Hello Mr. King

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: An Exception For Those Outstanding Enough

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Yun Zhibin and Su Xiuling looked at each other. Yun Zhibin smiled. “Xiangxiang. When a child grows up, their parents should let them off their control and allow them to fly much further. Although you will only reach adulthood next year, you are already an independent person. This place is mom’s and dad’s roots. Dad has been teaching in this school for more than twenty years, and our friends are also living here as well. We do not want to leave this place. ”

Yun Xiangxiang’s heart skipped a beat. She thought that everyone would look forward to leading a better life. She had the ability to give them a better life, and give her younger siblings an environment more suitable for their growth. Yun Zhibin and Su Xiuling also loved her a lot. She thought that they would follow her naturally without hesitation.

However, the result was completely different from what she expected.

After being an orphan for a lifetime, she did not know the feeling of being attached to one place solely because of feelings. Even before or after she got famous in her past life, she was like a rootless lotus floating around with no particular destination.

In this lifetime, she came to be Yun Zhibin and Su Xiuling’s daughter for more than a year. She was already attached to the bond she felt towards them.

When she heard that they had to be separated for such a long time, she felt a little empty inside. However, she immediately recovered from it after a while.

Looking from Su Xiuling and Yun Zhibin’s perspective, since their child was now a grown-up, they should learn to have independence.

The most important factor was because her career would not allow her to be at home for long. Even if they moved to Beijing, she would not be able to accompany them.

How could she be so selfish and force them to throw away everything here and start all over in a new environment?

As for a more comfortable environment, not everyone would be comfortable enjoying materialistic stuff.

If both her brother’s grades were good enough, they would be able to enroll into a key highschool. Since she could get into her ideal university, she believed that they could do it as well. If they are incapable of doing it, they would not reach the minimum standards even if their requirements were good enough.

“That’s alright. But mom, dad, I might continue filming even after I enroll into a university.” Yun Xiangxiang had to clarify the future path that she wanted to walk in front of Yun Zhibin and Su Xiuling.

Su Xiuling didn’t have any opinions to go against the idea of it. She showed a face of relief, and patted Yun Zhibin’s hand.

If it was Yun Zhibin a year ago, he would definitely not let his daughter enter the filming industry. Maybe it was because of his old-fashioned thoughts, or maybe the outside world had spread so much about it having gilded exterior but shabby on the inside that made him hold a prejudice against it.

But this year, after seeing how much effort his daughter put into the filming, his thoughts slowly changed. After interacting with Zhou Wei and Han Jing, he slowly realised that they were different to what he had imagined.

Looking back at the films, not all of them were about romantic relationships that were empty entertainment for the audience. There were also meaningful films. For example, the two movies that her daughter acted in.

“Dad can’t interfere with your decision for your own life. Dad only hope that no matter how far you go, how high you reach, no matter if your path is going smoothly or is roughly, you must remember to always be upright.” Yun Zhibin’s tone was serious.

Yun Xiangxiang smiled extraordinarily sweetly, “Dad, don’t worry. I will remember these words.”

“Now, let’s talk about what university you want to enter.” Su Xiuling finally opened her mouth. “I have inquired about the two high-class universities related to acting in beijing. The time to apply to enter has already passed.”

“Yeah.” Yun Xiangxiang felt a little regretful. Huaying University was a dream that she could not attain in her past life. She did not expect that she would also miss it in this lifetime. Even if she applied for it, she could not go for the audition test with the state she was in.

“Xiangxiang, dad wants to give you a suggestion.” Yun Zhibin seemed to have prepared beforehand. “Not every actor originates from a film academy or theatre academy can be an actor, and what an actor requires is not only their acting skills.”

“While it is necessary for a good actor to possess acting skills, they may lack the foundation albeit having acting skills. This will cause their acting to lack resolve. If you think that your acting skills are lacking, you can just go for acting classes. Sometimes, you will only be left with regrets if you miss out on something. With your grades, as long as nothing out of the ordinary happens to your final exams, it should be enough for you to go to the best university available out there.”

“Dad, I understand what you mean, but the schedule for the best university is very tight. Their management is strict too. If I really went there, I might not be able to act at all for the next four years. I’m not in a rush to film, but I don’t want to miss out on good scripts.”

If someone could go to the best university, who wouldn’t want to? Didn’t they study hard just to acquire the best recognition and fame? The original Yun Xiangxiang also wanted to enter this university as well, and the current Yun Xiangxiang also wanted to fulfill her wish.

Sadly, other than the universities related to acting, who would allow such a long break? If she really entered the best university, it would clash with her work.

It’s either she give up four years of filming time or insist on filming. If she gave up, she can kiss the thought of signing a contract with Huan Yu Century Entertainment within four years goodbye. God knows how many good scripts she would miss out on as well.

If she insisted on filming, it would only result in her being expelled by the school. The best university would not allow for any leeway just for someone with a little fame.

“Everything has an exception.” Yun Zhibin smiled. “Rules are made to be broken by those that are outstanding enough. Xiangxiang, let’s wait for the entrance exam’s results to come out first before filling up your career form.”

This was why Yun Zhibin liked the place he is living in. In the whole country, there are different procedures for entrance exams for different regions. For some places, you have to fill up the career form first before taking the examination, while others required you to fill up the career form after accessing the marks of the examination. For the place he was living in, they had to fill up the form only after the exam results were released.

For university students, this would greatly increase the rate of being accepted. This was a different case for those who want to try their luck and be lucky enough to be accepted into the university, as they would be rejected without fail.

“Do you mean…” Yun Xiangxiang immediately understood what Yun Zhibin meant, and her heart started thumping.

Rules were meant to be broken by outstanding people.

If she was outstanding enough, just like how she keeps on adding value to herself, it would let Huan Yu Century Entertainment lower their pride and approach her in initiative.

Why can’t she just get a result outstanding enough to let these high-standard universities come beg her to join? When the time comes, she could just lay down her conditions, and make a promise about how she would never fail her grades, and always get an outstanding score. With that, how hard would it be to acquire special rights?

“You can do it!” Seeing how his daughter understood what he said, he decided to encourage her.

Su Xiuling also grabbed her son’s hand and shook his fist at Yun Xiangxiang, “You can do it.”

“You can do it, sister!!” Yun Lin also said, “You have to create a record, and wait for me to break it!”

“Yeah.” Yun Xiangxiang looked at her whole family encouraging her, and suddenly felt much more motivated.

For the next few days, she spent almost all her time studying. Yun Zhibin was there to teach her maths. Even with how meticulous Yun Zhibin was, she managed to score full marks for most papers.

For other subjects, thanks to Yun Zhibin, she went around looking for teachers who taught the specific subjects in order to grade herself. Coincidentally, her school also wanted to nurture a few students to be able to score well in the college entrance exams. After having a talk with the headmaster, the school decided to push the twenty top scorers for the last monthly finals forward by letting them do test papers daily.

Of course, if other students wanted to join the exams, they could as well. After all, it was just a matter of printing out more exam sheets.

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