Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Apologizing in Person

Xia Ning enters the office, and Ou Yixuan looks at her for a few minutes without speaking.

Ou Yixuan’s expression is complicated, and Xia Ning knows that he has a lot of questions in his heart.

“What’s your relationship with Yi Yunrui?” Eventually, Ou Yixuan takes the initiative in breaking the silence.

Xia Ning feels a little upset. She slightly turns her face aside, “Do you have anything to do with this?”

“Yes!” Ou Yixuan replies very positively, “Although we are not together, but we have known each other for eight years. I don’t want you to be deceived! Do you know who Yi Yunrui is? The commander of C region. The number of women who like him is countless. Xia Ning, you can’t afford it!”

Being deceived? Oh, she has been deceived for eight years.

Being disdained, Xia Ning coldly says, “It is better to be your ‘paramour’.”

Feeling awkward, Ou Yixuan’s tone is a little moderated, “Xia Ning, I am sorry, I failed you. But I want you to be decent. Our relationship is over. Ning, forget our past is good for everyone.”

Xia Ning frowns, then an unknown fire is ignited. Eight years! How can she forget by one word?! Oh, she is nothing in his heart!

“Ou Yixuan, don’t flatter yourself.” Xia Ning has never seen such a shameless person. Xia Ning takes out a necklace made from platinum with a dazzling diamond ring hanging on it, “I have already married Yi Yunrui.”

Ou Yixuan is frozen on the spot and does not respond for a long time.

“Don’t you believe it?” Xia Ning takes off the ring and puts it in front of him, “Look at it, this is a real diamond ring!”

Looking at the expression of Ou Yixuan, Xia Ning feels happy and suddenly understands the meaning of the phrase “I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bike.”

This is the promise that Ou Yixuan could not fulfill.

Staring at the diamond ring, Ou Yixuan is shocked. After a long time, he recovers his voice, “When did you get married?”

“Two days ago.” Xia Ning pauses, “He made a call to you yesterday. It should have been a marriage leave, but I didn’t allow him to tell you. Yesterday we went to Suzhou for a honeymoon. Today he returns to the army.”

Seeing Ou Yixuan’s disbelief, Xia Ning purses her lips. Everything happens too fast. Let alone Ou Yixuan, she herself now seems to be in a dream.

“Are you sure he loves you? Are you sure he can give you happiness? Ning, Yi Yunrui is the commander of C region…”

“Do you think that a commander will make a joke about marriage?” Xia Ning says noncommittally.

Xia Ning’s words leave no room for Ou Yixuan to answer. After a long while, Ou Yixuan sighs, “I don’t want you to be hurt anyway.”

Be hurt!

Xia Ning holds back dirty words, “What is your intention that you told me to come in?”

“Will you still work at TIME?”

“Of course.” A woman must have her own career. She does not want to be a full-time housewife for the time being.

What happened these few days is undoubtedly an irony for their eight-year relationship.

Ou Yixuan pulls out one of the documents and puts it in front of her, “Since you are Mrs. Yi, this interview should be fine for you.”

Xia Ning glances at the contents of the document and her brows are slightly knitted.

An exclusive interview with Mr. Dai Zhen!

This Mr. Dai, like Yi Yunrui’s father, is a legendary figure. When he was young, he joined the army and fought on the frontier for eight years. Then, like Yi Xian, he became the first batch of enterpreneurs in China.

Mr. Dai has his own temper. Regarding his exclusive interview, in the past few years, magazines of all sizes tried countless times without success.

This person obviously does not want to be exposed before the lens.

As far as she knows, Mr. Dai and Mr. Yi are relatives. If she asks Yi Yunrui…

However, she does not want to rely on the Yi family to facilitate her work.

From now on, she will fight with her own strength.

“How to do this interview is my business, it has nothing to do with the Yi family.” Xia Ning pauses. Her eyes are sharp, “I have been working at TIME for three years. Now I formally apply for a salary increase. Also, after the successful interview, what reward can the company give me?”

In the past, she centers on Ou Yixuan and listens to him. Now, she just wants to get her life back.

She must recover anything that should belong to her.

Ou Yixuan smiles and says, “Your program is not welcomed as before. If this interview can’t be done, your program will be deleted. You may have to change a job.”

Xia Ning has a pain in her heart!

This program was created by her and Ou Yixuan. It is an achievement of both of them. How can Ou Yixuan delete it?

And he asked her to leave the TV station?

When does he become so cold?

“The funding for this section is seriously inadequate. Mr. Dai is rich enough. If you can, get his sponsorship, or even if you make an interview, your program still will be in jeopardy.”

Xia Ning clenches her fist!

Is it in jeopardy? Is the funding insufficient?

This is nothing but the individualism of Ou Yixuan!

His purpose is to fire her!

Just when the two’s ‘negotiation’ is completed, there is a knock at the door, and the secretary of Ou Yixuan comes in, “Chief, the chairman of the Wondertime TV station comes over.”

Ou Yixuan frowns. Why does he come here. “Invite him to the reception room.”

“Yes, Chief.”

“I’m leaving now.” Xia Ning stands up and leaves.

“Remember, you have one week.”

“I know.” Xia Ning answers, opens the door and goes out.

Xia Ning just closes the door and sees an obese man coming, holding a briefcase. He is likely to be the chairman of Wondertime TV.

Is this the chairman of Wondertime TV?

Xia Ning smiles and says, “Hello, boss.”

The man nods and is about to speak. He suddenly remembers something and he asks, “Is this Miss Xia Ning?”

“Well, I am.” says Xia Ning.

“Oh, I finally find you,” the man is very excited. He walks towards Xia Ning and holds her hand, “Miss Xia, I am the person in charge of the Wondertime TV station, my name is Dong Jun. I come here to apologize to you.”

Xia Ning is dumbfounded, the person in charge of the Wondertime TV station apologizes to her… Can it because of the headline of entertainment the day before yesterday?

“Miss Xia, the report of the day before yesterday was my people’s mistake. At that time, I had a meeting in another city. I didn’t check the news carefully. I’m so sorry!”

Xia Ning laughs, “Don’t say this. This is not a big deal…”

“We really made a mistake.” Xia Ning’s smile on her face makes Dong Jun chilling. It’s not a big deal? A call from above directly ordered a rectification. It seems that the background of this woman is very strong, “Miss Xia, as for the hurt caused to you, our TV station is willing to bear the responsibility. Come, it is better for us to sit down and talk.”

Xia Ning smiles very reluctantly, looks at Ou Yixuan standing behind him and sends a signal to him.

Chief Ou, say something! The CEO of the TV station personally comes, but what are you doing?

“Mr. Dong,” Ou Yixuan smiles lightly and greets him with a hand, “let’s go to the reception room first and discuss about this.”

“Okay, okay.”

An hour later.

Xia Ning almost runs back to her desk. After sitting down, she wipes the sweat on the forehead and takes a long sigh in relief.

Although Mr. Dong is coming to apologize, but he flattered too much that she couldn’t stand it. It’s really tiring to deal with this kind of people!

Mr. Dong also said that he would apologize in person at a press conference. She refused immediately. God!

“Hey. Let me say you’ve done a good job!”

Li Baoer suddenly appears behind her, which gives Xia Ning a good scare, “Baoer, can you not scare me? I am almost collapsed.”

Li Baoer sticks out her tongue, “The boss focuses on you. Is it because the entertainment headlines said that you are a paramour?”

Xia Ning nods.

“Wow, you have done something great. The TV station is closed. The boss also personally apologizes.” Li Baoer says, “Can you tell me what you did?”

Xia Ning smiles a little embarrassedly, “It was not me who did these.”

“It’s still a sophistry! Say, what do you hide from me?” Li Baoer threatens, “You know, if you don’t say anything, we will not be friends in the future!”

Xia Jing sighs, “Baoer, I am not hiding anything from you. What happened these days has even made me feel incredible.”

Li Baoer blinks her eyes as if she thinks of something mysterious, “Is it related to that man?”

Xia Ning nods honestly.

“Can you tell me, who is the man?” Being deeply afraid of no respond from Xia Ning, Li Baoer fakes to be angry and says, “As a friend, if you don’t tell me, I will ignore you later!”

Xia Ning feels defeated and she says, “He is Yi Yunrui.”

Li Baoer is immediately dumbfounded and her mouth becomes an ‘O’ shape. After a long time, she exclaims, “You mean the commander in the C City, Yi Yunrui, the third son of the Yi family?!”

Xia Ning nods.

“Oh my God, Miss Xia, you did a splendid job! How did you know each other?”

Xia Ning is speechless… How did they know? She is not sure about that herself.

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