Hello Mr. King

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Yun Ting

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Time passed by and it was already May. Luckily, Yun Xiangxiang was still young, and her metabolism was fast. Although she did not look as good as last time, she had recovered most of her vigor.

Yun Zhibin had already called her several times to remind her about her college entrance exams next month. She had to go back home to prepare for her physical examination and prepare her admission card for her exams.

When she got home, there was already a new member in the family. It was her brother who was ten months old.

There was a funny story when they were trying to come up with a name for her little brother. Yun Zhibin wanted to name his son Yun Xiao [1], while Su Xiuling wanted to name him Yun Lei [2]. Yun Lin, on the other hand wanted to name him Yun Ba [3], and kept saying how mighty the name sounded.

Yun Zhibin and Su Xiuling laughed at him since it wasn’t him who sounded mighty. . However, the eleven year old Yun Lin was indifferent with it as he proceeded to call Yun Xiang Xiang..

“Isn’t it good to call him Yun Ba? Next time when other people know that I have a little brother named Yun Ba, how cool would that be?”

Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t help but laugh whenever she remembered it. The three parties could not decide on what name to pick, and so they had reached and impasse. They then decided to ask Yun Xiangxiang on which name she was more inclined to. Yun Xiangxiang did not want to go against anybody, so she decided to give the name: Yun Ting [4].

After they went to a fortune teller to ask for suggestions, the fortune teller said that the name “Yun Ting” was the best, and thus he was named Yun Ting.

For this, although Yun Lin thought that the name did not sound as cool as Yun Ba, it was still better than what his parents had suggested, which then made him accept it with reluctance.

Afterwards, Yun Xiangxiang joked and asked him, “Since you feel so bad, why not you rename yourself as Yun Ba.”

Yun Lin refused immediately, “I don’t want such a stupid name.”

Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t help but ask in annoyance, “Since you know that the name is stupid. Aren’t you afraid that he will fight with you after he is a grown up?”

Yun Lin thought seriously for a moment, “I am now ten years older than him. According to scientific development, unless I become crippled or reach the age of fifty, he won’t be able to defeat me. But once I am fifty years old, he won’t be able to defeat my son!”

Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t help but laugh. During the filming period, it was the occasional phone call with her family that made her feel calm.

Thinking back to the half year of filming that was agonizing, Yun Xiangxiang would not even have the courage to do it all over again even with her old soul.

The filming was finished in mid-February. The movie was not in a rush to be released for summer period. However, Han Jing felt regretful that the movie would not be able to attend France film festival event. She was very satisfied with the filming, and it was unacceptable for the movie to not receive a prize.

Fortunately, it could participate in Shenshi’s film festival this year before the release of the film. Han Jing asked Yun Xiangxiang to go for her college entrance exam first with a piece of mind, and wait for her notice.

Yun Xiangxiang went back home quietly without telling her parents. She wanted to give them a surprise. As she stood in front of the door and rang the doorbell, her heart was beating. She had never felt this feeling before in her previous life.

Su Xiuling opened the door. She held a small baby in one hand and opened the door with another hand. When she saw her daughter which she had not seen for a year, her eyes immediately teared up, and shoved her son into Yun Xiangxiang’s embrace. When Yun Xiangxiang was trying to process what happened, Su Xiuling gave her an embrace.

Yun Xiangxiang was afraid that her younger brother would fall or be squeezed by her mother. For the first time in her life, she was holding such a small person. Her mother must have been too excited. She didn’t even want her own son anymore.

“Mom, let go, little brother is going to fall.” Yun Xiangxiang tried to prevent her brother from being squeezed, and stretched her upper body. Her mother was hugging her neck tightly, which made the posture she was in really uncomfortable.

Su Xiuling then released her daughter, and took her son while bringing Yun Xiangxiang into the house. It was a Thursday, and Yun Zhibin as well as Yun Lin were in school. Only Su Xiuling was at home.

“Are you hungry? Do you want me to cook a bowl of noodles for you?” Su Xiuling asked Yun Xiangxiang.

“Mom, I have eaten, don’t worry about me. If I am hungry, I can do it myself.” Yun Xiangxiang returned to her room she left for so long. The house was clean and tidy. After she washed her hands, she went out and teased her little brother for a while.

Yun Ting was very cute; he had a white and moisturized skin with his big black eyes opened; he also did not cry a lot. As Yun Xiangxiang stared at his face, she suddenly thought of something, “Mom, why does he look so familiar?”

“Pfft.” Su Xiuling laughed. She then took Yun Xiangxiang into her own room and pointed to the photo placed on her desk.

Yun Xiangxiang’s eyes opened widely. She looked at the old photos, and looked at her brother again. They were identical! She immediately covered her own face with both hands in shock, “Doesn’t that mean that he would look like me when he grows up?”

Her peerless beauty appearing on a male’s face. Yun Xiangxiang could not really accept that.

“Relax. He just looks a little like you. He looks more like with your little brother.” Su Xiuling’s worries for seeing her daughter turned petite also dissipated. After that, she took Yun Ling’s photo and showed it to Yun Xiangxiang.

Yun Xiangxiang compared the two photos with her new brother. She found out that Yun Ting was indeed more similar to Yun Lin. Thinking back to how Yun Lin also looked like her a little, she let out a sigh of relief.

“Are you still afraid of someone looking like you?” Su Xiuling stared at her, “Even if you have a son in the future, would you not want him anymore?”

“Mom, what are you talking about! I’m still a child!” Yun Xiangxiang joked.

She didn’t not want to tell Su Xiuling she never thought about dating or marrying someone in this lifetime.

It wasn’t because of the trauma left by Ruo Feiqun during her past life. It was merely because she had such a fragile relationship that broke apart and came back together so many times, which made her think that getting into a relationship had no particular meaning to it. It was super boring.

If she had the time to go date someone, she would rather do another film or accompany her family members.

However, she never thought that she would eat her words back so fast in her lifetime.

That night, after Yun Zhibin knew that his daughter had arrived home, he let out a sigh of relief. He did not let her go to school on Friday to let her rest for two more days. He also took a set of trial papers to test her progress in her studies. After he finished grading them, he was satisfied by the results, and decided not to cause a fuss as to why she came back so late.

Yun Xiangxiang was at home lazing around for three days. She liked Yun Ting quite a lot. He basically wouldn’t cry. Even if he took a dump, he would just make a few noises. He was either fed with milk at specific times, or he would just sleep. Otherwise, he would just open his eyes wide while making facial expressions.

It was so cute that Yun Xiangxiang had a nosebleed. She did not want to let him go off her embrace. Her pet phrase changed to: “How can this world have such a cute baby like you.”

This made Yun Lin super jealous. He always went up to her sister and asked, “Sister, sister, who is the world’s cutest and most obedient brother?”

This made Yun Xiangxiang laugh. Yun Xiangxiang didn’t want him to hate Yun Ting. Boys around the age of eleven or twelve were the most narrow-minded. He said this every time he asked that question, “Of course it is Yun Lin.”

The whole family was living very happily. Yun Xiangxiang’s house had three rooms and a living room, which was just enough for the family to live in. Now that there was a new member to the family, things started to pile up around the house. They had to consider buying a new house. Yun Xiangxiang told her parents about her idea with a serious face.

“Mom, dad, let’s buy a house in Beijing. I will be going to Beijing to attend college anyway. When the time comes, let’s all move to there. Little brother can also attend middle school in Beijing.

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