Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 28

Chapter 0028: Demonic Blood

“Wu Yu, it’s Situ Minglang.” Qing Mang was a little scared of her peers of the same age. Seeing Situ Minglang there, she fussed a little, then shrank behind Wu Yu.

Situ Minglang was one of the most influential people on Bipo Mountain Range in recent years. He had qualified to become Lan Huayi’s disciple, and many core disciples who were stronger than Situ Minglang admired him, even currying favor with him.

His arrival naturally caused somewhat of a stir in Myriad Treasures Valley. Many nearby craned their necks to take an admiring and reverent look at this young wrecking ball, privately wondering about his future.

“Perhaps some day in the future, this Situ Minglang will become a Jindan, or even succeed as Sect Protector, even Sect Leader.”

“Given his astonishing talents, that’s not out of the question.”

Under their gazes, this resplendent youth was calm. His gaze indeed had an indomitable aura. He was heedless of those around him. He spoke a word to the disciple running the store, and in an instant, that disciple retrieved the Monkey Head Fruit, placing it in Situ Minglang’s hands.

Wu Yu’s eyes narrowed. This time he could see it – on the Monkey Head Fruit was a small bite mark from a beast. And this bite mark had attracted his Invincible Vajra Body.

After Situ Minglang took the Monkey Head Fruit, he smirked coldly, turning his light blue eyes on the crowd, saying, “Wu Yu, I know you’re nearby. You want this, right? If you want it, appear before my very eyes right now.”

The crowd held its collective breath, looking about. Privately, they were thinking, “Looks like there’s going to be a spectacle before the battle for Inspector.”

“Wu Yu, don’t fall for the trap. He’ll humiliate you……” Qing Mang hurriedly tried to stop him, but Wu Yu moved a beat faster. In an instant, he had stepped out, walking steadily to stand within 50 feet of Situ Minglang. Qing Mang gathered her courage, bit her lip, and followed.

“It’s been a year. Finally we meet.” Situ Minglang’s eyes glittered with a frosty light. What surprised Wu Yu was that his look no longer held the bitter hatred that it did a year ago. Instead, it was a faintly murderous intent. It looked like Situ Minglang had matured and turned it inward.

Although the crowd liked to compare Wu Yu and Situ Minglang, this youth only saw Wu Yu as prey.

“I hear that you want this Monkey Head Fruit.” Situ Minglang raised the immortal fruit in his hand, looking at Wu Yu with a half-smile. That expression did not belong on the face of a 14-year-old……

“That’s right.”

“Then I give it to you.” This was a completely unexpected phrase coming from Situ Minglang. Wu Yu had not even comprehended it, when the opponent suddenly flexed, crushing the Monkey Head Fruit into pulp. He flung it to the floor and stomped on it, crushing it into the mud, where they mixed until it looked like the droppings of a beast.

“Take it, don’t stand on ceremony.” Situ Minglang took two steps backwards, a thin smirk on his face. He gestured towards Wu Yu.


This action had hushed the entire crowd. Situ Minglang was too cruel. He had not only destroyed what Wu Yu wanted, but was also taunting him. At this moment, if Wu Yu did not attack, or at least do something, then his aura would be completely suppressed.

And that would do him no good when the showdown happened.

After all, presence was very important in a duel.

Everyone was very curious. What would Wu Yu do? Normally, unless he could defeat Situ Minglang, he would be completely played with.

“Let’s go!” Qing Mang hurried up, taking Wu Yu’s hand, and was about to lead him away. She was fuming internally, but she knew that this was not a good time to pick a fight. Today, they would take the loss.

But unexpectedly, Wu Yu gently extricated his slender fingers and unhurriedly walked up to within two paces of Situ Minglang. From here, he could feel the Immortal Dao spiritual power emanating from his opponent, stinging his face.


Wu Yu squatted down naturally, picking up the muddy mess from the ground and wrapping it well within a piece of white cloth before stowing it in his breast pocket. Throughout all this, he showed no expression, not even fear at being so close to Situ Minglang. Only after he had finished did he turn a mild smile on him, saying, “My thanks to Junior Brother Situ for his generosity. But this thing will be the greatest factor when you lose the battle. You will regret it. At that time, don’t sniffle and cry.”

Having said that, Wu Yu smiled and flexed his own sunny aura, which clashed with Situ Minglang’s in a contest of opposites. After which, he could not be bothered to remain here. Even in front of Situ Minglang, he turned casually and walked back unhurriedly to Qing Mang’s side, and then left with her without turning back.

Qing Mang was so scared that her heart was in her throat. She kept glancing back, afraid that Situ Minglang would come up on them. But each time she looked back, Situ Minglang was still standing in that same place. Lightning danced in his blue eyes, and Qing Mang could actually hear the rumbling sound of thunder. It gave her goosebumps.

In truth, everyone had been on tenterhooks through this turn of events. They only began to ease up when Wu Yu had left and the aggression began to fade from Situ Minglang.

“Situ Minglang was clearly humiliating him, but he actually bowed his head to accept it. That’s too……”

“But he actually dared to come so close to his enemy. That’s uncommon courage. But that’s to be expected. If he wasn’t, how could he have killed five on Heaven’s Lament?”

“This Wu Yu is really brazen. He actually dared to pick it up. How is that any different from a dog? No dignity at all.”

Although Wu Yu himself was very calm, others who had witnessed this felt that he had willingly submitted to Situ Minglang’s humiliation.

Perhaps only Situ Minglang himself, the one who had done the humiliating, felt no sense of pleasure. On the contrary, the darkness in his heart grew further. Situ Minglang was conflicted inside. He felt like he should not be entangled with this wretched servant Wu Yu. As long as Wu Yu was dead, he could carry on pursuing his path.

After all, in terms of status and talent, there was a large disparity.

But each time he looked at Wu Yu, rage and impulsiveness robbed him of reason. At this time, he discovered that his own heart was not as serene as it should be for one on the path of dao. He still hated Wu Yu and could not relegate him to the insignificant status of an ant. He now began to regret that he had not personally gone to kill Wu Yu when he had been released.

And now, there was only the Immortal’s Battle Stage as his chance.

“Still the heart and congeal the spirit. Master has said that my true opponent is the genius Hao Jie from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Pitting myself against an ant will only lessen my cultivation will!”

Situ Minglang could only hypnotize himself this way.

By the time he had calmed himself, Wu Yu had long left. Myriad Treasures Valley had picked up again, and there were many people around him, basically to offer congratulations and suck up. Some that needed to establish good relations had personally brought many treasures for Situ Minglang to enjoy.

At this time, Wu Yu had already returned to his disciple's residence.

“You’re too embarrassing. I……” Qing Mang was red in the face from anger. She would rather die than be dishonored. She found it hard to comprehend that Wu Yu had actually picked up that broken Monkey Head Fruit.

“Qing Mang, no one is born as the best in the world. As a man, if one cannot submit to shame and bear it, then one will not go far on this long path to immortality.” Today’s events, to Wu Yu, meant nothing at all. But Wu Yu had realized that Situ Minglang still had not weaned his own youthfulness. He seemed to have transcended normal realms, but a single word of challenge from Wu Yu had seen him consumed by his anger again.

“I don’t want you to lose on the Immortal’s Battle Stage!” Qing Mang was a little shaken and had declared what was on her mind. This wench had fully acknowledged Wu Yu. Her anxious appearance was quite cute.


Wu Yu did not say more. Using the pretext of a last burst of training, he saw Qing Mang out.

He rushed back into the practice room like the wind. He completely sealed the practice room and then extracted the white cloth, placing it carefully on the floor. He smoothed it out, then opened it. The muddy pulp of the Monkey Head Fruit was on the floor before him.

“My Immortal Ape Transformation lacked an opportunity, a catalyst. I thought it was impossible within the Bipo Mountain Range, but who would have thought that Situ Minglang would personally deliver the mythical object into my hands?”

In Myriad Treasures Valley, Wu Yu had not felt shame, only pleasure and anticipation. Situ Minglang was still a childish kid before his eyes.

Wu Yu picked up the pulp and placed it on his palm, which turned a pale gold color. Many meridians were on his palm and, under Wu Yu’s control, his palm glowed red and golden flames sprung forth, roasting the meat of the Monkey Head Fruit.

Sss, sss!

In the dancing golden flames, the pulp was rapidly burned clean, becoming a mist that floated within the practice room, bringing wafts of fragrance. However, Wu Yu was completely absorbed in the object in his palm. There was a minute drop of blood that one would not notice unless one looked closely.

That mystical drop of blood was like a live creature, bouncing madly in Wu Yu’s palm. Occasionally, it even transformed into the shape of a ferocious monkey.

“This should be an ape that became a demon. It must have been very strong. For some unknown reason, it left a tooth mark on the fruit, which contained a drop of blood. Fate’s fortuitous ways have actually helped me to discover it!”

Wu Yu was very excited. The odds of this happening were too improbable. Under such circumstances, his luck was too good for him to have been able to obtain it!

“I will use this drop of blood to cultivate the Immortal Ape Transformation!

“If Situ Minglang found out that he has personally completed my Immortal Ape Transformation, I wonder what his expression would be?”

After a long period of suppressing his wants, Wu Yu sunk into another deadly stage.

And as for the disciples of the Bipo Mountain Range, they were also waiting for the spectacle on the Immortal’s Battle Stage.

It was said that Wu Yu and Situ Minglang had been arranged as the last battle.


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