Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Why to Stick up for Her?

Her privacy is listed by Yi Yunrui one by one. Xia Ning is stunned.

It’s just like a drop of water dripping into her heart lake, then slowly spreading out.

“How do you know this?” Xia Ning purses her lips. “Have you investigated me?”

“No.” Yi Yunrui answered very simply, “Observed.”


How could he observe her? How did he observe her?

“We both studied in the UK.” Yi Yunrui says, “Can’t I do something for my wife?”

It seems that the commander really did something for her.

“I’m sorry.” She doesn’t know what to say. She only knows her questions offend a commander.

She has nothing worth investigating.

The person who specifically investigated her is a commander. She has no value to be investigated.

“Ning, let’s have some coffee.”

“OK!” Xia Ning answers without a second thought.

Whatever the situation is, she can’t resist the fun of food!


Drinking hot caramel Macchiato, Xia Ning is satisfied.

Glancing at Yi Yunrui next to him, Xia Ning looks into his eyes. She quickly turns to the other side.

She finds that Commander Yi seems to like to stare at her.

“Miss, sir, here is your blueberry cheesecake. Enjoy.”

Looking at the two heart-shaped blue cakes, Xia Ning looks at Yi Yunrui with a strange look.

Does he like sweets?

Wait, today, whether the snacks are from high-class restaurants or street stalls, he will eat whatever she eats. She doesn’t know if he really loves it, but the Commander seems happy.

The cake that is so sweet is also included.

“Do you also like sweets?”

“Yeah.” Yi Yunrui answers her without thinking.

“Do you also like caramel Macchiato?”

“Yeah.” Yi Yunrui nods, then takes a sip of the coffee.

In fact, he hasn’t drunk caramel macchiato before. He only knows that coffee is bitter, but he doesn’t know coffee can be so sweet.

As long as she likes it, he will like it.

At this time, Yi Yunrui’s mobile phone rings. He picks up the mobile phone, and glances at the caller’s number. Yi Yunru knits his brows.

He says “excuse me”, and goes directly outside the door.


“Did you have something to do with the news of the Wondertime TV station?”

“I did that because of a superior order.”

“Rui, don’t talk to me like this,” saying at the other end of the phone, Zheng Yao slightly raises her voice volume, “Why do you stick up for her like this?”

“Xia Ning is my wife.”

“Very good.” Zheng Yao says coldly and hangs up.

Yi Yunrui frowns, turns around, and looks at her in the coffee shop. His wrinkled eyebrows stretch slowly.

His little wife is Xia Ning.

For the rest of his life, she is the person he wants to protect.

“Anything happened?” Xia Ning asks, “Put your business in the first place. I am fine.”

The word puts a grave expression on Yi Yunri’s face. What’s the meaning of “I am fine”?

“Nothing.” coldly speaking, Yi Yunrui takes a sip of coffee and raises his eyebrows slightly.

Seeing the expression of Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning is somewhat puzzled. The commander’s emotion is as unpredictable as the weather.

Does she say something wrong that makes him angry?

“I want to live in my apartment.”

Yi Yunrui pauses, “Why? Is Yasi Villa not good?”

“No,” because the environment of Yasi Villa is so good that she doesn’t want to live in it, “I don’t like this kind of life.”

“You are my wife. You have to get used to it.”

Yi Yunrui uses a tone that not allows Xia Ning to refute. Xia Ning dislikes this, “Even if we get married, I don’t want to live another kind of life in such a short time.”

The dependent life is good, but comfortable living conditions will make people very lazy and addicted.

She does not want others to say that her life depends on Yi Yunrui. She wants to have her own career.

Her dream is to be a chief editor. Whether she is married or not, it does not affect her chasing her dream.

The cute look on Xia Ning’s face makes Yi Yunrui feel soft, “Except for the Yasi Villa and the apartment, you’re not allowed to stay overnight in else places.”

“Thank you.” Xia Ning didn’t expect that Yi Yunrui is so easy to make concessions, so his concession surprises Xia Ning.

“The job in the TV station of TIME ERA…”

“I will continue to do it!” Xia Ning insists, “It is not yet time to leave!”

Yi Yunrui raises his eyebrows and is a bit surprised by the interruption of Xia Ning.

Yi Yunrui’s attitude is tough and her attitude is even tougher. After some “bargaining” and then “psychological warfare”, Yi Yunrui gives in again. As long as she likes to do anything, he will allow her to do it. But his request is that when he is on vacation, she must accompany him at home.

In fact, as a husband, Yi Yunrui’s request is very simple. But Xia Ning promises him reluctantly. For her husband, she feels a bit strange. Yi Yunrui seems to know everything about her, but she knows very little about him.

In one day, they almost travel through the entire city of Suzhou. She is so tired that she falls asleep on her way back.

When she wakes up, she is already in B City, while he has returned to C City.

On the bed, there are three sets of new clothes: sportswear, suits and dresses.

Next to the clothes is a note from Yi Yunrui. Looking at the note, Xia Ning can’t help laughing.

A commander leaves her a note full of food.

Looking at the list of food, Xia Ning imagines the way the commander seriously wrote it down, and Xia Ning feels moved.

In the past few days of marriage, Yi Yunrui has been caring for her in a special way.

Is this the difference between husband and lover?

Xia Ning glances at the alarm clock: it is 12 at noon. Xia Ning feels embarrassed. She has been sleeping for more than ten hours, like a pig.

She is a little hungry. After Xia Ning finishes dressing, she goes downstairs and looks at the big European style kitchen.

After getting married, the main position of a woman is in the kitchen. In fact, she realized this eight years ago. But facing such avant-garde kitchen utensils, she still lacks confidence.

She fries two eggs and two ham sausages and makes a cup of coffee. Xia Ning has the breakfast as a lunch.

Yi Yunrui asked for a week off for her. Today is the second day, and there are five more days to go… she feels very bored.

When you have a job, you are tired. When you are not working, you feel bored.

The phone rings. Intuitively, she thinks this phone ringtone has to be changed.

“Hey, when are you coming back to the company? I am bored to death.” It is Li Baoer’s lazy voice.

“There is nothing to do in the company? How can it be boring?” Xia Ning is a little stunned.

“You know, the company has recruited a few new people and they take a lot of work. This time, Ou Yixuan asks us to go out to solicit business deals.”

The company recruited new people? Xia Ning frowns, “I‘m coming back now.”

Since being bored at home, it is better to go back to the company.

She admits that she is a person who can’t be idle.

When she appears in the TV station of TIME ERA, people in the office all look at her with varied expressions.

Xia Ning is awkward, what happened again?

“Hah, you are my true friend!” Li Baoer pats her shoulders cheerfully.

“I don’t know who said that Xia Ning was a not a good friend.” Xia Ning glances at her.

Li Baoer smiles stiffly, “I’m sorry. Right, who is your new boyfriend? You haven’t introduced him to me yet! When will we meet?”

Xia Ning purses her lips. He is not her boyfriend. He is her husband.

“He is very busy. I’ll let you know if he is free.”

“Hey, are you hiding him from me? Don’t be afraid, I won’t cheat on my friend!”

Xia Ning laughs and is about to say something. At this time, the desk phone rings and it is Ou Yixuan.

“Come to my office.”

The voice from the other end of the phone is cold, and Xia Ning feels anxious!

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