Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Cherishing You for a Lifetime

Before she finishes her sentence, she is sent away by the housekeeper upon the order of Dai Zhen.

The door is closed, and the north wind is blowing…

Xia Ning stupidly stands outside the door. If she has another chance to see Mr. Dai, she must not mention this.

Even the interview will not work, let alone sponsorship?

Is it the end of the game?

The reputation is damaged and the job is gone…

Xia Ning closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Never mind. Go back to the hotel to take a break, and then consider it.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning goes down the mountain.

Jesus, things happened so suddenly that she even did not ask Yi Yun’ai for her mobile phone number!

Xia Ning certainly doesn’t know how she is doing now.

Right, she has Yi Yunrui’s mobile number.

Xia Ning takes the phone out, hesitates for a while, and finally makes up her mind to call Yi Yunrui.

“My lady.”

The phone is just connected, and there is a special voice of the Commander, a magnetic male voice that may directly make people pregnant.

Xia Ning’s heart jumps a bit.

“Yi… Commander Yi…”

“Call me husband.”

“Commander, in fact, I call you because I want to ask about Ai.”

“They are all sent directly to the police station, and the director will be responsible. Are you at Mr. Dai?”

“Huh, I’m on my way back.” It seems that Yi Yun’ai has contacted Yi Yunrui, and there is no big problem.

The voice coming from the other end of the mobile phone pauses, Yi Yunrui says, “Okay, I know. My lady.”

Xia Ning wants to say something, but when it comes to the mouth, she holds it back.

She is not familiar with Commander Yi, really unfamiliar.

Xia Ning isn’t familiar with him and Xia Ning doesn’t know what to say.

So, she hangs up.

On the way down the mountain, the six men and Ai are gone, just like nothing happened.

Xia Ning takes a taxi back to the hotel. Ou Yixuan gave her seven days. As one day is gone, she has to hurry up in the remaining six days.

“My lady.”

Hearing a gentle voice, Xia Ning is frozen on the spot!

The man in front of her is tall and powerful, handsome and masculine, just like a blessing from God. As he stands here, Xia Ning feels that this world is just his stage.

Such a perfect man, after all, who will not love him?

And this man is her husband.

Xia Ning tries to calm down by pretending to be calm, “Commander Yi, why are you here?”

“My wife is here, so her husband is definitely here.”

Xia Ning licks her lips, “According to Ai, you are very busy these days.”

“Even if I’m busy, I should accompany my wife.”

Xia Ning hesitates on whether or not to open the door.

Will Commander Yi leave?

He may not go.

Then, will they both be in a room?

Just as Xia Ning hesitates, Yi Yunrui opens the door directly.

Xia Ning is stunned!

How does he get the card key?!

Right, he is the commander of the C City. It is easy for him to open a hotel door.

Xia Ning walks in, and takes off the baggage, “Since the Commander is busy, you can go now. I have something to do in C City. I don’t want to bother you.”

“You are my wife. It’s not bother.”

“I really have something to…” before she says “do”, Xia Ning sees the Commander is taking off the military uniform!

Why is he taking off his uniform?!

“I am also busy for a day, and I also want to rest.” Yi Yunrui looks at Xia Ning and hangs his military cap on the hanger.

That means, Commander Yi intends not to leave tonight… At least not now.

Xia Ning is nervous.

She is not familiar with Commander Yi…they are really unfamiliar.

Although they are husband and wife.

Yi Yunrui looks into Xia Ning’s eyes, “I am going to take a shower first.”

Take a shower?!

Xia Ning’s head becomes blank!

What does the commander want to do?

He’s going to take a shower just after entering the room?

Yi Yunrui enters the bathroom and Xia Ning sits outside.

Listening to the sound of the water, she is confused.

There is an impulse to escape!

No, she can’t stay here, she can’t stay here anymore.

Grabbing the phone, Xia Ning opens the door –

“Good evening!” shouts Feng Le, who has already waited outside the door.

Xia Ning is frozen!

Well, someone is guarding the door.

She can’t escape.

Also, she can’t leave him anymore.

Xia Ning barely squeezes a smile, “Hello.”

Then she closes the door.

At this time, the sound of the water in the bathroom is gone. Yi Yunrui comes out, wearing the hotel’s bathrobe.

His body is the typical macho type, with the magnificent chest, the strong six abdominal muscles and the slender legs…

Xia Ning involuntarily swallows.

The bathing figure of a violent male.

“Did you have the meal?” Yi Yunrui takes a look at the clock.

“Yes.” Anyway, biscuits are the same as a meal.

At this time, the door is knocked, and Yi Yunrui walks over and takes over the things in Feng Le’s hand.

A large thermal box.

“Then have some of these.” Yi Yunrui puts the box on the table, “I don’t have much time, so this is all I could do. I don’t know if you would like them.”

Xia Ning is shocked, “Are these cooked by you?”

“Well, I asked the soldier in the canteen of the military region and borrowed the kitchen.”

The commander personally cooked?!

There is no need to think about the reaction of the sergeant at the time.

Yi Yunrui takes the dish out, “Have some of it.”

Xia Ning walks over, seeing three dishes and one soup.

Sweet and sour pork ribs, Mapo tofu, salted cabbage and bitter lettuce soup!

God, these dishes are of completely balanced nutrition, and they are also in accordance with the principle of Chinese ancient medicine.

A burst of warmth passes through the heart of Xia Ning. After her relatives passed away, for a long time she has not eaten a home-made meal.

And these are made specially for her.

A hot, home-made meal.

The taste of home.

Xia Ning picks up the chopsticks, her heart shaking, her hands shaking.

For countless times she has imagined that she would be like this with Ou Yixuan, but now the one by her side is changed.

It is her husband, Yi Yunrui.

And it is her favorite sweet and sour pork ribs.

Xia Ning takes a bite, a perfect mix of sweet and sour flavors!

It’s exactly what she likes!

Delicious, really delicious!

With such delicious sweet and sour pork ribs, she can eat up no matter how many bowls of white rice!

Xia Ning gobbles the dish, not caring about her table manner.

Yi Yunrui pulls a sofa chair and sits next to her.

Finally, she is his woman. Finally, he can look at her so closely, and watch she eating in front of him.

This feeling is so great.

Noticing that the commander is looking at her, Xia Ning quickly wipes her mouth, saying, “The food is delicious, thank you.”

“I am your husband, so don’t say thank you. This is what I should do.”

Xia Ning’s heart jumps, and she looks into the eyes of Yi Yunrui.

The eyes are so sharp, but are gentle when directed at her.

The gentle feeling reaches the depths of her soul.

Just like being locked tightly by him.

Warm, comfortable, she no longer wants to escape.

Yi Yunrui reaches out a hand and gently strokes her hair, “After the meal, take a bath. If you are tired, you can go to bed. Your husband will be your pillow at night.

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