Hello Mr. King

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Another Problem

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Zhou Wei also thought about the preciousness of her original aspiration of focusing on her studies. He did not want her to come into contact with this circle that was full of sychophants and cheaters. He did not want her to be corrupted when her heart hadn’t settled down yet. That was why he only brought the trio along.

However, the entertainment industry wasn’t a place that lacked topics for gossip. They would be able to dig up endless topics even if they didn’t have any.

Yun Xiangxiang was standing in the limelight and didn’t lose out to the best actors and actresses. This was due to her outstanding appearance as well as her momentum early in the year, not to mention her performance last night and her getting an award in the end. The reports about her were written in great detail the next day.

The unexpected interlude with Milles and Ruo Feiqun gave numerous people some space for imagination. It was mostly praise for the appearance in the beginning. Topics like stunning the king of actors were quite a lot too.

There was also praise for her numerous talents, such as superb drawing and knowing French. Some other topics included praise for her acting skills. After all, she did get nominated for best female lead, even winning the Best Newcomer Award.

There were praises everywhere. If anyone were to create a writeup to praise Yun Xiangxiang now, nobody would read it. Just as Yun Xiangxiang was getting hyped up to ridiculous heights, someone stood up and criticized her severely.

They started by criticizing her disrespect for the film festival by labeling her attire as cheap. This piece successfully attracted readers amidst the monotonous sea of praises.

For reasons unknown, there was actually quite a lot of discussion on this topic. Some disagreed and thought that being neat and pretty was enough for the dress.

Some agreed and argued that not every attendee was Chinese as it was an international film festival. Thus, every participating actress represented China. They argued that Yun Xiangxiang’s disregard shamed China in front of foreigners.

Yun Xiangxiang didn’t care about the endless arguments. At this moment, Qin Yue posted a status on Weibo.

[Qin Yue V: To all the Xiangxiang skeptics [JPG][JPG][JPG]…..]

What Qin Yue posted was the official retail price for Yun Xiangxiang’s attire during that night. Everybody was shocked. Yun Xiangxiang’s attire wasn’t officially recognized by any big luxury brands. Even so, the cheapest accessory demanded over four thousand yuan! That was only the shoes! The other accessories and dress totaled up to a figure that exceeded four hundred thousand yuan!

The critics who said Yun Xiangxiang shamed the Chinese shut up. A lot of the more naive fans of Yun Xiangxiang thanked Qin Yue under her Weibo post. Some even apologized for accusing her of stealing Yun Xiangxiang’s limelight earlier in the year.

Everyone felt that Qin Yue was quite a good lady. However, someone posted a Weibo status that very afternoon when everyone’s excitement had yet to abate.

[The Rich Flaunting Their Wealth V[1]: What kind of heart lies beneath the resplendent exterior of the entertainment industry?

She is only a newcomer who played in a small budget film. The most she got as payment should be around two to three hundred thousand yuan. She has no sponsor and no product endorsements. Under these circumstances, she was actually able to don a four hundred thousand yuan outfit to attend an award ceremony.

It is said that the newcomer had a father who is a high school teacher and is the sole breadwinner of the household. The mother is a full-time housewife. The family also had a younger son who was currently in elementary school. I am very curious about the reason behind the loss of the normal mindset that a high school girl should have. Instead, she embellishes herself with pretentious gowns and shiny jewelry.

This reminds me of a case that caused an uproar during that time. That maniac actually forced her father to sell his kidney just to pursue her idol! The actions of the teenagers in this society are going in a direction that is increasingly worrying.]

This Weibo post appeared during the peak of Yun Xiangxiang’s popularity. It immediately gained widespread attention and was reposted by various verified influencers. Even though the post did not point out any names, it still instantly pushed Yun Xiangxiang to the forefront of criticism. Her integrity was quickly questioned by the masses.

All of this happened when Yun Xiangxiang was on a flight. By the moment she disembarked, the post had become the most trending topic. It completely overshadowed the topics where she was praised. Yun Xiangxiang only found out about it due to Song Meng’s emergency call.

Most of the comments under the post were accusations. Some of them were so vulgar, even talking about them proved to be tough.

She scrolled through Weibo and a flash of ice-cold glint flitted through her eyes.

It was fortunate that her mother was prohibited from touching any electronic products this month; while her dad didn’t even register for a Weibo account. If not, the results would be disastrous if they were to see this.

Yun Xiangxiang got into the car. Judging by the relaxed and jovial tone of her father who was the driver, he obviously didn’t know about the news yet.

She did not deal with it immediately. Instead, she replied to her father’s words with a smile on her face. She sorted out her things when she got home. She even took a shower before lying on her bed and observing the abuse that was getting more severe online.

I should call Han Jing first.

Han Jing was making the final preparations for the filming in Sichuan and received no phone signal in the mountains. Her assistant immediately told her about the furor happening on the Internet after she came back. She was just going to call Yun Xiangxiang. However, she received a call from her first.

“Teacher, can I take a photo of our contract and post it online? I am just going to post the date of signing with you.” Yun Xiangxiang still wanted to obtain Han Jing’s approval before doing this, even though it wouldn’t be a breach of contract.

“Yes, you can. I’ll post a status later. Free publicity.” Han Jing naturally wouldn’t let any opportunity escape. This was because she wasn’t just going to shoot a promotional movie now. Her film was going to start shooting soon. There was nothing to hide from the public.

Yun Xiangxiang made her move after getting Han Jing’s permission.

[Actress Yun Xiangxiang V: First of all, I thank Miss Qin for finding out the details of my attire. Since they are not luxury brands, even I didn’t manage to find out their full price. I shall remember your deed of righteousness @Qin Yue.

Secondly, I would like the people who are mourning for the teenagers to set your minds right. No matter how ridiculous teenagers can be, we can still chalk it up to youthful ignorance.

However, as an adult, you did not even try to understand the whole truth. You did not even try to ask for evidence. You only based your uncorroborated accusations on the guesswork of your imagination. In the end, the one who will be shamed will only be you. @The Rich Flaunting Their Wealth V.

Do I have to photograph my earnings every day and post it in detail for you? However, you did guess my compensation for my last film correctly. Did you guys leak it out @Zhou Wei @Wei Shanshan…

Lastly, the poor might not die from starvation. It might just be because of the hatred and vengeance against the rich![2] [JPG][JPG]]

Yun Xiangxiang posted the contract for “University Dream.” The date it was signed was early last year. Han Jing followed up quickly by reposting with a caption saying: Maiden piece “University Dream.” Only one protagonist. Be ours today. [3]

Everyone instantly understood that “University Dream” was directed by Han Jing. Seemed like Yun Xiangxiang was going to be the protagonist in this one.

Han Jing wasn’t a person who lacked money. Moreover, this was her debut in directorship. She absolutely would not be stingy. Even if the netizens couldn’t take a guess about Yun Xiangxiang’s compensation, it couldn’t be as low as two to three hundred thousand yuan. Adding this to the money from the last film, it would easily exceed four hundred thousand yuan. There was no fault in spending the four hundred thousand she had earned by herself on her attire.

The clever netizens smelled a conspiracy cooking and soon returned to Yun Xiangxiang’s side.

Qin Yue’s reaction was fast. Even Yun Xiangxiang said that she couldn’t find all the official prices currently. However, Qin Yue had the information. Why?

Yun Xiangxiang tagged the director and the three leads in “Caring Love” in her other statement that said the netizen guessed her compensation correctly. It was a gesture that was full of significance.

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