Hello Mr. King

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Wedding Day VS Mourning Day

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Lu Huanong was already pregnant. Considering that Ruo Feiqun was still dating Hua Xiangrong six months ago, Lu Huanong naturally did not want the public to criticize her for using underhanded tactics like bearing his child to force him into marriage with her. She also did not want to be hated by Ruo Feiqun’s fans. They decided to have a simple marriage ceremony.

Just one month after the announcement of the marriage, they both left a good impression in the eyes of the fans when they decided to have a chinese-themed wedding locally.

Perhaps it was because of the impact left behind by Lu Huanong quitting, Huan Yu Century Entertainment decided to compensate her by promoting the wedding in a large scale manner. Ruo Feiqun’s current company also strongly supported the marriage. At this time, multiple media companies were giving their blessings through the news.

Since they were already getting married, whether it be fans or passersby, both sides had already given their blessings. If one ignores the love triangle, then going by the time which Lu Huanong started going out with Ruo Feiqun, it had been three months since he broke up with Hua Xiangrong. Therefore, she was not considered a mistress. Ruo Feiqun shouldered all the responsibilities. After all, his five year love could not even take a break for three months before he hooked up with Lu Huanong.

However, this criticism was also not really valid. After all, who decided that you must be sad after a break up, and always look back with remorse? Falling in love is a short-lived moment in romance after all. Hua Xiangrong had never condemned Lu Huanong as a mistress, and so the rumors spread by others had no effect.

Today, Lu Huanong was wearing a wedding dress. She must be feeling very happy.

Hua Xiangrong was pressured by the company to not cause chaos to Lu Huanong, and criticize her as a mistress. She must be secretly laughing right now.

Lu Huanong must have thought that she was the winner, while I , Hua Xiangrong, am an absolute loser.


Can’t help it. After all, she was a woman who did not like others to take advantage of her sorrow.

She was a petty person who loved to bear grudges against others.

Standing on the rooftop, Hua Xiangrong was clad in a white dress and was holding her phone. She was watching the live video of the marriage which was happening at the Huan Yu Century Building opposite her. They really are willing to spend for this advertisement fee.

The wind caused Hua Xiangrong’s hair to become a mess. She squinted her eyes and looked at the gloomy sky, but the smile on her face only got wider. She dialed a number, and Wen Lan’s voice could be heard on the other side.

Since Wen Lan was Lu Huanong’s agent as well, she had to attend the wedding. Even if she did not want to go, the company would force her to attend as well. The company had already lost a talent like Hua Xiangrong. Before someone was able to prove themselves worthy of taking her place, the company would obviously want to take good care of Lu Huanong. They would not allow anything to tarnish her reputation.

“Xiangrong, what do you want?” Knowing Hua Xiangrong’s physical condition, Wen Lan was speaking gently for the first time in ten years. However, she was obviously not suited for gentleness, and so Hua Xiangrong felt weird listening to it.

“Sister Lan, if you are like this, I will be afraid,” The pleasant tone was like teasing with Wen Lan. She slowly walked step by step to the edge of the roof. “Sister, please give the phone to Lu Huanong. Since we have been sisters for so many years, and I am not able to congratulate her on her wedding day today, I guess I have to bless her personally no matter how.”

“You…” Wen Lan knew how evil Hua Xiangrong could be. Since today was Lu Huanong’s wedding and Hua Xiangrong was currently facing such a tragedy, Wen Lan felt a little sympatheti, and so she handed the phone over to Lu Huanong.

Lu Huanong, who was in the midst of putting on makeup, looked at Wen Lan in confusion as she saw the phone being passed over. After knowing that it was Hua Xiangrong, she took the phone with slight hesitation.

“Lu Huanong, are you happy now that you’re married? The guy you’ve been chasing for seven years has finally become yours. You’ve defeated me after going through so much. Don’t you feel proud? Won’t you wake up from dreams at night because you felt too happy?” Without giving Lu Huanong the chance to respond, Hua Xiangrong said slowly, “If I told you that two months ago, I was the one who distracted Ruo Feiqun’s assistant, and I purposely argued with him to let him use liquor to distract himself from the sorrow, would you believe it? He was dead drunk, which gave you the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and allowed all these to happen. Should you not be grateful to me?”

“Hua Xiangrong-” Hua Xiangrong’s words made Lu Huanong shout uncontrollably without regarding the environment she was in. Everyone around her stood still. She only realized that now, and she went to the balcony immediately. “What are you trying to say? That you dumped Ruo Feiqun?”

“No, it’s a man I’m tired of. After all, I’d been with him for five years.” Hua Xiangrong let out an evil smile. “To tell you the truth, when he was with me, he was still a virgin. But, I worked hard to educate him for you for five years. Next time when you do it every night, you have to remember to thank me. I have taught him to be so skilled. Without my teachings, how could you have gotten such satisfaction?”

Lu Huanong was so angry that her face was distorted. She wanted to throw the phone on the ground, but she remembered that it was Wen Lan’s phone.

“However, this is not the biggest wedding gift I have given you. I have a grand gift for you and Ruo Feiqun. You will receive it soon. If your heart is weak, remember to prepare medicine in advance as I am afraid that you would be too excited.” At the end of the sentence, Hua Xiangrong let out a laugh. Her pleasant laughter was full of malice. “Goodbye, my good sister.”

After Hua Xiangrong finished speaking, she did not hang up, but she simply threw the phone down from the high floors.

After that, her stomach made her feel a slight amount of pain. Hua Xiangrong closed her eyes and she jumped down from the rooftop like a butterfly soaring its wings.

For the first time, she felt the pleasure of being abused from the severe stomach pain. Finally, she did not have to handle such torture anymore.

From the moment she gave up on treatment, she had planned to commit suicide. Instead of spending a lot of money only to slowly wither and die, it was better to leave the money to those who were willing to fight the disease.

She didn’t want to live, not because of Ruo Feiqun and Lu Huanong, but because of her vanity. She couldn’t accept that her looks would be deteriorating day after day.

She originally planned to die peacefully. However, Ruo Feiqun had betrayed her.

That day, she did not force Ruo Feiqun to the point of being dead drunk. After all, a man who was dead drunk would never get an erection. In the end, Lu Huanong’s allure was too much for him to resist.

Maybe on that day, he just wanted to vent his frustration, and he wanted to make Hua Xiangrong mad. In the end, he might feel that being together with Lu Huanong was much more relaxing than being with her, so he chose Lu Huanong instead.

If he called her beforehand and broken it off with her first, then she would not even hate him if he moved onto Lu Huanong.

But they were still together in a relationship, and so Ruo Feiqun had betrayed!

She was silly enough last time to get her body well just for him. But now, she was tired and exhausted. She wanted her beauty to be frozen the way it was.

Choosing such an unsightly method of death was just because she wanted to experience the feeling of flying. The feeling of the soul being freed of its own shackles. Ever since she entered the acting industry, this desire for freedom only grew.

Anyway, since such a bloody scene would not be spread on the news, she would still be beautiful in the public heart.

Ruo Feiqun, Lu Huanong, I hope you like my gift!

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