Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 6

Chapter 0006: Invincible Vajra Body

Since Wu Yu was resurrected, he had asked Sun Wudao to spread the news of it to prevent trouble from arising. While the servants on Yanli Mountain were in awe of Wu Yu's strong will to live, the news had also reached Su Yanli.

Possibly due to the fact that Wu Yu was almost beaten to death by other external disciples previously, Sun Yanli gave Wu Yu a month to recuperate in peace. As such, Wu Yu finally had the opportunity to chase after his most desired dream wholeheartedly!

“Uncle Sun, I’d like to take a walk at Green Leaf Valley to relieve boredom.” Each day, Wu Yu would head out of the wooden hut early in the morning. On some days, he would wake up even earlier than Sun Wudao.

“Since going through the catastrophe, he did become more agile,” exclaimed Sun Wudao as he watched Wu Yu disappear within the forest in the blink of an eye.

He didn’t pay too much attention to it. As long as Wu Yu could relax himself and forget the hatred, everything else would be fine.

That’s right. Wu Yu had not told Sun Wudao about his strange encounter.

Firstly, what he desired the most was only the opportunity to enter the immortal sect in a month’s time. That was his and Sun Wudao’s greatest dream in their lives. However, Wu Yu wasn’t too confident at the moment. After all, he only had a month’s time. He was worried that he would let Sun Wudao down.

Secondly, Wu Yu wanted to demonstrate his strength in front of Sun Wudao on that day and give him a surprise! This old man had been taking great care of him recently. Therefore, Wu Yu would like to see Sun Wudao be proud of him. This might just be the most important day of Wu Yu’s life!

The scorching sun of the day had not yet risen to the sky, but Wu Yu’s shirt was already drenched in his perspiration.

He was cruising through the forest and moving between trees like an jumping ape. This allowed his flesh and blood to receive ample training.

Throughout the day, he almost didn’t waste any moment.

“Huff puff…”

Heavy and rapid panting reverberated through the forest.

Wu Yu used both of his arms and legs to move rapidly. Although the branches along the way scraped past him and left wound after wound on his skin, he did not pay attention to them.

One could vaguely see that from the surrounding spiritual qi, thin and micro golden threads were gathering and transfusing into his flesh and blood.

When the sun rose, there were even more strands of that golden spiritual qi.

Wu Yu's body was getting stronger and more resilient by the second.


He lost concentration for a moment, and in the next moment, he fell down from the 20-foot-tall tree and was covered in mud and soil.


This was the only chance!

He had suffered too much for this moment. Wu Yu knew that everything he had today had not come by easy.

He crawled up and continued his practice with a head full of sweat.

“This Invincible Vajra Body is truly magical. Just the first tier alone is further split into 10 tiers, with a total of 10 Buddhist Gates of Enlightenment!

“The Dong Wu Royal Scripture that I practiced in the past was only a secret manual that directly recorded the 10 tiers of martial cultivation. It didn’t split into 10 different Buddhist Gates of Enlightenment. The number one martial cultivation art is just scrap compared to the Invincible Vajra Arts!”

The first tier of the Body Refining Realm, Forging Muscles.

Within the Invincible Vajra Body, the first tier of the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment was known as Vajra Forging Muscles.

Wu Yu was currently following the Vajra Forging Muscles manual to practice. The intensity was high, but the effects seemed to be huge too. It was especially so as Wu Yu had prior experience of reaching the fifth tier of the Sky Realm. Therefore, his progress was very rapid.

Just like its name, the Body Refining Realm was about forging one’s body. The body required polishing to be forged. It was especially so for the first tier of the Body Refining Realm as it required large amounts of polishing.

Each day, Wu Yu would run within the forest and jump between the trees like an ape. Other than that, he would dive to the bottom of the river, withstand the pressure of 5,000 kg of water, and practice his punches while holding his breath.

Or he would stand below a waterfall and let the endless water beat on his back.

Or he would punch crazily at a giant tree with a diameter of three feet!

He repeated these day after day.

Vajra Forging Muscles was the foundation of everything. It was extremely tough to practice and was beyond what an ordinary person could withstand. However, the resilience of Wu Yu’s heart was simply beyond anyone’s imagination.

While training diligently, he kept reminding himself about entering the immortal sect to fulfil his and Sun Wudao's dream. In addition, he had not forgotten about the vengeance of Dong Wu! And he remembered Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's cocky face.

“There’s not much time left. Charge!

“The heavens have gifted me Vajra to aid me in forging my flesh and blood!”

Towards noon, Wu Yu rushed towards the peak of the mountain. Under the scorching hot sun, he was sweating profusely while punching on the rock at the peak of the mountain.

“The so-called Invincible Vajra Body definitely requires hundreds and thousands of repetitions to master!

“If I don’t have much time, I will have to put in 10 times more effort! If others punch once, I will do it 10 times!”

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

That giant rock was shaking incessantly on the mountain peak. This happened on consecutive days. Eventually, cracks started to appear. As for Wu Yu’s hands and legs, they no longer looked the same from the beating. However, as his flesh and blood were destroyed, new flesh and blood were born!

Within his flesh and blood, golden shreds of spiritual qi were coursing throughout. The golden threads were even more numerous, especially when the scorching sun was at its hottest.

It wasn’t limited to just the surface of his fists; there were injuries throughout his whole body.

These injuries brought sharp and tingling pain. However, for Wu Yu, who was totally engrossed in a frenzied state, this was nothing. The pain was especially unbearable when Wu Yu dove to the bottom of the river. He gritted his teeth and endured.

“If I don’t hone my will, how can I possibly become a supreme leader in the martial way? If I can’t become a supreme leader in the martial way, how can I possibly enter the Immortal Dao!?

“I want to become an Immortal! I am definitely going to get stronger after going through more trials!”

With the high intensity training came extreme hunger. Wu Yu had to consume many of the wild beasts on the mountain and treasures found each day. However, there were not many of these.

“The real treasures on this Bipo Mountain Range belong to the Heavenly Sword Sect. If I can become a disciple of Heavenly Sword Sect, I will be qualified to use these resources. At that time, my progress will definitely be quicker.”

This was also Wu Yu’s motivation. He knew that there were still many strange and valuable treasures in this world that were beyond his imagination currently.


After five days, that huge rock in front of him was blown apart.


The loud and angry roar shook the heavens and the earth. The air in his chest exploded and he suddenly felt a sense of supremacy!

Under the scorching hot sun, Wu Yu felt as though the fire of the sun was burning him. Dense spiritual qi was surging in the atmosphere. As it flooded into his body through the open wounds, it refined his body and flesh. At this very moment, Wu Yu completed the advancement and entered the first tier of the Body Refining Realm!

Within his body, golden shreds of spiritual qi were gathering towards the same direction. In the end, they formed a palm-sized sauvastika symbol on his back.

A golden word!


The feeling of strength returned to his body.

“The Vajra Forging Muscles tier is finally completed!”

The shirtless Wu Yu was wearing a pair of long, black pants. He was standing on the peak of the mountain. Although he looked skinny, the muscles throughout his whole body were well-toned. Subtly, golden light was circulating within his body and gathered at the sauvastika symbol on his back!


Facing the endless horizon, Wu Yu let out his first roar.

He was back!

He was back in the first tier, but the feeling he had was completely different from the first time he reached the first tier.

“Purely from the standpoint of power, I have the strength of three war horses. This is three times the amount of strength compared to someone at the same tier of the ordinary Body Refining Realm! At the same time, there are two other unexpected effects.

“First, through the Vajra Forging Muscles, the muscles on my body have become very strong and resilient. If this is just the first tier, will I really have bronze-like skin and steel-like bones when I master this Invincible Vajra Body? Will I be impenetrable?”

This was what Wu Yu anticipated the most. After all, even an immortal was made of flesh and blood. If he had bronze-like skin and steel-like bones and was impenetrable, who could possibly be a match for him?

Even if he just stood there, others would not be able to harm him.

“Second, the recovery ability of my flesh is also beyond an ordinary person’s. I have suffered quite a number of injuries. However, they seem to have recovered on their own without needing me to take herbs and medicine. I wonder if I really will be unvanquishable eventually, and able to resurrect from a single drop of blood!”

One would possess several times the power, several times the body strength and resilience, and several times the recovery ability of the flesh and blood compared to someone of the same tier!

Although it was just the first tier of the Body Refining Realm, Wu Yu’s vitality and energy were in such abundance that it was beyond his own imagination.

“Once I have mastered the second tier of the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment, Vajra Tendons, I believe my tendons will probably be as strong and resilient as metal!”

Wu Yu had a premonition that he had only seen the tip of the iceberg of how magical this Invincible Vajra Body was!

He didn’t take any break and started the training of the second tier, Vajra Tendons.

The second tier of the Body Refining Realm was Polishing Tendons.

Polishing Tendons was slightly different from Forging Muscles. The focus was on the tendons, and therefore the training method was different but it was tougher. However, Wu Yu had prior experience in attaining this tier. His mind was also stronger and more resilient and his Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment was more comprehensive and profound now. Although there wasn’t much time left, his progress was huge!

In just a few days, Wu Yu achieved great progress. The tendons throughout his body were polished to the point that they were stronger than his flesh and blood. He was as tough as a steel cable now. However, he wasn’t just tough, he was also terrifying elastic.

Tendons were also the sources of power. After reaching the second tier of the Body Refining Realm, Wu Yu immediately felt like he had the strength equivalent to 10 war horses!

“I have just reached the second tier. Unexpectedly, my power is already one fifth of what I achieved in the past!”

For Wu Yu, the Invincible Vajra Body was terrifyingly exquisite. He knew that he had truly obtained a treasure.

Under the scorching hot sun, besides the refined, powerful muscles, there were also densely-packed golden tendons that spread throughout his body like a giant net. Nonetheless, all these were just the beginning of cultivation.

“The third tier of the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment, Golden Flame Bones!

“I have to train till my bones are like gold, with a purity that can generate flames!”

With a skeleton of gold as the body’s frame, the blood and bones could then combine. When spiritual qi gathered to the point where the skeletal structure could generate golden-colored flames, Wu Yu could consider this as mastered.

The entire first tier of the Invincible Vajra Body and the first thousand words could be considered as forging the body and laying the foundation for the future.

From the flesh, to the tendons, and then the bones!

Wu Yu didn’t think too much about the future. However, he knew that if he could reach the level of the Martial Gods of the 10th tier of the martial way, he probably wouldn’t have to be afraid of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

He took a total of 11 days to reach the second tier of the Body Refining Realm.

The Heavenly Sword Sect had announced the exact date for the servant assessment. After making a short calculation, he realized that he had 21 days left. Wu Yu had not harbored much hope, but now he truly felt that he could make it.

“Typically speaking, the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm will possess the strength of 100 horses. So if I have the strength of 100 warhorses, others would believe that I have reached the sixth tier. Therefore, I will also be qualified to attend!”

The more he forged, the higher the increment to strength it would be.

To welcome the arrival of the day for such a battle, Wu Yu had even revised his past martial arts.

Rumor had it that people who practiced the Immortal Dao would know dao techniques. Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian knew dao techniques that were simply unbelievable. At the 10th tier of the Body Refining Realm, one was still a mortal. Therefore, he could not practice dao techniques yet.

Other than dao techniques, there were martial arts in the mortal realm. The techniques used by people in the Body Refining Realm of this immortal sect were, in fact, martial arts in the mortal realm.

Martials arts could be separated into low grade, middle grade, and high grade. Since arriving at the Heavenly Sword Sect, Wu Yu finally learned that there was a level known as the supreme-grade for the martial arts of the mortal realm.

He had many resources at his disposal when he was in the royal family of Dong Yue Wu and was able to master several martial arts. Among which, the strongest was the secret manual of the Dong Yue Wu royal family. Although it was just a middle grade martial art, it had a majestic name. It was known as the Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas!

Rumor had it that this martial art was created when an ancient Supreme Martial Artist sliced through the waves and slayed a giant whale. The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom happened to be at the side of the East Seas and therefore managed to get its hands on this inheritance.

However, with Wu Yu current’s level, he couldn’t fully show the might of Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas. Therefore, he went back and revised a low grade martial technique called Roaring Tiger, Dragon’s Fist.

Although this was a low grade martial art, it was a set of punching moves that had the majesty of dragons and tigers. It had one of the highest destructive powers among all the other low grade martial arts.

Besides that, there was another set of movement techniques known as Ghostly Monkey Steps.

Once upon a time, Wu Yu was able to behead the enemy’s general with Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas after charging into an army of 10,000 soldiers using movement techniques. The whole kingdom was in awe and celebrated with frenzy!

These were foundational martial arts that he was very familiar with in the past. Now that he had started revising them, it was easy to for him to pick them up.

His battle strength had risen substantially.

Till late at night, Wu Yu was still practicing these martial arts and movement techniques!

Puff, puff, puff!

Cracks spread from the center of a huge tree under the impact of Wu Yu’s Roaring Tiger, Dragon’s Fist. After which, the cracks quickly multiplied and the huge tree fell down in the end.

Pa, pa!

At this very moment, a round of applause sounded from the side.

“Darn it. I was too engrossed and had forgotten to pay attention to my surroundings.” Wu Yu’s heart skipped a beat as he looked to the side immediately. What he saw were six burly figures walking out from the darkness towards him with sheepish smiles on their faces.

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