Hello Mr. King

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Gorgeous

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From Yun Xiangxiang’s past life experience, this necklace could be worth at least two hundred thousand!

She found out later on that the four of them were paid the same amount which was two hundred thousand each in regards to “Caring Love” pay. Yun Xiangxiang knew that in the past six months Wei Sanshan acted as the second female lead in a TV series. She just finished up last month, and should’ve earned quite a lot.

Fang Nanyuan shot a few advertisements; Yi Fang also shot an advertisement and a third male lead role in a film. They must have accrued a certain amount of income by now.

However, they had all signed contracts; they had to feed their assistants, teams, and take care of various other things like their skin and health. They were all huge expenses and at this stage they were still in debt.

Yun Xiangxiang’s birthday was on February second. Since they were all busy at the time, they decided to discuss together and give her a thoughtful gift together.

Back then when Yun Xiangxiang agreed with it, the intention was to prevent them from feeling awkward if they forgot about her birthday. She didn’t expect them to keep their promise until now, and was very touched.

“Little rich woman, I have already prepared my jewelry which I chose with my mom. Even if you gave me the best, I can’t wear it tomorrow.” Yun Xiangxiang hugged Wei Shangshan intimately for the first time, “I’m not that poor even though I haven’t done anything in half a year. I signed for Teacher Han’s film. I might be richer than you.”

“Teacher Han is so rich. All her films are done with aerial photography. We know you don’t lack the money. But this was a promise and it must be honored.” Wei Shanshan was seemingly stern as she held a stance that they wouldn’t return to the hotel if Yun Xiangxiang refused the gift.

“But I don’t like this one, can I go and pick one that I like?” Yun Xiangxiang could only retreat.

“It can’t be less than a hundred thousand.” Wei Shanshan was stone faced, “Don’t worry, it’s from the three of us combined.”

“Alright, alright.” Yun Xiangxiang agreed, and finally picked a plum blossom shaped watch that was embellished with rubies.

This watch also had the same style in blue. Yun Xiangxiang took the opportunity when Wei Shanshan was paying to buy it, and then picked another two men’s watches. Both of them were in the same series but different colored straps. The brown watch for Fang Nanyuan, and the black for Yi Yan.

Fortunately, Su Xiuling knew she was coming to Shenshi and purposely gave her the credit card.

When they returned to the hotel, she called for both Yi Yan and Fang Nanyuan, giving them one by one, “Birthday gift.”

Yi Yan’s birthday was in April, and Fang Nanyuan’s birthday was in May. Only Wei Shanshan’s was in August. However, since it was hard for them to meet each other, she could only give it to the when they’re together.

When Wei Shanshan opened and saw that she got a watch in the same style and series as Yun Xiangxiang, she gave her a straight glare, “You’re embarrassing us. The three of us got together to gift you one, but you gave us one each!”

“Well, who let me be the richest right now?” Yun Xiangxiang raised her eyebrow and moved her pretty face in front of Wei Shanshan, “I’ll wait for you to earn more than me, then you can have your payback. I’ll wait for you in the meantime.”

Wei Shangshan pushed away Yun Xiangxiang’s face and wrestled her neck, “Be honest, how much did Teacher Han pay you?”

Since they opened up their hearts, Yun Xiangxiang didn’t find it inappropriate to disclose, “Sixty-eight after tax.”

Seeing Yun Xiangxiang was so rich, three of the watches added up was already more than five hundred thousand, then it couldn’t be six hundred eighty thousand. If it was six million eight hundred thousand, then it would be ten million before tax!

“F*ck!” Wei Shanshan swore out loud, “That’s so high!”

“We aren’t unmatched to you.” Fang Nanyuan put on the watch that Yun Xiangxiang gifted him, “I thought I was already amazing to earn a million in this half a year.”

Yi Yan also silently changed his watch, “This watch fits my black suit. I’ll wear it tomorrow.”

“We’ll just follow you from now on.” Wei Shanshan breezily switched her watches as well, “Coincidentally I’ll be wearing a blue gown tomorrow.”

“Is it really necessary? The youngest out of the three of you are three years older than me!” Yun Xiangxiang looked at Yi Yang accusingly, “Brother Yi, you’re older than me by seven years.”

Yi Yan, who was twenty-three years old and felt that he was still young, felt as if an arrow had pierced through his heart. Listening to that, he felt like he suddenly became old.

“Hahahaha, Old Yi!” Wei Shanshan and Fang Nanyuan were not kind as they laughed until they fell.

After that, the four of them talked about what happened during the first half of the year and their plans for the next half, Wei Shanshan and Fang Nanyuan had signed to Brilliant Entertainment which was later reviewed by Fang Nanyuan.

In the evening, they brought their agents to have a meal together. Three of the agents were very passionate to Yun Xiangxiang, even Wei Shanshan resigned to the temptation in their tones.

However, Yun Xiangxiang firmly yet politely refused them.

Early the next morning, Wei Shanshan took Yun Xiangxing to the beauty salon, then followed the people that Zhou Wei had arranged. Since Yun Xiangxiang didn’t have her own team, she used Wei Shanshan’s stylist.

Yun Xiangxiang’s gown was a pink gradient tulle gown that transitioned from white to rose pink. The waist and hem of the skirt were embellished with dreamy rose flowers. It was a tube top gown, and there was a layer of tulle from the waist to the shoulders. On one side, her shoulder had a rose flower with sequins resting on it. The tulle was flowing to the back from her shoulders.

This skirt showcased her slender waist, slender body and beautiful swan neck.

When she appeared in front of the stylish with her hair untied, the stylist was eager and applied make up on her immediately. She found that her skin was surprisingly soft and tender. Her black hair was thick and soft. She was really loved by god in every aspect.

Because of the style of her gown, the stylist put all her hair in a bun. It just so happened that she was wearing a small crown, and it showed off her earrings. Yun Xiangxiang also wore the necklace and ring. However, she didn’t wear the bracelet on her wrist but chose the watch instead, which was coincidentally also in the shape of a plum blossom.

When Wei Shanshan and the other two saw her come out, they were shocked.

They knew that Yun Xiangxiang was gorgeous, it was already shocking with her natural look. When they were filming “Caring Love”, Yun Xiangxiang never wore wake up. She would thread her eyebrows at most. This was the very first time Yun Xiangxiang appeared in front of them dressed so grandly.

Her beauty was suffocating!

“Old Yi, we shall change positions later, let me have to honor of serving the beauty.” Fang Nanyuan came back to his senses first, and stood beside Yun Xiangxiang, “Look at us standing together, the outlook would be amazing. The results would definitely not be simply one plus one equals two.”

“Nanzi, you’re more popular than me now. I need to rely on Xiangxiang’s light to gain some attention.” Yi Yan stood on Yun Xiangxiang’s other side.

Wei Shanshan also returned to her sensed and pulled Yun Xiangxiang to her side, “Don’t even think about it, both of you. Xiangxiang is mine!”

“Third Sister, there are so many ways to commit suicide, why do you take things so hard and choose the worst way?” Fang Nanyuan attacked Wei Shanshan ruthlessly.

“Shanshan, I’m worried that there will be a new report about the prettiest and the ugliest tomorrow.” Yi Yan showed a face of concern.

“What do you know? Once you see a flower.” Wei Shanshan waved her hands at Yun Xiangxiang, then back at herself, “How can you forget the leaves?”

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