Hello Mr. King

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Movie Script

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“Teacher Yun, you must let your daughter star as Yang Qi. She was born to be an actor. You can’t bury her talent.” Zhou Wei walked in front of Yun Zhibin full of passion and joy.

He had already heard of Yun Xiangxiang. He knew that she had never filmed movies before, but her performance was better than some actors who had been in this industry for many years. At this moment, he was rather thankful to the actor that accidentally sprained her leg. If it were not for this serendipitous accident, he wouldn’t have discovered Yun Xiangxiang

Every industry had their own natural born talents, but a natural born talent only appeared once every few decades in the acting industry. Yun Xiangxiang was barely sixteen years old, and yet she had such talent. Perhaps it was also because the role fit her character so seamlessly to the point where no defects could be pointed out. He couldn’t help but be excited.

Yun Zhibin’s heart felt very conflicted; he had not come back to his senses. In his memories, his daughter had always been diligently studying, and she never once showed any desire to go out and play. She had always been so filial, taking him and his wifes’ words to heart. She never once complained or refuted their demands.

His daughter was so well-behaved that it seemed like she had no rebellious period.

He had always been proud of this, but at this moment he felt a pain in his heart.

As the saying goes, the child who cries gets the sweets. Yun Xiangxiang had never been a crying child since she was young, so they never thought about her desires, and they never thought about whether she even liked sweets. She had always been so quiet and sensible that they felt like daughters should be like this.

It was only now that he realized that his daughter had been too quiet. Compared to those children who caused trouble for their parents, she was bereft of the liveliness that a child should have.

“Xiangxiang, do you want to film this movie?” For the very first time, Yun Zhibin did not consider his personal judgements and asked Yun Xiangxiang seriously.

If it were before this, Yun Zhibin would probably have directly made her refuse. Maybe Yun Xiangxiang’s performance made him reflect on himself.

“Yes, I do.” Yun Xiangxiang replied just as seriously.

“Xiangxiang, I can allow you to do what you like. However, you are still a student. If you can promise me to maintain your grades and not neglect your studies, I promise to let you film this movie.” Yun Zhibin told Yun Xiangxiang.

Yun Xiangxiang smiled brightly and replied happily, “Alright.”

After discussing, as Yun Xiangxiang did not fulfill the legal age yet, Yun Zhibin would naturally handle the contract while the script was given to Yun Xiangxiang.

In the beginning, Yun Xiangxiang intended to use this movie as a breakthrough to pre-prepare Yun Zhibin and Su Xiulin so that she could prevent a fight at home when she finished her high school finals and went to pursue acting. She did not carry high hopes for this movie as she had seen the movies that Zhou Wei had directed in the past. They were bland and lacked tension, thus making it difficult for the audience to resonate with the movies.

But after getting the script, Yun Xiangxiang was stunned.

The film is called “Caring Love.” Yang Qi couldn’t be not considered as the main heroine as this movie. It was about the story of several different highschoolers.

Qi Xiaoran was introverted. No matter how hard she tried, her academic results were always just slightly above average. Her parents were just ordinary workers; they lived a busy life in a normal family. However, her parents enrolled Qi Xiaoran in various tuition classes with everything they could muster. Even though they lived together under the same roof, Qi Xiaoran’s parents rarely communicated with her, aside from telling her to study hard and learn from Yang Qi.

Yang Qi, who was serious and self-disciplined, was the child of another family. She strived to maintain her academic achievements. When she dropped one rank in her academic ranking, she would torture herself, looking for all the places she lost marks and obsess over them. Every one of her classmates looked up to Yang Qi, but only she knew how much she had to give up for this feeling of being looked up to.

Xu Chen, who was born with a wealthy family background was left alone in his family. His parents gave him a lot of money that he was able to squander with impunity. However, he was even more miserable than Qi Xiaoran as he barely saw his parents once for three to five years, and thus he learned to become a delinquent. The more he could make people hate him, the better. Once he found out that having relationships early, smoking, drinking, and fighting would lead to his parents being asked to come to school, the more immersed himself in this role.

Wei You was a genius. Since his parents divorced, he had been living with his mother. He could fall asleep with his eyes wide open in class every day, then he played games with his classmates all night long. Since he always got first in his academic rankings, his relatives and teachers never interfered with his lifestyle.

When Xu Chen found out that Qi Xiaoran was a lonely soul like him with a regular family, he started gaining interest on Qi Xiaoran. Thus, he started to pursue her. Qi Xiaoran, under the tender care of Xu Chen, got closer to Xu Chen despite knowing that starting relationships at a young age was wrong. However, she got closer to Xu Chen every time her parents ignored her.

The relationship between the two was easily exposed as it occurred in the same class. Parents from both sides were contacted to come to school. Xu Chen’s parents looked down and despised Qi Xiaoran’s parents. Qi Xiaoran’s parents did not defend their daughter, only keeping quiet in public. When they got home, they vented their anger on her.

Wei You finally fell from his altar when he became too fatigued, and the first place ranking fell on Yang Qi, the hardworking school belle. This incident made Wei You notice this serious and beautiful girl. He felt oddly warm as he silently observed her. At this point, he began to develop feelings, but unlike Xu Chen, he had never pursued a girl before. He started learning from others, sending her gifts silently and even quietly sent her home after school.

Yang Qi was aware of all of this. Yang Qi couldn’t help but be touched to be pursued by someone who was so outstanding. However, she was a good student, and her parents reminded her that being in a relationship at a young age was something that only bad students did. After Xu Chen’s parents made a big fuss in school, she discarded her wavering heart completely and returned everything that Wei You gifted back to him. The very next day Wei You no longer sent her home.

Wei You found out that night that there were people harassing her and fought with them. He ended up heavily injured, and he was hospitalized for a long time. Yang Qi never knew of this. When Wei You returned, he did not speak one word of the incident, reverting back to the frivolous Wei You addicted to games.

But one day, there was news of him being electrocuted to death at an internet cafe.

The school showed no sorrow, and even many people used him as a negative example to warn other students.

Only Yang Qi felt a piece of her heart missing from this tragedy.

Before Wei You’s death subsided, Qi Xiaoran jumped from one of the school classrooms, commiting suicide one day at dusk.

About three days later, Xu Chen used a knife to cut Qi Xiaoran’s tuition teacher to death.

It turned out that Qi Xiaoran was molested by her tuition teacher, so she did not want to attend tuition classes, but her parents forced her to go. She tried to find a chance to tell them, but they never gave her the chance. However, Xu Chen, who was always observing her found out about it. After Qi Xiaoran jumped off the building, Xu Chen did not hesitate to avenge her, ruining his own life in the process.

Yang Qi was the best out of the four of them, but she never smiled genuinely anymore, living her life more and more like a robot.

This is a youth movie that could deeply inspire people to reflect!

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