Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Yi Yun’ai

“Be careful!” Xia Ning does not know where the courage comes from. She pushes the girl behind her, intending to protect her.

“It doesn’t matter if you hurt me. If you hurt my sister-in-law, then don’t think about living.”

The girl shouts and rushes directly to the man in front of Xia Ning.

“Hey, don’t …!” Xia Ning hurriedly stops her, but the situation she sees in the next second makes her stunned.

Although the girl’s body is small, she is very agile, and she specializes in attacks. In a few minutes, the two big men are beaten by her.

“Hey!” The girl steps on the man’s back and shakes her finger, “Don’t you hear what is called softness can beat toughness? Do you think to be strong is everything?”

Subsequently, the girl adds an anesthetic to each of the two men.

“OK, it’s safe. You are sure to be in the police station when you wake up.” The girl looks innocent.

“Hello, who are you?” Xia Ning comes over and admires the girl.

It seems that she is not even twenty, but she defeated six men on her own, or the mercenary she said!

This kind of skill is amazing!

“You are my sister-in-law!” The girl winks in a naughty manner, and reaches out a hand to Xia Ning, “Yi Yunrui is my third brother. I am the youngest sister of The Yi family, Yi Yun’ai! Nice to meet you!”

She is the youngest sister in the Yi family!

Xia Ning greatly breathes a sigh of relief, bowing to Yi Yun’ai to thank her, “Thank you for saving me!”

At the behavior of Xia Ning, Yi Yun’ai is a bit dumbfounded, “You don’t have to thank your family. My third brother is busy in business these days, so he asked me to protect you.”

“Thank you…”

“Don’t thank me again!” Yi Yun’ai stands protectively before Xia Ning, “you knew that you would lose but you stood in front of me! If something went wrong, my third brother would blame me.”

“I am sorry……”

“Well, let’s save it. You are here to interview Old Zhen?”

Xia Ning shocks. Old Zhen…

“Oh, ah, yeah, yeah.”

“Hey, that man… is not nobody. You have a lot of courage.”

Xia Ning smiles. If she doesn’t have the guts, she still has to rush forward.

Yi Yun’ai thinks about it. She looks at Xia Ning up and down, “Would you like to interview Old Zhen like this?”


Yi Yun’ai shakes her head, “Difficult. Really difficult. You’ll definitely be shut out dressing like this. Silly.”

“Ai, are you familiar with Mr. Dai?”

“Familiar?” Yi Yun’ai whispers, “He is not willing to be familiar with me. In this way, you go in and say my name directly. You will be able to get in, and even if you can’t get in, Old Zhen would do nothing to you.”

“Since you know Mr. Dai, why don’t you go with me together?”

“No, I will not go for now. The ‘resentment’ between me and Old Zhen will not be solved in one day or two. Today is not the right day. I’m not going in.’”

Xia Ning is at a loss for words.

It seems that the youngest sister of the Yi family who saved her halfway and Mr. Dai may have some troubles. Then she can only fight alone.

“Don’t worry. Just go. I have to deal with these people. Right,” says Yi Yun’ai, who gives her a needle, “For self-defense.”

Xia Ning pauses a while, nods and puts it in her arms.

She glances at the people lying on the ground. These people are obviously aimed at her. Who sent them?

“Don’t worry. They will be sent to the police station. You will know.”

Xia Ning nods. “You are just a girl. If they wake up, don’t you worry?”

“Silly, sister-in-law, I will call people.”

Oh, that’s right.

Yi Yun’ai takes the phone out, “third brother, I’m attacked, at Old Zhen’s!”

She hangs up her mobile phone and says to Xia Ning, “Third brother acts very fast and his people will arrive in five minutes.”

Being rushed by Yi Yun, Xia Ning has to continue her plan.

The house is very luxurious, with the big golden lacquer red door, plus the modern technology system. If it isn’t opened from inside, even shells cannot break it.

Xia Ning presses the doorbell and reports her names.

Then she waits outside for a while and no one answers her.

Does she need to say Yi Yun’ai’s name?

Xia Ning hesitates.

She said that she would not depend on the relationship with…


Forget it, anyway, she is married to Yi Yunrui.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning speaks to the monitor outside the door, “Please open the door. I am a friend of Ai.”

Then it doesn’t take long for the door to open.

Standing inside the door is an old housekeeper, who smiles at Xia Ning and says, “Since you’re a friend of Miss Ai, may I ask your surname?”

“My surname is Xia, a director from TIME ERA TV Station. I come over to interview Mr. Dai.” It seems that she was completely ignored by the housekeeper when she reported her name at the door.

“Hey. Miss Xia.” The housekeeper smiles very kindly, “Miss Xia is coming for Mr. Dai?”

Xia Ning nods.

“Mr. Dai does not like the media. When Miss Xia sees Mr. Dai, please be cautious.”

“Oh.” Even if she is cautious, she has to explain her intention.

The old housekeeper leads Xia Ning to go in.

Looking at the pavilions surrounded by green mountains and green waters, Xia Ning marvels at the Chinese style garden design of Dai Villa, and marvels at the wealth of the host.

She feels like entering a palace.

After taking countless turns, the housekeeper leads Xia Ning into a living room.

The typical ancient Chinese style decoration, with a painting of thousands of running horses in front of the room, plus two pairs of couplets, creates a grand atmosphere.

The housekeeper reminded Xia Ning, “Miss Xia, please bear what I told you in mind. My master will come in a few minutes. Miss Xia, please wait.”

At this time, another servant sends a cup of hot tea to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning waits.

“Are you a friend of Ai?”

After a while, a handsome middle-aged man’s voice is heard, and Xia Ning looks up and looks straight into a pair of sharp eyes!

What a shock!

She can’t help but take a breath!

The man is about forty years old. His body is slender and strong, and his momentum is impressing.

He is a leader who millions of people obey.

Xia Ning quickly stands up and says, “Hello, Mr. Dai, my name is Xia Ning. I’m from TIME ERA TV Station…”

“You are a friend of Ai.” Dai Zhen interrupts her and sits down next to her, “What about the child?”

Xia Ning pauses, “She didn’t come in.”

“Oh.” Dai Zhen responds, and there is disappointment in his eyes, “Miss Xia…is from TIME ERA TV Station?”

“Well, I am here to interview Mr. Dai.”

“Miss Xia should be clear about Dai’s style. I don’t accept any media interviews.”

“The interview will not take Mr. Dai a lot of time. Please give me a chance…”


With a clear sound, Dai Zhen puts down the tea pot in his hand and stands up, “Housekeeper, send her away!”

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