Hello Mr. King

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Precious Friendship

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Yun Xiangxiang was surprised. She never thought of getting an award for her first film.

The purpose of the Shenshi Film festival was different as it was the only internationally recognized premier film festival in China. The judges came from many countries, and their net worths were all considered quite high.

Even though she was very famous in her past life, because her filmography didn’t consist of any particularly good films, she had never received this invite.

Now it was during her studying period. If it weren’t for the fact that she was nominated, Zhou Wei wouldn’t insist for her to go. The invitation meant that it was likely for her to get an award.

Yun Xiangxiang was excited; she was determined to attend. An international film festival was different. Moreover, it wouldn’t delay her schedule for the final exams as well.

“I will prepare the gown for you.” Zhou Wei was also quite happy, as the film’s income was in place, he was not poor now.

He understood in his heart that Yun Xiangxiang alone accounted for one third of the credit to how well the results for “Caring love” was.

“It’s alright, Uncle Zhou. I will prepare the gown myself.” Yun Xiangxiang refused gently. “Teacher Han gave me one third of my pay. At my age, I have no sponsors or brand endorsements. I don’t need to compare myself to others.”

You eat only as much as you can afford to buy. She didn’t want to impress others by feigning her capabilities.

Very soon after Zhou Wei hung up, Han Jing also called her to congratulate her then wished that she would get an award. Furthermore, she wanted to ask about the arrangement of the gown, which was also rejected by Yun Xiangxiang.

It seemed that everyone who knew that Yun Xiangxiang was going to attend the film festival were worried about her gown and accessories.

Four seasons group

[Wei Shanshan: Xiangxiang, I’ll design your gown for you. Even though it isn’t a branded item, I hope you don’t dislike it [🥺]]

[Fang Nanyuan: You can count on me for the jewelry]

[Yi Yan: What about me????]

[Yun Xiangxiang: [Thank you bosses JPG] I can prepare them myself, you are also participating, right?]

[Wei Shanshan: That’s right, I’m following the “Caring Love” crew to join in the fun. It’s said that a lot of international directors and screenwriters are going to be there. Who knows? Maybe my unique charm might catch someone’s eyes?]

[Fang Nanyuan: Stop dreaming, wake up.]

[Yi Yan: Oh, you could still dream about it. [dream JPG]]

[Wei Shanshan: You two, I want to block both of you! ! ! ! ]

[Yun Xiangxiang: Then we’ll meet at the film festival]

After chatting, Yun Xiangxiang went to tell Yun Zhibin and Su Xiuling about this honestly. Su Xiuling, who was a little over seven months pregnant, was so excited to know her daughter was going to get an award that she began to have contractions. It scared Yun Zhibin until his face was as pale as a sheet.

“I can’t accompany you on June 20th.” Yun Zhibin frowned after soothing Su Xiuling.

During that time he still had to conduct classes, even though it was a weekend. Furthermore, there was still Su Xiuling, who was in the third trimester of her pregnancy at home.

“Dad, I’m not a child anymore. I’m sixteen years old.” Yun Xiangxiang gently told her parents, “I’ll let Shanshan come pick me up once I reach the airport, then we’ll go straight to Uncle Zhou.”

“Then, you can only take a day off. You’re going to Shenshi on the 19th, will you be able to come back by Monday on the 21st?” Yun Zhibin didn’t like his daughter taking days off.

The popularity for “Caring Love” soared, and Yun Xiangxiang maintained very good results. The school had been very tolerant, but Yun Zhibin didn’t want these special treatments to affect his daughter’s attitude.

“Alright.” Yun Xiangxiang didn’t intend to stay in Shenshi for long. “Mom, Dad, I need to prepare a set of jewelry and a gown.”

Su Xiuling knew about these, “Mom will bring you shopping tomorrow.”

In the evening, Yun Zhibin told Su Xiuling about the film that Yun Xiangxiang was going to film in the next half a year and the pay she had received.

Su Xiuling was shocked to learn that after tax, her daughter’s pay would be 6,800,000. Han Jing had already paid for one third of it, which was about 2,600,000.

She immediately asked about the details, Yun Zhibin only generally told her that Yun Xiangxiang was filming a reality film about poverty stricken people in the mountains who wanted to study, and that Yun Xiangxiang was the heroine. Also, the reason why the sum of money was huge was because the filming time was long and hard.

Su Xiuling’s didn’t react too much. She didn’t object to it as long as it was age appropriate. Furthermore, after learning that the director was Han Jing whom she once liked, she didn’t ask about any more details, and Yun Zhibin sighed with relief.

With money, Su Xiuling had confidence. Since her daughter was gorgeous and she was spending her own money, Su Xiuling wasn’t reluctant and brought Yun Xiangxiang along with her to the highest end business district, wanting to buy Yun Xiangxiang better things.

First, they went to buy jewelry. Su Xiuling intended to buy a set of diamonds. She didn’t feel bad shelling out a million dollars.

However, Yun Xiangxiang was attracted by a set of pearls. The petals were used to make the petals of plum blossoms, fine red rubies decorated the petals to form pink petals, and in the middle of the plum blossom was a round and white pearl. The earrings were made like a plus blossom as well. It was very unique and beautiful.

The necklace was a slightly larger plum blossoms, five of them were arranged to look like the Olympic rings. A similar styled bracelet and a ring came with it. The plum blossom on the ring was about the same size as the earrings. It also included a delicate crown of the same plum blossom pattern.

It was altogether less than two hundred thousand. Su Xiuling thought it suited her daughter well. To tell the truth, she had never bought herself such expensive jewelry in her life.

When Yun Xiangxiang took her credit card to swipe, she deliberately picked a diamond necklace which cost a little more than two hundred thousand to be paid together.

It was her mother’s birthday soon, and she believed this necklace would make a fitting gift for her mother.

Since the card was linked to Yun Xiangxiang’s phone number, Su Xiuling didn’t know how much was spent in the end.

Next they went to buy the gown. For the gown, Yun Xiangxiang only wanted it to look good, not something that was off the rack. Hence, she bought a fairy style dress that cost about five thousand dollars and a pair of silvery white heels that was only seven centimeters high.

She also bought some gifts for her father and brother while accompanying her mother until Su Xiuling was tired, then they took a taxi home.

After applying for her leave, Yun Xiangxiang took the evening flight to Shenshi on the 18th once her classes were dismissed. Zhou Wei had already booked the hotel. Wei Shangshan and the others arrived two days ago, so all of them arrived to pick up Yun Xiangxiang.

There were quite a lot of reporters at the Shenshi Airport. However, “Caring Love” had already passed by six months, and there were other more famous actors arriving, so they basically didn’t get any attention and reached the hotel without much fanfare. Yun Xiangxiang rested after reporting back to her family.

On the next day, Wei Shanshan insisted on taking her to go shopping. Her reasoning was, “We should take advantage when we still aren’t that famous and enjoy this time together. I’m afraid that it will be impossible to even go shopping in another year or two.”

Yun Xiangxiang thought about it too. In fact, never in two lifetimes had she gotten to experience the taste of shopping with her best friend.

In her past life, she didn’t have a best friend. In this time, she had Song Meng, Li Xiangling and Wei Shanshan. Before this, she was so busy with studies that she almost never stepped out of the school gates.

After shopping for a while, Yun Xiangxiang realized that Wei Shanshan was worried that she didn’t have any jewelry, and used all kinds of methods to give them to her!

“This necklace looks good. We discussed in the group that on your birthday we will pick out a birthday gift for you together.” Wei Shanshan took a sapphire necklace and put it across Yun Xiangxiang’s neck.

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