Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 7

Chapter 0007: Murder in the Dark Night

“Boss Zhao! This Wu Yu was clearly crippled to begin with. However, he was able to split that tree trunk with a single strike! It has just been a little while since we last saw him. He must definitely have come across an amazing encounter in our Yanli Mountain!” a wretched servant with a large mole on the corner of his lip said to Zhao Chuan confidently.

“Yes!” Zhao Chuan’s eyes hid a feverous excitement as he kept himself contained. At this point in time, this group of individuals had already made their way towards Wu Yu.

“What brings you here?” Wu Yu asked as he squinted at the group, especially at Zhao Chuan. Wu Yu was able to escape from that small shakedown that happened when he first arrived. However, Zhao Chuan later tried to make him a scapegoat, almost ending his very life.

“We are just very curious to know something. Are you not a cripple? How are you able to cultivate again? Did you break into our residences and steal some of our cultivation techniques?” Zhao Chuan was indeed a rogue. He was very upfront with what he was here for.

Wu Yu was clear that this group of servants had seen his huge transformation. They were definitely suspicious and covetous.

“Wu Yu, you are a shameless thief. If you are smart, you will quickly return the things you stole to me! Then I will not pursue it any further.” Zhao Chuan’s gaze was heated as he spoke; it was clear that within it lurked an insatiable greed. Zhao Chuan had been at this sect for a long time and had no hope of becoming an immortal. If there was a opportunity for him to do so, he would definitely struggle for it with all of his life.

“Firstly, I did not steal anything. Secondly, I do not have anything to give you.” Wu Yu knew that this Zhao Chuan was at the fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm. He was two tiers above him and was twice as strong as him. He would at least have the strength of 20 warhorses.

“Kill him, Boss Zhao! That way everything will be settled!” A large and muscular crony spoke up.

“As you say. I will give you a meritorious opportunity. You go take care of him!” Zhao Chuan racked his mind as he made a decision. To be frank, he was getting impatient. When it came to things like lucky encounters, he would only feel comfortable when the item was in his hands.

“Thank you, Boss Zhao!” That large and muscular man quickly rushed towards Wu Yu. His strength and vitality were boundless – he possessed the strength of many warhorses and was able to fell a tree trunk with a single strike.


That servant’s charge was full of openings. Wu Yu was not interested in wasting any more time. He also rushed towards the muscular servant, his powerful body rippling with strength. With a single flying kick, he struck the servant right on his chest. At the same time, a loud ka cha was heard. The muscular servant’s chest caved in and he was knocked flying. When he landed, he rolled over several times, constantly crying in pain, clearly half dead.

“How strong!” Zhao Chuan immediately went to check on the muscular servant’s injuries.

“Just what kind of fortune did he encounter that would give him such strength?”

Just as he was deliberating, the four other servants around him began to attack Wu Yu as a group. Although they were of the same tier of the Body Refining Realm, what Wu Yu cultivated was the Invincible Vajra Body. Therefore, even if he took a hit from them, he would not suffer any injuries. But so long as they received a single hit from Wu Yu, they would be sent flying while puking blood.They all received broken limbs from Wu Yu’s attacks and would clearly be unable to recover within half a year.

“It’s your turn now!”

In the blink of an eye, only Zhao Chuan was left. The rest were all lying on the floor, groaning in pain.

The feeling of taking revenge so quickly after was truly amazing!

Since the heavens had given him an opportunity to be reborn, then why not repay all his past grievances? The Zhao Chuan right in front of his eyes had almost gotten him killed. Furthermore, he even wanted to steal his lucky opportunity! How could he let this slide?

Zhao Chuan broke out into cold sweat.

He did not feel that he was not Wu Yu’s match. However, Wu Yu’s moves were simple and violent, and this frightened him a little.

“Roaring Tiger, Dragon’s Fist!”

He drew his fist back and rushed forward. He took three steps, each step building up momentum and borrowing strength from the earth! When Wu Yu took his third step, his whole body possessed the momentum and aura of a tiger that had left its mountain! He looked extremely majestic as he let out an explosive roar. It was like that of a tiger’s, the very sound of it rumbling Zhao Chuan’s ears.

What was more ferocious was the fist that lanced out. In just a blink, it was right in front of Zhao Chuan’s eyes.

However, Zhao Chuan was not a spent lamp.He immediately drew out a long sword from somewhere and lunged towards Wu Yu.

“Did you think that I, Zhao Chuan, was able to become to the supervisor of the Immortal Beast Garden by chance? Do you think that I’m someone who can be bullied?”

In his heart, he had already come up with innumerable ways to slaughter Wu Yu.

“Execute him!” The rest of the crowd was seething with hatred towards Wu Yu.

“Wu Yu, you have injured your fellow companions with merciless attacks. This is a crime deserving of death. Tonight, I will take the place of Immortal Su and mete out punishment to clean the sect of filth!” Zhao Chuan’s face had become eerily cold. The longsword that was made of refined steel also glinted with a bloodchilling light in his hands under the dark skies. It was as if Wu Yu was in the midst of a bitter winter, the chill seeping right into his bones.

Zhao Chuan was at the Strengthening Viscera tier of the Body Refining Realm. His organs and viscera had already been refined through training. Each and every breath was powerful and drawn out, his muscles developed and bursting with vigor. When he breathed, it was like hearing a tiger’s roar, rumbling like the sound of thunder. He felt like a beast that had left the forest, a pair of cold eyes staring at its prey, the longsword being his exceptionally sharp fangs.

“Amazing.” If Wu Yu was still at the fifth tier of the Body Refining Realm, Zhao Chuan would not be his opponent. However, at this moment, Zhao Chuan could utilize the strength of 20 warhorses, being twice as strong as he was.

“This idiot is someone who is close to Sun Wudao. Perhaps he might also know of this. Once we get rid of this Wu Yu tonight, we will throw Sun Wudao off the Black Organs Cliff and watch his body smash from the fall. The corpse can be fed to the crows!”

“Who would have thought that this cripple would be able to find an opportunity to turn things around? However, it was his misfortune to meet Boss Zhao! Boss Zhao, don’t kill him off so easily. We also need an opportunity to vent. We will torture him and give him a fate worse than death!”

Wu Yu silently took note of these words. He had only wanted to teach Zhao Chuan a lesson and did not expect that this farce would turn into a life or death situation!

Ding! Ding!

Zhao Chuan’s refined steel longsword trembled in the night sky, exuding killing intent.

“Zhao Chuan’s strongest technique should be one that is only cultivated by the most outstanding servant disciples. Only they are able to learn the Middle-Grade Torrential Rain’s Pear Flower Sword. A middle-grade technique would be a treasure of my Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.Yet in the Heavenly Sword Sect, it is something given to the servants.”

“Zhao Chuan is twice as strong as me, and he even possesses a middle-grade technique!”

Wu Yu did not expect to fight him. This fight would be extremely dangerous. Only if he fought with his life on the line would he have a chance to live.


In this brief moment, Zhao Chuan did not speak but thrusted his longsword out instead. Numerous sword shadows descended upon Wu Yu, killing intent felt in every direction.

“How vicious!”

The sword was then directly thrusted at Wu Yu’s forehead.


There was nothing he could use to defend himself, and thus he could only dodge. He immediately executed the Ghostly Monkey Steps and escaped quickly. He was able to use the Ghostly Monkey Steps to its full potential within the forest. Although the longsword was wreathed thickly with killing intent, and despite the numerous attacks being made, all of them had been dodged by Wu Yu!

“This cripple isn’t very strong. He can only dodge!” Zhao Chuan held his anger as he raged, feeling disdainful.

“Once you’ve been a coward for too long, you will definitely lose your balls.”

Shua shua!

Numerous branches and leaves were being cut down by Zhao Chuan’s sharp blade, the leaves scattering onto the ground.

Every cut was made uniformly and smoothly, demonstrating Zhao Chuan’s outstanding sword skills.

“Pear Flower’s Flying Dance!”

Zhao Chuan chased Wu Yu doggedly. The sword shadows were like pear flowers swaying in the wind. The strikes came wave after wave, filling Wu Yu’s vision with sword light and sword shadows. Wu Yu continued to use the Ghostly Monkey Step, but he was still shaken to his core by this very move. There was no opportunity to retaliate; he could only let Zhao Chuan continue to chase him. Otherwise, it was likely that he would lose a limb.


Zhao Chuan was not anxious. At this moment he burst forward a single step and slashed downwards, leaving a bloody streak right under Wu Yu’s rib. Fresh blood spurted out and the cut was so deep, one could see bone.

It was at this point that one could see that Wu Yu’s bones were wreathed in gold light. He had already achieved the stage of the golden bones. All that lacked now was the golden flame surrounding the bones before the Golden Flame Bones tier was achieved.

“He’s done for. Wu Yu is doomed.” Zhao Chuan was feeling extremely carefree.


Zhao Chuan violently slashed in every direction, turning the Torrential Rain’s Flower Sword into a true torrential rain of sword blows, launching attack after attack onto Wu Yu. After an hour more of fighting, Wu Yu’s body had accumulated numerous gashes. His blood had stained his black robes red and the sight elicited vicious laughter from Zhao Chuan.

Yet from the very beginning, Wu Yu did not make any sound of pain; it was as though it was not him who was getting injured.

Actually, Zhao Chuan had never imagined that he would end up tussling with Wu Yu for over an hour. He was secretly surprised at his toughness.

“He should be finished soon.” As he thought of this, Zhao Chuan increased the number of attacks on Wu Yu, his sword moves wide and precise. At that very moment, Zhao Chuan had almost taken Wu Yu’s life with the increased intensity of attacks.

However, he did not notice that Wu Yu’s eyes were shining with a gold light.

“A Sword Pierces the Heart!”

Zhao Chuan exploded outwards. His refined steel longsword was held resolutely and stably, like a poisonous snake ready to strike, awaiting the crucial opportunity. All of a sudden, he stabbed towards Wu Yu’s heart, this time incomparably confident that he would be able to kill him.

Yet, right at this moment, Wu Yu’s eyes emitted a golden light. It was so blinding that Zhao Chuan was forced to squint. During that instance of life and death, Wu Yu roared angrily as he had done something completely unexpected.

He had used his left hand to grab Zhao Chuan’s refined steel longsword, blocking him from piercing through him.

As that strike still came at him with full force, his palm was sliced through deeply, almost causing him to lose a hand. Although it had cut through his flesh, blood, and a part of his tendons, it was unable to sever through his bones!

Deep within his flesh, his bones had ascended. After a night of battle, the golden flame was finally born!

“Azure Dragon Goes to Sea!”

As his left hand grabbed Zhao Chuan’s longsword, Wu Yu had only a single opportunity to fight back. If he did not die, then Zhao Chuan would!

The growl he made sounded like that of a dragon, rumbling and shocking the seas!


Wu Yu’s right hand formed a fist, utilising the Roaring Tiger, Dragon’s Fist’s second move. It condensed all of the body’s strength and accumulated all the from the past 30 minutes. At the moment of that outburst, his right fist seemed like a furious azure dragon as it heavily struck the opponent’s head. Ka cha! Zhao Chuan’s eyes widened and the grip on his sword gradually loosened, eventually dropping the sword on the ground.

In a physical battle of life and death, this was a single strike to kill!

“Puff puff…..”

Wu Yu was panting. His left hand had almost been severed and his body was full of injuries. He had picked up Zhao Chuan’s longsword as fresh blood fell onto the ground below.

“I am about to reach the third tier, the tier of the Golden Flame Bones.”

Tonight’s furious battle had allowed Wu Yu to rush to the third tier of his techniques. With his previously accumulated experience and Zhao Chuan’s “motivation,” he was able to attain this tier extremely quickly. This was also the reason why Wu Yu was able to kill Zhao Chuan.

He had not wanted to kill anyone tonight, but Zhao Chuan had forced his hand. He had no other choice.

In the Heavenly Sword Sect, servants were not allowed to kill each other. If they did so, they would be punished heavily.

All of this happened in a flash. All of it had been caused by Zhao Chuan attempting to suppress Wu Yu. Yet in just a blink, Wu Yu took a blow to block the sword and felled Zhao Chuan with a single fist.

“Boss Zhao!”

All of the servants were dumbfounded. All of their faces were pale as they looked at Wu Yu. This was unbelievable. They had previously patronized Zhao Chuan, yet he had fallen by the hands of this cripple.

“Wu… Wu Yu! You are finished. You killed Boss Zhao. With the rules of the Heavenly Sword Sect, you will definitely be put to death,” one of the servants shouted as he trembled.

He did not understand that that sentence had sealed his own fate.

“You previously said that after I was killed, you would throw my Uncle Sun off Black Organs Cliff to feed the crows. Am I right?” Wu Yu tightly gripped the longsword as he walked towards him.

“I…I…” The servant saw the killing intent in Wu Yu’s eyes and shivered. “No… It wasn’t me…”


Wu Yu ended his life swiftly with the sword.

It is difficult to avoid slaughter so long as one lives.

Wu Yu would only kill two types of individuals.

The first type included those who were villainous and evil, such as the serpent demon.

The second type was someone who he had immense animosity with, such as Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

The second type of individual, if spared any mercy, would likely bring upon him an even greater disaster. This servant was also of this type.

After which, Wu Yu stared at the bloody ground.

“The world is mean and ferocious. One needs to possess strength to protect themselves and to be able to live in a dignified manner. The law of the jungle is king.This is something unchanged since millennia ago. Regardless of whether one is a man or a beast, all of this still applies.”

Of course, once he left, no one would know that he was the one who had dealt with all of these individuals.

“Great Sage, heaven’s equal, Victorious Fighting Buddha, thank you. You have given me the chance to be reborn.”

In the dark of the night, Wu Yu hid and buried the refined steel longsword. When he was stronger, he would come back and retrieve it. This way, he would be able to utilize the tyrannical Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas.

At this point, he noticed that although he didn't have any medicine with him, all of the wounds on his body were already healing. In just a few hours of time, he would completely recover.

“I have been able to profit from a disaster that befell me and I have touched upon the third tier of the Body Refining Realm. Now I need to consolidate my experiences.”

His body was riddled with bloody gashes. After bandaging his injuries and covering up the situation, he finally returned to his residence. It was already deep into the night and only the chirping of insects could be heard. Wu Yu stood in front of Sun Wudao’s room’s window and looked through it. He could see an old man sleeping soundly.

“I hope that from now on, he will be able to enjoy the rest of his years.

“If I am able to join the sect, this will definitely be the biggest surprise. I will definitely not let him down.”

Wu Yu tightly clenched his fist.

As it was quite late, Wu Yu also felt quite exhausted, so he returned to his room to sleep.

What he did not know was that a white-robed female youth had already been following him for half a day. She had already been next to him ever since he had started fighting with Zhao Chuan.

However, she was a heavenly immortal, the one and only Su Yanli. How would Wu Yu be able to know that she was right by his side?

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