Hello Mr. King

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Yun Xiangxiang

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#Ruo&Lu get married, old flame commits suicide#

#Lu Huanong gets married, calls Hua Xiangrong, may have pushed Hua Xiangrong to suicide#

#Hua Xiangrong decides to commit suicide on Ru-Lu’s wedding day, a fatal revenge#

The day Ruo Feiqun and Lu Huanong got married, their marriage not only occupied the entire entertainment section but also the front pages of every major newspaper because of Hua Xiangrong’s suicide.

The entertainment industry was not the only one feeling shocked, but all of China!

All of a sudden, Ruo Feiqun, Lu Huanong and even Huan Yu Century Entertainment were pushed into public scrutiny. The impact was so great that it even caused the ever calm He Zhen to lose his composure. When Hua Xiangrong told him that she wanted to do things her way this one time, he thought it simply meant retiring from the industry. He never expected Hua Xiangrong to choose to take revenge like this.

Regarding the matter of Ruo Feiqun and Lu Huanong, the company felt a bit sorry for Hua Xiangrong.

To prevent Lu Huanong’s premarital pregnancy from being exposed, the company told Hua Xiangrong that if Ruo Feiqun didn’t acknowledge Lu Huanong’s child as his, they would arrange for Lu Huanong to get an abortion to cover up the truth. If Ruo Feiqun were to acknowledge Lu Huanong’s child, then Hua Xiangrong had to obey the company’s arrangements and publicly reveal that she and Ruo Feiqun broke up half a year ago because their relationship wasn’t working out.

The company did so because they wanted to insulate their artists from the vicious backlash that would occur otherwise. Protecting the image of the company was the responsibility of the artist. It was a condition written in the contract. Moreover, the company gave the initiative to Ruo Feiqun. They thought they were being exceptionally lenient to Hua Xiangrong.

“Chairman, Hua Xiangrong turned the situation extremely bad. Our company’s shares have plummeted today,” He Zhen’s private assistant paced around anxiously, “Hua Xiangrong seriously crossed the line!”

“If I remember correctly, it was initially the company that had her and Ruo Feiqun get together…” He Zhen took a puff of his pipe, “It’s such a pity…”

When he learned that Hua Xiangrong’s life was going to end soon, he felt that it was such a pity. Now that this happened, he felt even sorrier.

He believed that someone like Hua Xiangrong could definitely stand at the top of celebrities given another ten years; she would no longer just a gleaming celebrity, but a one-of-a-kind celebrity idolized by many.

“Chairman, should we reveal that Hua Xiangrong’s life was ending soon in order to sway the public opinion…?”

Before his assistant could finish his sentence, He Zhen raised a hand to interrupt, “Respect the dead. The public will forget this with time as they do with everything else. As for Lu Huanong, let her take good care of the pregnancy after getting married…”

Respect the dead. Even if they revealed that Hua Xiangrong was terminally ill now, it would be of no help to the situation. It would only anger Hua Xiangrong’s fans. Right now, the only consolation to He Zhen was how well Hua Xiangrong handled her fans before she passed away. With the guidance of her prominent fans, Hua Xiangrong’s fans did not take part in pointing fingers at Ruo Feiqun, Lu Huanong or even Huan Yu Century Entertainment besides expressing their grief and sorrow due to her passing away.

Just based on this fact, Hua Xiangrong did not wrong Huan Yu Century Entertainment in any way.

Lu Huanong thought that she beat Hua Xiangrong, but what she didn’t know was that she utterly lost everything to Hua Xiangrong. She got a husband who would never care for her and a person’s life irrevocably in between their marriage. Even if Ruo Feiqun took responsibility, even if Lu Huanong tried her hardest to make it work, she could never get a single bit of affection or care from Ruo Feiqun.

Huan Yu Century Entertainment would also slowly give up on Lu Huanong. Time heals most wounds, but people would not easily forget a life that was lost. The next time they saw Lu Huanong, the public would think of Hua Xiangrong’s death.

It was far too difficult to preserve her reputation and the good impressions people had of her. Even her existing fans, no matter how depressed they felt and how much they despised Hua Xiangrong, they did not dare bash Hua Xiangrong. After all, she was already dead.

The single worst thing Lu Huanong did was choosing Hua Xiangrong’s 30th birthday to get married to Ruo Feiqun. It was initially meant as a slap in Hua Xiangrong’s face, except she never expected Hua Xiangrong to commit suicide during her birthday, turning her whole plan on its head.


Hua Xiangrong used her life to set off a bomb, and she thought she was finally free.

The waves of cramping pain in her gut made her gain consciousness. Her first thought was that she couldn’t even escape gastric pains even when she was dead!

She somehow opened her eyes as she was struggling. She saw a lamp with a double image, and the smell of disinfectant slowly reached her nostrils. She heard the sound of weak and remorseful crying.

“Xiangxiang, you’re awake. Does it still hurt? Try not to move.” Above her head were three caring faces belonging to a husband and wife and a boy who looked about ten years old. They all seemed very worried.

The little boy tightly clutched her hand. Hua Xiangrong felt his grip tightened as she moved a little.

Hua Xiangrong’s mind went blank.

Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing…

Some time passed before Hua Xiangrong finally realized that she was actually reborn as a young girl who was barely sixteen; her name was Yun Xiangxiang. Apparently, for some unknown reason, this young girl was so depressed that she ended up taking sleeping pills to commit suicide!

No wonder her stomach hurt. She just woke up after a gastric lavage.

Please don’t leave me with gastric issues. Stomach pains had tortured her for over a decade in her previous life, and she hated it so much!

Looking at this family, Hua Xiangrong was suddenly hit by a wave of sorrow. She knew that it was most likely the remnants of Yun Xiangxiang’s emotions.

She sighed in her heart, If you can come back, come back. If you can’t, just leave peacefully. I will take care of your parents and little brother as if they were my own flesh and blood.

As soon as Hua Xiangrong finished speaking, the grogginess in her mind instantaneously lifted. A sudden feeling of relaxation came and let the nervous her fall into darkness. Then, a wave of memories flooded her mind. She read through the young girl’s mind with utmost seriousness much like the way she used to read scripts in the past.

She finally understood why the young girl did it.

The young girl’s father was a high school teacher. Her mother used to be a dance teacher, but after she gave birth to her little brother, she became a full-time stay-at-home mother. Growing up in a household of educators, she had always been that neighbor’s kid other people compared their children to.

She had a pretty face; she was multitalented and with excellent grades. The moment one mentioned Yun Xiangxiang, whether it was her neighbors or people from school, they would undoubtedly be full of praises for her. However, Yun Xiangxiang wasn’t that kind of genius. As she grew older, her academic burden got heavier. Yun Xiangxiang had already gotten used to receiving praises. She was worn out by her reputation because she couldn’t tolerate others doubting her, so she was being harsh on herself.

She didn’t have the habit of complaining, which led to her parents labelling her as a genius. At the time, they did not understand the pressure and pain she was going through. Instead, they demanded even more from her.

Now, she was in 11th grade. She was criticized by her class teacher in front of everyone else because she did poorly on a test. The young girl couldn’t accept her flaws, and coupled with a few provocative words from some unruly classmates, she finally couldn’t take it and took those sleeping pills…

She was a very good girl who didn’t talk much. Not to mention her class teacher didn’t really say anything that crossed the line this time.

Even now, neither her parents nor the school understood why she took those pills!

Thank goodness she took over. If not, she didn’t know what the girl’s parents or school would do.

From this moment on, she was Yun Xiangxiang.

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Even after being reborn, she still couldn’t escape that poem!

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