Hello Mr. King

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A Compelling Performance

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As more people entered the classroom, Song Meng also felt awkward. She pushed Yun Xiangxiang aside and wiped her face, “Forget it, a good girl like you, who did not admire any idols, wouldn’t understand my pain!”

I really don’t understand your pain.

Yun Xiangxiang wouldn’t dare to say something provocative like this.

“Xiangxiang, quick, lend me your homework!” Li Xiangling who was sitting in front, turned back. She pleaded with her both hands put together.

“Which subject?” Yun Xiangxiang took out all her homework. All of them were test papers.

“All of them!” Li Xiangling took all of it away.

“Hey, hey, hey, I haven’t finished my English and Maths. Let me copy English and Maths first!” Song Meng recovered in an instant, immediately snatching the English and Math papers.

Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t help but smile when she saw this, then she took out her English textbook and started studying.

Yun Xiangxiang was very hardworking as her parents had high expectations toward her. She had everything integrated in her memories in these few days as she completed the test papers accordingly. They seemed rather unfamiliar to her at first, but she gradually became more adept at completing them.

In her past life, she didn’t have the right conditions, and so this time she wanted to cherish her opportunity to study properly.

Yun Xiangxiang didn’t have many friends as she only knew how to keep her head down and study hard. A school belle who didn’t talk much made her appear distant to others. Aside from Song Meng and Li Xiangling, whose grades were similar to hers, other people didn’t bother to chat with her.

The period passed very quickly. Once the class was dismissed, Song Meng and Li Xiangling rushed to finish their homework before the teacher asked the students to hand it in.

When morning school ended, Song Meng who stayed at her relative’s home, which was also the teacher’s residence, took the same route as Yun Xiangxiang. Then, she said mysteriously, “Xiangxiang, let’s go to the new campus at noon.”

Noon was the nap time in school, but for those who stayed in school but not in the dormitories had more freedom.

“Why are we going to the new campus?” Yun Xiangxiang wanted to take a nap; good looking people need their beauty sleep.

With her beauty, she must ensure she gets enough sleep.

“I heard that they are filming at the new campus. Let’s go and take a look. Who knows? Maybe we could be walk-ons. I heard that a lot of 10th graders were selected.” Song Meng talked about it in admiration. Unfortunately, they were already in the 11th grade.

Yun Xiangxiang shook her head, “I would rather sleep.”

Yun Xiangxiang found out about it a few days ago from Yun Zhibin that they would be filming on the new campus that they were moving to next year. In fact, she knew a lot more including who the director of the movie was since her father worked in the school.

Yun Xiangxiang wasn’t sure of what the details on the filming were, and she didn’t intend to ask about it. She might take this career path again in the future, but for now, she wanted to study properly.

However, Yun Xiangxiang didn’t expect that when she was going to nap after she had eaten lunch, the class teacher would call her into the school office.

As she entered the office, she saw two men; one of whom she recognized and another whom she didn’t. The one that she recognized was a director with little fame named Zhou Wei. He had filmed several movies, but the response to the movies was quite average.

Once Yun Xiangxiang stepped in, Zhou Wei’s and the class teacher’s eyes lit up. She somewhat knew the reason that they had come, but she still doubtfully looked at her father who was sitting at the side.

“Xiangxiang, this is Director Zhou, the movie director who is filming in the new campus. They suddenly lacked one actor, then they heard of you, so they contacted me and your father.” The class teacher, Wang Heng spoke to Yun Xiangxiang.

“I … I have never filmed a movie before…” Yun Xiangxiang felt rather helpless.

“It’s alright. We can try it out first. We can talk about it later if you’re willing.” Zhou Wei had a friendly smile on his face; he was obviously satisfied with Yun Xiangxiang’s appearance.

“Dad…” Yun Xiangxiang looked at Yun Zhibin.

Yun Zhibin didn’t want his daughter to film since it would hinder her studies, but the director had come to look for her personally and even the headmaster tried to convince her father. They promised that if she really took up the offer, the filming sessions would only be on weekends, and she wouldn’t be the heroine as well. Yun Zhibin was lost for words.

“Xiangxiang, you’re about to turn sixteen years old. You can think for yourself and make your own decision.” Yun Zhibin could only put it this way.

She understood that Yun Zhibin wanted her to reject the offer. However, Yun Xiangxiang knew that Yun Zhibin was old fashioned. If she missed this opportunity, Yun Zhibin would disown her if she were to enroll into film academy or even enter the entertainment industry.

Originally, Yun Xiangxiang wanted to run away from reality and wait for a year before finding the chance to persuade Yun Zhibin, but a chance appeared in front of her.

By taking part in filming under their eyes, she wanted to show them clearly that the entertainment circle was not what they thought it was.

Yun Xiangxiang took a deep breath, “I want to give it a try.”

Yun Zhibin seemed disappointed, but he didn’t say anything. Since he didn’t have class in the afternoon, he personally accompanied his daughter to head to the new campus with Zhou Wei.

Once they arrived, she was immediately changed and had her makeup done. Everyone knew that she was young, so they were kind to her.

First was the audition. Zhou Wei personally taught her how to face the camera, but not how to act. He just told her, “Right now you are a beautiful high schooler with good grades that is envied by others, but you envy them as well. A high schooler full of contradicitons. I have heard of your stories. Actually, you don’t have to feel nervous. Don’t think too much; just be natural.”

Zhou Wei didn’t pick any lines. He just wanted to see how Yun Xiangxiang performed in front of the camera. In the scene, Yun Xiangxiang acted as Yang Qi standing in front of the window looking at the students playing in the fields and on the basketball court. Endless desire and melancholy were shown in her eyes. She wanted to join them, but she hadn’t reviewed tomorrow’s lessons, and she hadn’t done the homework that her parents had specially picked out for her…

When Zhou Wei said start, Yun Xiangxiang entered the role almost immediately. Her posture softened as she stood in front of the window. Clearly, there was no one below, but she seemed to have seen lively people and heard constant laughter.

Her amber-colored eyes were dazzling, and her lips were gently smiling. After a while, her smile slowly disappeared as if it were never there. Her eyes gradually turned gloomy, and even the aura around her became melancholic. Her hand subconsciously raised up, gently resting on the glass window as if she wanted to grasp onto something, and yet she was unable to. Then, her hand gently slipped down.

Taking a deep breath, she seemed to be determined as she stood straight and went straight to the desk.

Even though the required content was over, Zhou Wei was so shocked that he forgot to speak up. The camera followed her movements as she sat on the desk closing her eyes, as if she wanted to throw away the desires she wasn’t supposed to have. She took the books at the side decisively, spread it open and used a pen to write on it seriously.

She expressed vividly the image of a good student who studied seriously, sequestering all her distracting thoughts, as if only the knowledge in the book was the only thing in her eye.

“That’s awesome! You will be Yang Qi!” The scriptwriter who was just as surprised as Zhou Wei exclaimed, only then did everyone snap out of it.

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