky Gazing Mountain, and she had beseeched them to help. However, not long after, that friend returned with an ashen face. “That disciple is not selling the Monkey Head Fruit anymore. He has kept it. He is very smart and could guess that the Monkey Head Fruit is useful to you.”

“This is a real problem.”

The opponent wasn't daft and was unreasonable. He could tell that Wu Yu needed that Monkey Head Fruit, and when he had first obtained that fruit, he also knew that this particular fruit had something special about it.

“Then I can only steal it.”

After all, there would be a time where he would leave.

Wu Yu observed the disciple from the dark for quite a few days, but the other party did not leave. The battle for life would be here soon, he could not afford to waste time here.

But on this one day, Situ Minglang actually appeared by the side of that disciple from Heaven’s Lament.

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