Hello Mr. King

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Angel and Devil

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“Caring Love” group

[Wei Shanshan: Oh my god. If I didn’t act in the film, I wouldn’t have never known there were so many weirdos in the world {😱}{😱}{😱}]

[Fang Nanyuan: Everything has two sides. Different people stand at different angles and see different results. You can’t understand the strange thoughts, and they also can’t see your beauty.

[Yi Yan: Are we going to speak out? After all, they tagged us as well. Although Zhou’s words has turned the situation to a better direction, the unfavorable remarks are still spreading. If they are not silenced completely, more and more people will be misled.]

[Wei Shanshan: {🙈} My fan count is too low. I can’t win. How do you guys plan to voice out?]

Wei Shanshan’s words brought a moment of silence. As actors, it is natural for them to defend themselves. Thus, the influence in their words are greatly reduced.

If they didn’t silence everyone at once, it would cause negative effects. But they had no idea how they could appease the crowd.

Furthermore, either they remained silent, potentially giving rise to more speculation, or they speak up. But if they opt for the latter choice, then they had to silence the crowd in one shot. Their thoughts needed to be on the same page, otherwise some people would never give up.

[Fang Nanyuan@Yun Xiangxiang: Sister Xiang, what tricks do you have up your sleeve?]

After a few minutes, Yun Xiangxiang replied.

[Yun Xiangxiang: I will post a Weibo post soon. You all can just forward it. You can also add in your own opinions.]

[Wei Shanshan: {🤩} Sister Xiang must have thought of something. Tell us quickly!]

[Yi Yan: Let us in on this, Sister Xiang]

[Yun Xiangxiang: My drawing isn’t completed yet. You’ll find out later.]

After that, no matter how the group asked, Yun Xiangxiang didn’t reply anymore. Everyone was looking forward to it, yet they felt extremely impatient.

Perhaps because Yun Xiangxiang’s response to Qin Yue slander was so magnificent, everyone’s faith and expectations toward her soared subconsciously.

Even Yun Xiangxiang’s fans were looking forward to it, it wasn’t only just them.

[Sister Xiang, come and silence these people quickly.]

[Excited to see sister school belle show her power.]

[Inexplicably having expectations toward Sister Xiang.]

[Expecting +1]

[+ mobile number]

[+ electric signal]

Yun Xiangxiang also wanted to live up to the crowd’s expectations. At the height of the heat, she updated her Weibo.

[Actor Yun Xiangxiang V: I painted a painting today, and my brother asked me: Sister, are you an angel? I was very happy because my brother sees the light, therefore he has an angel in his heart.

I didn’t tell him that if he looks on the dark side, he will have had a devil in his heart instead.

There will always be people in this world who only look on the dark side, yet they complained about why there was only darkness. People with devils in their hearts reject the light. Even if you give them a river of stars, they would only think about the odd black hole. Don’t you think so? @Hoping for a beautiful world]

Yun Xiangxiang displayed a sketch. There was only the black of the pencil lead, and the whiteness of the paper. If one looked at the white side, it was a beautiful angel with wings and its halo; if one looked on the dark side, it was an evil devil with claws and fangs.

As soon as this Weibo came out, Yun Xiangxiang’s Weibo boiled over again.

[Here is someone with an angel in their heart {😊}]

[Oh no, I saw the devil at first sight, I refuse to admit {😵}]

[I am a kind cutie pie. Although I also saw the devil first~]

[Pretending that the first thing I saw was an angel {😊}]

[I see the devil first, only the kiss of a pretty girl can save me {🙏}]

[I only noticed the sketch of a pretty girl. The painting is really good! ! ]

[Downloaded, I’ll look at it once a day. I believe someday I will only see the angel {😛}]

[Taking it away +1]

Then the comments below this Weibo were instantly shifted.

However, not only did Wei Shanshan forward it, but even Zhou Wei and even Han Jing forwarded it. Changsheng Media even showed their support by forwarding it as well.

More and more people followed suit and forwarded. Once again, Yun Xiangxiang gained a little fame. This action was successful without arguing directly; there was no pointed rebuttal, but the seemingly harmless spring was so fierce that it silenced everyone.

These defenders weren’t as generous as netizens. They didn’t mind admitting that a devil lived in their hearts, and so everything they saw was ugly.

It must be known that everything had both positive and negative aspects. If someone or something was eradicated because it allowed people to see great evil, how horrible would the world become?

Yet, is it impossible to have things with only the bad side? People had different viewpoints, therefore their needs would be different. How could one measure honey with cream, or cream with honey?

This wave of trouble benefitted both Yun Xiangxiang and Zhou Wei. Yun Xiangxiang was known for her talent and ability to differentiate between right and wrong, and her worldview was higher. Her Weibo fans instantly broke through three million, and the box office for “Caring Love” increased yet again because of this.

There was also a new pseudo-challenge on the Internet #Use “Caring Love” to test whether you have an angel or devil in your heart#

Many people went to watch “Caring Love” because of this. As for whether they saw the angel or devil after they watched the movie, they naturally wouldn’t say it out loud. This had nothing to do with Yun Xiangxiang.

In the end, “Caring” ended with a box office of one and a half billion tickets, breaking through the one billion mark. Wei Shanshan and the rest of the crew were surprised. Since then, they all had the label of one billion box office lead. The actor with the most attention and most fame in the whole film was still Yun Xiangxiang.

However, she didn’t pay attention to this. Song Meng really formed a fan support club for Yun Xiangxiang. The fans of Yun Xiangxiang also had a group called Cloud [1].

Fortunately, Yun Xiangxiang had no notices, no activities, and didn’t sign with any agency. Hence, there was not much to do. Otherwise, Song Meng, a sophomore student party member, simply did not have the ability to become president.

However, she was very competent as the president. She often published some of Yun Xiangxiang’s study developments, learning methods and achievements. Yun Xiangxiang’s fans were mostly consisting of students, so it guided them in a positive direction.

Yun Xiangxiang didn’t pay too much attention to this. As the heat of “Caring Love” slowly cooled down, Wei Shanshan and the others got together with another tv drama and film crews, moving on with their lives. Yun Xiangxiang only wanted to study instead.

In this half a year, she maintained her grades to be the first place. In fact, her grades made the gap between her and the second place wider and wider.

Aside from having two French classes on the weekends, all the other classes were stopped. She used most of her time doing test papers. She didn’t lack test papers from any subject as her father was a high school teacher.

Seeing his daughter’s efforts, Yun Zhibin knew she was doing it for filming in the next half of the year. There was no other way to go about it except cooperate.

Around May, Zhou Wei called Yun Xiangxiang, “Xiangxiang, the Shenshi Film Festival is on June 20th, you must come.”

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