Hello Mr. King

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Youth

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Maybe it was because of the harrowing filming experience of “University Dream” that Yun Xiangxiang managed to keep up. This caused both her mental and physical condition to be superior to her peers.

Her result was also always ahead of second place by a large margin. Adding to the fact that she had been with a professional nutritionist for half a year, she learned a lot about acieving a balance of nutrition. They also added each other through WeChat. Whenever Yun Xiangxiang was stuck at any question, she would ask the nutritionist enthusiastically regarding her question. Since the nutritionist also liked Yun Xiangxiang a lot, she always patiently answered her question.

Yun Xiangxiang also did not hide anything. Whenever she was answered, she would share the answers with those who were taking the exam as well so that they could also maintain their well-being.

From May to June, Yun Xiangxiang finished fifty sets of questions in a month. She did an average of two sets of questions per day, which caused a commotion in her school. For the last ten sets of questions, her total marks were above 740.

Come June, one week before the entrance exam, Yun Xiangxiang decided not to study anymore. She also did not read any books or do anymore questions.

“In order to keep up with your progress, we both worked super hard!” After Yun Xiangxiang stopped, Song Meng and Li Xiangling stopped as well. Compared to Yun Xiangxiang who was still energetic, they both looked really pale.

“What university are you two planning to enroll into?”

She stood on the field of the new school area while looking at her juniors through the field’s fence. For the first time, Yun Xiangxiang asked them about their ideal university.

“I want to apply for the Communication University of China [1].” Song Meng thought about it for a long time ago. “I said before that we would not separate from each other. Since my mom didn’t give me a pretty look, let me accompany you all indirectly.”

“What profession?” Song Meng had always liked the media. Yun Xiangxiang felt that this profession should be truly what she wanted to do.

Song Meng’s final score for the exams previously was around 660. If she wanted to get into a communication university, she should be guaranteed a spot.

“Definitely the best news reporting profession,”said Song Meng.

Yun Xiangxiang let out a smile, and turned to Li Xiangling.

Unlike Song Meng’s ordinary appearance, Li Xiangling was pretty. Although she was not absolutely stunning, her appearance didn’t pale in comparison to most female stars. However, Li Xiangling was a net addict. She was not enthusiastic towards the path of acting.

“Xiang Ling, how about you?”

Li Xiangling pushed up her glasses, “Renmin University of China [2].”

Yun Xiangxiang looked at Song Meng. They both got curious. “What major do you want to study?”

“For her, she has no way of studying in a film or acting school because she is too ugly. She can only downgrade to studying communication and media.”

Li Xiangling pulled Song Meng over, and her fingertips traced over her face. After that, she lifted her arm and tried to flex her muscle out. “For me, since I am too weak, I cannot study in Criminal Investigation University. Thus, I can only study National Law.”

“A future lawyer! Sorry for being so disrespectful.” Yun Xiangxiang made a fearful expression.

“Tch. What’s wrong with me being ugly? Who needs to be pretty to study film academy? If I really wanted to become an actor, I would have just had a plastic surgery.”

Song Meng fiercely pointed at her face, and looked at Li Xiangling with a scorny look. “What about you? You can’t fulfill your dreams, and can only study law. But thinking about it, a net addict lawyer. Haha, you better not be famous. If not, prepare to see how I expose your dirty secrets out.”

“Likewise, likewise.” Li Xiangling sighed. “You’d better not succeed. Otherwise, I would be too embarrassed to say that someone went to the toilet with the poster of Tian Moumou without bringing toilet paper. After that, that someone even specifically called me to ask me to bring her toilet papers. That someone was also very polyamorous. Whoever was famous, that certain someone would start idolizing them. Ah, so many male idols, so many female actors… ”

“Okay, okay, let’s reconcile.” Song Meng couldn’t listen any further, and interrupted Li Xiangling. She turned to ask Yun Xiangxiang. “Xiangxiang, you seem to have missed the entrance exams for both theatre academy and film academy. Could it be that you were working so hard to aim for these two universities?”

“If I wasn’t planning to, why would I be so self-abusive?” It was possible that everyone in the school knew about her ambition.

“Which one do you value more?” Li Xiangling asked.

“They are the same for me. Whichever fulfills my requirements, I would pick them.” Yun Xiangxiang had not thought about this long enough to reach a conclusion yet. She had not even understood the field she was going to major in. She would wait until the exams are over before deciding.

“Sister Xiang, please keep this dominant attitude forever and ever.” Song Meng made a formal gesture used to welcome the queen. “After graduating from university, this peasant will definitely serve your highness.”

“This peasant will also work hard to be outstanding, and strive to be your highness’s legal advisor.” Li Xiangling showed a respectful gesture.

Yun Xiangxiang pulled her fringe and raised her jaw, “I shall allow you peasants to walk through the back door, and allow you all to be tested earlier.”

The two looked at each other and said, “Thank you, your highness.”

As Yun Xiangxiang just raised her hand, the two of them flung their body on her.

“You really thought you were something huh! Rise?!”

“Better not get into trouble next time. If not, I give you a lawyer letter everyday!”

“Let’s see who will beg who first…”

The three people joked around while scolding each other, and ran around on the field. Their clear laughter spread, fluttering the essence of youth.

As time flew by, the time for the college entrance exam had arrived. The night before the exam, Yun Xiangxiang logged in to Weibo and updated her account which had been inactive for a long time. She posted a picture of her admission card for her exam.

[Actor Yun Xiangxiang V: Good luck for tomorrow. No matter where you are, let’s work hard together {😤}{😤} ]

[I’m taking exams on the same day as you as well. Good luck!]

[Pretty girl, you aren’t applying for Huaying university or the theatre academy? Where are you going to apply? Reveal it please.]

[The person above, what are you trying to do?]

[I want to be school mates with her.]

Yun Xiangxiang decided to leave a few comments, which was rare for her. However, she did not say anything about her goal. She was just replying with motivational comments.

This was the first time Yun Xiangxiang interacted with her fans. Many of her fans popped out to interact with her online. She replied to the comments until nine o’clock, in which her last reply was “good night”.

The next day, Yun Xiangxiang woke up feeling refreshed, and ate a hearty breakfast her mother prepared for her. The examination location was located at her school. Other than the examinees, the other irrelevant students were on a holiday. The students of her class were taking the exams in their own school.

This had little to no effect on her. However, for other students, it was much more beneficial to be in their own habitat. The students from other schools who watched the show “Caring Love” were very curious about their school as well. They got very excited during the days they were staying in the school. Yun Xiangxiang was seen by a large crowd, and her picture was uploaded to Weibo. She just hoped that the students who were taking the exams with her would not be affected.

The examination went smoothly. Although there were a lot of people who were checking her out, nobody got a chance to go near her as she immediately entered the exam hall when she arrived. She did not want to cause unnecessary trouble.

Yun Xiangxiang was successful in answering the questions. Although the questions were not the same, the basic idea of it was still the same, and the format as well. After handing in the test paper, she immediately went home. Those that were in the same exam hall with her did not manage to speak to her at all.

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