Hello Mr. King

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Establishing Rules for Fans

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The details of the pay were known to only a few. The public usually didn’t have this intel.

No matter how low the budget for “Caring Love” was, it still cost five million yuan. Even if half of the budget was given to the four leads as their pay, everyone would still get five hundred thousand yuan after tax. This would tally with the cost of Yun Xiangxiang’s outfit.

So why was the OP [1] so sure about Yun Xiangxiang’s pay being two to three hundred thousand yuan? He wouldn’t dare to make such accusations if he did not have full assurances.

So where did the OP get the information about the pay?

The OP couldn’t have gotten the information from Zhou Wei and the other leads. They were totally unrelated.

At this moment, everyone remembered Qin Yue. She used to be the first choice to play Yang Qi. She entered the filming team before. There was no way any negotiations about the pay didn’t get done.

When that incident was linked with everything that happened afterwards, the picture became clear for everyone to see.

Hehehe, what a manipulative b*tch.

Yun Xiangxiang’s fans were gnashing their teeth and itching to tear her apart after they realized what was happening. At this moment, Yun Xiangxiang’s Fan Club posted their first status since they were formed.

[Yun Xiangxiang’s Fan Club V: The rules for the fans are as follows. First, for the darlings that has absolutely confirmed to be a part of Cloud. Remember that your idol is called Yun Xiangxiang. We would not interfere with your personal activities. However, when it comes to topics or comments concerning Yun Xiangxiang, please post it on your personal Weibo or on the Weibos of the Fan Club and Yun Xiangxiang. The Fan Club will not recognize the fans who cross this line.

Secondly, Yun Xiangxiang is a newcomer. She is still a minor and has not settled down yet. We have a responsibility to monitor and guide her. Clouds, please have the self-awareness to block any content that is not backed by any films. Please create an environment that is free of fetters, speculations, and rumors, so that Yun Xiangxiang can grow.

Third, please do not participate or refute any comments that either praise or criticize Yun Xiangxiang. That is because you darlings are not Yun Xiangxiang herself. You darlings don’t know whether it is the truth or just heresay. You can tag us or Yun Xiangxiang herself. We will take the official statement as the truth from here on out.

Everything above will be the principles of Clouds’ actions. Please show yourself out if you cannot accept this. The fans have the freedom of choice.]

This status instantly caused an uproar the moment it was posted. The topic of #Principlesofcloudsactions# appeared on trending search quickly.

Yun Xiangxiang might be the first actress to establish rules for her fans. What was more, she was only a newcomer who only had a single film!

A lot of people wondered about the source of her confidence.

Some said she was being pretentious; some were just trying to watch the drama unfold; some were waiting for it to blow up in her face; some criticized her for being arrogant after getting an award.

Yun Xiangxiang lost hundreds upon thousands of fans after this Weibo status got posted. Even the topic of the loss of fans made it into trending search.

The ex-fans were filled with resentment. They felt that Yun Xiangxiang disrespected them and didn’t take them seriously. A lot of them became haters and started attacking Yun Xiangxiang. However, they didn’t consider the fact that nobody forced them to become fans in the first place.

Yun Xiangxiang had never asked for anything from them before. Since they decided to become Yun Xiangxiang’s fans, their words and actions in the future might carry their idol’s brand. What right did they have to not obey her rules?

Even though the drop in the number of fans was severe, nobody actually went to Qin Yue’s Weibo to attack her. The most that happened was some mild mocking by some nobodies. As long as Yun Xiangxiang’s rules existed, Qin Yue’s fans wouldn’t be able to make a comeback by accusing those people as Yun Xiangxiang’s fans.

Yun Xiangxiang didn’t post anything herself. She did text Qin Yue: [Don’t waste your overflowing energy on me. Or else I will not even give you a chance grovel and beg for forgiveness!]

She ignored Qin Yue’s reply after that. She of course wasn’t afraid of Qin Yue’s retribution when she texted her. Qin Yue wasn’t an imbecile; she took this humiliation reluctantly.

Four seasons group

[Wei Shanshan: Ah…! Sister Xiang, you are so domineering; so valiant; so decisive!]

[Yun Xiangxiang: You can also imitate it]

[Wei Shanshan: [😨 ] I dare not.]

[Fang Nanyuan: There are pros and cons in this. However, the cons outweigh the pros for you as a newcomer. That ultimatum will scare off a lot of agencies from recruiting you. Doing so might blow up in their face]

[Yi Yan: Think about it. Sure you might have cut off a lot of unnecessary trouble in the long term. However, this will become an obstacle for you in the current stage.]

[Yun Xiangxiang: I have to establish the rules right from the start. If I were to do it when I am famous, I would be called ungrateful. The restraint would not be enough by then.]

Yun Xiangxiang naturally would not do this if she was her previous life’s Hua Xiangrong.

Although she did not manage to stand at the top in her last life, she still enjoyed the praise and glory she should have. She didn’t care for fame or glory in this life. She only wanted to be an actress who was down-to-earth. She wanted to love every piece she acted in with passion.

Quality trumped quantity when it came to fans. She wouldn’t even flinch even if she lost all her fans, let alone a few hundred thousand of them.

These rules did not violate anyone’s interests. Those who couldn’t accept it were those who didn’t respect her from the bottom of their hearts.

Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t reach an agreement with Wei Shanshan and the others on this. Nobody could resist the glory’s temptation if they did not experience it once. Glory was not just glory to them. It was also an acknowledgement of their achievements and status.

Han Jing came to Yun Xiangxiang’s home and took her away after the end of finals on the fifth of July. Yun Xiangxiang’s only regret was her being unable to accompany Su Xiuling when she went into labor.

Yun Xiangxiang went on a diet the moment she arrived at Sichuan. She was prohibited from eating anything else, aside from the necessary nutrients being injected into the body every day. She memorised the script while enduring the hunger all day.

She would try to fathom the true feelings of Xia Hong when the character starved during her own bouts of starvation.

She would finish some past year examination papers when she got exhausted from figuring out the script. She was already one-hundred and sixty-seven centimetres during this period. Her weight dropped to a dismal forty-eight kilograms in just a single month. The thinning made her nigh unrecognizable.

People that were this skinny couldn’t hope to have any elegance. That was true even for peerless beauties. Yun Xiangxiang was barely skin and bones by now. Even so, looking at her would not evoke any feeling of horror. Instead, it would raise concern for her. Anyone could see that she was a child living in the slums with a glance after makeup.

Han Jing posted a Weibo status in admiration for her will and resilience.

[Han Jing V: A young lady who sacrificed herself for art. As an old timer, I feel ashamed about myself and nothing but admiration for her [JPG]]

She posted a photo of Yun Xiangxiang with her makeup done. She wore tattered clothes and was a bag of bones in the picture. Her malnutrition was very clear to see. However, her sparkling eyes stood out. It was clean and simple, which was rare. The mountains loomed over her in the background which made her look more forlorn.

Due to Han Jing announcing the news about Yun Xiangxiang acting in her film before, Yun Xiangxiang’s Fan Club followed Han Jing’s actions closely after they posted the news of Yun Xiangxiang becoming a part of “University Dream”‘s filming crew. This particular post was reposted by Yun Xiangxiang’s Fan Club. Everyone was shocked to their core when they saw Yun Xiangxiang in this manner.

[Holy shit! This scared me so much. I dropped the glass that I was holding when I opened it!]

[Someone tell me what happened! It was only one month after the film festival! Why did my muse turn from an unrivalled beauty into this horror!]

[Ah…! I refuse to look at this! I refuse to recognize this as my muse!]

[Look at this makeup photo. They are probably going to shoot a film that revolves around poverty in the mountain areas. What is the place in the background? It looks dangerous and precipitous.]

[Uwah…! My muse, you are so beautiful. Why must you torture yourself so? Is it not alright just to shoot a film where you are a pretty fairy?]

[My muse tugged on my heartstrings. This film is now a must watch just because of my muse’s sacrifice!]

[A must watch +10086]

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