Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: I Love Her, so I must Stay Calm

Xia Ning takes over the milk. It is warm, and she takes a sip. Xia Ning doesn’t know why she tastes that the milk is particularly sweet.

At this time, the door is knocked, and Feng Le’s voice comes from outside, “Commander, it is time for the meeting!”


So, Yi Yunrui came back just to look at her?

“Your blood sugar is low. Drink more milk. It is good for you.” Yi Yunrui says, handing the dormitory key to her, “I have to go to the meeting. If anything happens, tell Feng Le; he will tell me.”

Xia Ning takes the key and nods. “You can go. Don’t worry about me.”

Yi Yunrui is stunned. His big hand pats her head gently, “Fool, you are my wife, not a stranger. There is no need to say ‘worry’!”

Looking at the clock, Yi Yunrui turns and opens the door to leave. The moment he closes the door, he reminds her, “You’re in the army. Do not hang around. Wait for me to come back.”

Xia Ning smiles and says, “I know. Just go.”

God, really? Treating her like a three-year-old kid. Of course, she knows this is a military region.

As Yi Yunrui has left, the whole room is empty, and for a moment, Xia Ning is a bit bored. Drinking milk, turning on the TV, she takes a stool to sit and watch the TV.

Xia Ning doesn’t know why, although on the TV is the Taiwanese series she loves to watch, she just can’t feel calm. Standing up, doing some simple activities, Xia Ning decides to walks around the room of the Commander.

There are nothing but military uniforms in the closet. The shoes are neatly placed, and the leather ones are brushed brightly, just like new ones. The bathroom is so clean that it doesn’t even have a trace of odor, and even a single strand of hair could not be found in the entire room.

Xia Ning can imagine how strict he is to himself.

It is impossible for her to clean up her own place like this.

It seems that she is likely to be dismissed by Commander Yi in the future. She is embarrassed. She can’t be a good housewife.

Xia Ning takes a set of pajamas out and prepares to take a bath.

After bathing, she would hurry to sleep.

Yi Yunrui promised not to touch her, but…

Won’t he touch her tonight for real?

Will she be his wife tonight?

Does she really want to become someone else’s wife?

The scene of Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi at the engagement banquet flashes through her mind, Xia Ning feels a slight pain in her heart!

She can’t move on from Ou Yixuan, even if he gets married, she can’t move on.

Eight years of a relationship, she can’t let go…

Unconsciously, her eyes become blurred and she gently sniffs. There are tears rolling down her face.

Slightly surprised by herself, Xia Ning quickly wipes away the tears on her face. Worried that Yi Yunrui would come in at any time, Xia Ning lies down and pulls the quilt over her head.

Feeling sad, she cannot help crying. Xia Ning closes her eyes for a while to control her mood.

After such an incident, she feels sleepy. Yawning, Xia Ning remembers that she has not had a good rest in these two days.

It seems that sadness really consumes energy.

In the cool autumn, Yi Yunrui is taking a cold shower.

And he is showing for an hour.

He stands under the sprinkler for an entire hour!

In his mind, there is full of her in the bathroom. He is a normal man. Now his beloved one is outside, and it is not easy to suppress his desires!

But he can’t scare her, he knows it’s not the time.

She is not ready yet.

He will scare her.

Therefore, he has been letting cold water wash away his desires and has been trying to calm himself down!

They have a lifetime, but not now!

Taking a deep breath, Yi Yunrui turns off the button, puts on the pajamas, and opens the door of the bathroom.

Outside the window is all black. She is lying on the bed, curled up, and looks so petite. She is so small that he has an impulse to hold her in his arms and never let her go.

He gently walks to the bed, sits on the bed, and looks at her in the bed. She sleeps so sweet and sound. Her delicate face is light pink, like a baby.

“Ning.” Yi Yunrui calls her in a low voice and the one on the bed does not respond.

Out of relief or out of pity, Yi Yunrui bows his head and smiles.

He turns off the TV and electric power. The dormitory is very dark. The moonlight flows in from the window. Everything in the room is so quiet and serene.

Yi Yunrui carefully goes to bed, afraid of waking her up. Lying next to her and smelling her fresh fragrance that comes from time to time, he feels the fire in his body seems to be revived.

Clenching his hand, Yi Yunrui turns his side and tries to calm himself.

He loves her, so… he has to be calm.

Being awakened by a loud horn, Xia Ning opens her eyes and looks around with her sleepy eyes.

The consciousness gradually returns, and she remembers that she was in the military dormitory last night.

Yi Yunrui has got up already some time before, and the other side of the bed is empty. It seems that he has gone for a while.

Xia Ning breathes a sigh of relief. The sky is already bright, and she is wide awake. She gets out of the bed and gets dressed.

On the table are a bowl of porridge, two steamed buns and two steamed stuffed buns, and two vegetarian dishes. A standard army meal. What is special is that there is a small soup kettle next to the meal.

Xia Ning curiously walks over and opens the kettle. A sweet aroma comes out. It is milk.

Looking at the white milk, this moment, Xia Ning’s heart is sweet.

Breakfast is hot, so Yi Yunrui was not away too long. Xia Ning quickly gets dressed and enjoys the delicious breakfast with moderate warmth.

The mobile phone rings. Xia Ning picks it up and it is from Mr. Dai’s assistant.

“Miss Xia? I am Mr. Dai’s assistant. Can you come over at three o’clock this afternoon?”

“Okay, thank you.”

Xia Ning hangs up the phone, and counts that there are still three days left. Preparing, writing draft, and handing it in. Three days should be enough.

At this moment, the door is knocked, and then a clear male voice is heard, “Hello, I am the political commissar of Commander Yi. Can you open the door?”

“Yes.” It is the political commissar of the military headquarter. Xia Ning hurriedly replies, tidies the clothes and opens the door.

There are two people standing outside the door, one being Feng Le, the other being slender and tidily dressed. With two bars and three stars on his uniform, he is a Lieutenant Colonel.

“Hello, Mrs.Yi, my name is Xue Junfan, the political commissar of Commander Yi.” Xue Junfan smiles and introduces himself in a very kind manner.

“Hello. Political Commissar Xue.” Xia Ning is a little awkward. Although being called “Mrs.” for so many times, she is still somewhat not used to it.

“May I occupy you for some time?”

“Yes, please come in.” Xia Ning says, leading Xue Junfan in. As she thinks about making some tea for them, Xue Junfan stops her.

“Please don’t bother. Commander Yi is busy with his business. I just come by to see if the food in the army suits your appetite and what else you need.”

Xia Ning shakes her head, “The food in the army is very good. I have nothing to ask for.”

Xue Junfan laughs, “Commander Yi is a busy man. Even if I am his political commissar, I often can’t see him. I heard that you came here last night, so we were wondering whether you were comfortable to live here. We’re afraid Commander Yi can’t take good care of you because he is so busy for our country, so we want to help.”

“Thank you. I’m fine here. Everything is comfortable.”

Xue Junfan nods, then he turns to Feng Le behind him and says, “Le, accompany Madam to go around and let her know the general situation of the troops, which may comfort her.”

“Yes, Commissar.”

Xue Junfan briefly chats with Xia Ning and then leaves, as he is very busy. Considering that there is still a lot of time from three o’clock in the afternoon, Xia Ning decides to follow Feng Le to take a tour in the military camp.

From far away, Xia Ning sees a lot of people exercising on the square. Xia Ning doesn’t want to go to the army. She just wants to walk around the dormitory. Although she knows she can go to the office of Yi Yunrui, she feels very embarrassed for there are too many men here.

“Xia Ning, why are you here?!”

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