Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: As Your Husband, I Understand You

“I will cherish you for a lifetime…”

For a long time, Xia Ning’s mind is echoed with the promise made by Yi Yunrui. She doesn’t know what to say, but she is so moved.

What did she do to make a military commander express his affection so heartfully in front of her?


“Is everything fine with Uncle Dai?”

Xia Ning nods.

Yi Yunrui clenches the hands of Xia Ning, “Ou Yixuan wants to cancel your program?”

Xia Ning is shocked. How does he know?

Forget it. Their relationship is intertwined, and the military commander has the ability to know what he wants to know.

“The audience rating of the show in recent years is not very good. It is normal for him to cancel it.”

“In this case, why do you want to keep it?”

Xia Ning doesn’t know what to answer, “Because… because…”

“Because this show is what you created with him? So, you are not willing to part with it.”

Yi Yunrui says the answer, Xia Ning licks her lips, “Sorry, I am very selfish.”

“Your unwillingness is one reason, and another reason is that you will be fired.”

Xia Ning nods.

“So, he let you keep the show and find the sponsorship.”

Xia Ning nods.

Yi Yunrui raises his hand.

Xia Ning closes her eyes.

From the perspective of her husband, she undoubtedly “betrayed” him.

A slap is normal.

The big hand falls on her head and gently strokes it, “Little fool. I am your husband. Don’t be afraid to tell me such a small thing.”

Yi Yunrui’s palm is very warm, Xia Ning opens her eyes and confronts his gentle look, “I’m sorry.”

“Fool, don’t say these three words in front of your husband. It’s too polite.”

“Commander Yi,” as if making up her mind, Xia Ning says, “I know that my interview will not be completed without your help. I don’t want to get benefits without cost. Let me do something for you to compensate. Is that ok?”

Yi Yunrui wants to say “fool” again.

But he understands the mood of his little wife.

Things have changed too fast, no one can accept it so soon.

Moreover, she feels sorry for him, and it may be a good thing.

Since she wants a deal. Then let’s trade.

“Compensation?” Yi Yunrui thinks for a while, “Ok. I propose and you decide.”

Xia Ning nods, “Say it.”

“In these days, you have to stay with me all the time.”

Xia Ning pauses, “Huh?”

“I can’t let you sleep in the hotel, because it’s not safe. Pack up and move to the military department.”

Xia Ning is about to say something, and there is a horn from a car from a distance.


A loud car flute sounds, and a green military vehicle Dongfeng Warrior drives over. Xia Ning subconsciously wants to push Yi Yunrui away.

Yi Yunrui lets go of her, but hands of the two are still tightly held.

The Dongfeng Warrior stops at the side of the two, and a young man in a military uniform walks down. When he sees Yi Yunrui, he salutes, “Good afternoon, Commander…”

Then, the young man glances at their hands and immediately says, “Good afternoon, Mrs.Commander!”

His words make Xia Ning’s face turn red. She nods to the young man.

At this time, another person steps down from the military vehicle. He is taller than one point eight meters, tall and slender, and looks very handsome. Seeing Yi Yunrui, he salutes, “Good afternoon, Commander and Mrs.Commander.”

Yi Yunrui nods, “Is the mission completed?”

“Yeah.” The man answers and sees their two hands. He is a little surprised and looks at Yi Yunrui strangely, “The rumor turns out to be true.”

“You kid!” Yi Yunrui slaps on the man’s back and introduces him to Xia Ning, “This is Colonel Dai Zhongheng, Commander of the Falcon Special Forces and the son of Uncle Dai. This is my wife, Xia Ning.”

Dai Zhen’s son!

“Nice to meet you.” Xia Ning is a little embarrassed.

“Hello.” Dai Zhongheng looks at Yi Yunrui, “She is great.”

Yi Yunrui smiles heartily, “Of course. I think you have to find a great woman yourself.”

At this moment, Yi Yunrui’s cell phone rings. Seeing the number, he says, “Excuse me.”

Then he goes aside to answer the call.

“Madam.” Dai Zhongheng looks envious, “Bro Yi is a famous iceberg. But he got married so quickly. You’re somebody.”

Xia Ning is embarrassed and smiles, “You flattered me, Colonel Dai.”

After a while, Yi Yunrui comes back, “Wife, I have to go back to the military department first. I will let Feng Le help you pack up. Come to the military today.”


“No but.” Yi Yunrui “warns” her, slowling stressing each syllable, “This is the condition of our trade.”

Soon, Yi Yunrui returns to the military department. Feng Le follows Xia Ning back to the hotel to pack things.

Before long, the military vehicle drives back to the C military region. Xia Ning looks out the window. The first impression is that it is the place where discipline is enforced, and everything is neat and orderly. Even every tree here is ‘stationary’ straight.

Xia Ning gets out of the car and follows Yi Yunrui to the dormitory. The dormitory is quiet, and the footsteps of the two people echo in the corridor. They stop at the front of a certain room, and Yi Yunrui opens the door.

As soon as the door opens, a fresh lemon flavor comes out and the two walks in.

The dormitory is about 60 square meters. It is a separate single room, equipped with a bathroom and a TV. The whole room is very clean. The sheets are white as if they have been just replaced. The quilts are folded in a square shape with angular edges.

From the place where he lives, Xia Ning can see the owner’s cleanliness and discipline. Looking at this green-based military dormitory, Xia Ning feels safe.

But does she have to stay here for five days?

Xia Ning feels extremely uncomfortable.

Before long, Yi Yunrui comes back.

“Mr. Dai’s interview has not been completed…” She forgets something.

“I will arrange it. Don’t worry.” Yi Yunrui closes his eyes, his words unquestionable.

Xia Ning is silent. It seems that she can’t escape.

Looking at the handsome face of Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning thinks of something and whispers, “Do I have to stay in the military headquarter for five days? It seems a bit boring…”

Boring… Yi Yunrui feels upset. He looks at her. Is she bored to be with him?

He wants to ask her, but seeing her lowering head, he holds back his questions and says, “I will try to accompany you to go outside.”

Xia Ning feels surprised. Since the commander says this, what is she not satisfied with?

OK. Since she married him. Since he is a soldier!

Gently sighing, Xia Ning compromises on it, “Okay.”

“This is a dormitory room designated for soldiers. It is quite simple. Just stay here for a few days.” Yi Yunrui takes out a hot water bottle and pours Xia Ning a cup of milk, “Drink it.”

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