Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 2 - Let’s Get Married!

Chapter 2: Let’s Get Married!

Grand Ballroom, Royal Grand International Hotel.

Xia Ning, in a pink dress, stands in the banquet, holding a glass of wine. The ballroom was filled with melodious music. Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingyao’s engagement dinner is attended by celebrities, who make Xia Ning feel herself like a rabbit.

Bottoming up the amber liquid and seeing the glasses holding by the waiter, she takes another glass without saying anything.

“Hey, don’t get drunk again!” Li Baoer pushed her, “It’s a shame to get drunk here!”

Xia Ning gathers her strength and clenches the tall glass in her hand.

Suddenly, the lighting of the banquet hall is switched, and the voice of the host is heard, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the engagement dinner of Mr. Ou Yixuan and Miss Yin Jingyao. In the beautiful day, we celebrate the combination of the two lovers…”

With the cheerful voice of the host, Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi appeared, both well-dressed. The sound of the applause is like thunder!

A tailored white suit makes Ou Yixuan is even more handsome. Yin Jingsi, dressed in a white wedding dress, is like a princess who has come down from a classic painting. The beauty is so attractive that people can’t move their eyes.

Although the pain in the heart is nearly unbearable, Xia Ning has to admit that Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi are indeed a perfect match.

Handsome man and beautiful girl, they are born to be together.

Eight years ago, she studied at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Losing her parents and being alone, she met him who also lost his parents. At that moment, they two who fell in love with each other became friends, confidants, lovers…

In these eight years, they had been supporting each other.

He was the only relative, the only lover of her in this world!

Looking at the happy smiles of Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi, Xia feels like a sharp blade straight stubs into the chest, which makes her take a deep breath. The tears blur her eyes. She looks up and bottoms up the wine again!

Yes, Yin Jingsi is the daughter of the mayor. She is incomparable!

She does not blame herself for her inability to retain this man. She admits her incapability!

The blessings from the people in the room are everywhere. Xia Ning feels that Ou Yixuan is standing under the bright sunshine, but she is standing in the dark and abandoned.

Can’t remember how she spent the one hour, Xia couldn’t even clearly hear what Li Baoer said to her. What she remembers is that after the end of the engagement ceremony, she sits at the table and feels extremely tired.

“Are you Xia Ning?”

Suddenly, a female voice rises behind her. Xia Ning is shocked by the voice, and she turns her head. A woman stood behind her.

About twenty-three or four years old, she looks similar to Yin Jingsi. It is different from Yin Jingsi’s quiet and beautiful beauty. Her beauty is charming and lively. In a white princess dress, she looks so proud.

This woman looks familiar.

“You don’t know me?” The woman’s tone is extremely disdainful, “Xia Ning, I tell you, never expect from what is not yours!”

Xia Ning is confused, what does it mean “not hers”?!

“Are you angry?” The woman raised her eyebrows, and the tone was even more disdainful. She pushes Xia Ning and walks away, “Miss Xia, I advise you to abandon the idea of inducing other’s boyfriend!”

What?! Xia Ning is furious, who induces other’s boyfriend?!

“Stop!” Xia Ning shouts.

Yin Jingyao pauses and turns her head, “Is there anything else?”

“There is one thing that you should be clear,” Xia Ning suppresses her anger, “I don’t have a rich family, but I have known Ou Yixuan for eight years. Everything that happened in the past eight years is known to everyone. I don’t know what your sister did to Yixuan. Now they are together. I lost, I recognize that. I just want to tell you, the lover who can betray is not a true lover! Since they are no longer a couple, then there is no inducing!”

Yin Jingyao looks at Xia Ning for a while, surprised. Finally, she smiles coldly, “Is this a declaration of your failure?”


“You say you don’t care but you hate my sister in your heart!” Yin Jingyao narrows her eyes, “The big theories will only show your childishness! Xia Ning, I warn you, that is my sister, if you use some dirty methods to destroy my sister’s marriage, I will teach you some lessons!”

A cold light shoots from her beautiful eyes, which makes Xia Ning feels dangerous! No wonder she is similar to Yin Jingyao. She is the sister of Yin Jingsi, the younger daughter of the Mayor of B City, the head of the Cultural and Art Corps in C City with a title of major.

With such a strong background, Yin Jingyao is able to be proud. This woman has various means to make people miserable.

However, Yin Jingyao thinks too much. In this situation, listening to the sounds of blessings from people, Xia Ning only feels upset.

“Really?” Hearing her warning, Xia Ning is not angry but laughs, “You warned me, are you afraid that your sister can’t make her husband loyal to her?”

“You!” Yin Jingyao’s becomes malicious, her beautiful willow-like eyebrows rise, “Very good. How dare you, a little girl, yell in front of me?”

Yin Jingyao says while walking close to Xia Ning. She suddenly stretches her hand and grabs Xia Ning’s hand, pushing it to herself!


Yin Jingyao screams, and the tall glass on her hand falls to the ground. The glass breaks immediately, and she falls too!

The noisy banquet hall is silent!

“Jingyao!” The first one that finds out what happened is Yin Jingsi. When she sees her sister fall, she hurries from the stage, “What happened to you? How did you fall?”

Yin Jingyao’s charming eyes are filled with tears, “Sister, I’m fine, don’t worry. I just accidentally fell down…” says Yin Jingyao, looking at Xia Ning.

This little gesture of Yin Jingyao immediately made the situation clear to everyone in the room!

Xia Ning now knows it is a trap!

“Sister, don’t misunderstand. It’s me that disturbed Miss Xia. Maybe I said something wrong… Sister, don’t get me wrong, it’s really an accident.”

Xia Ning clenched her fists secretly. What a good play!

“Miss Xia,” Yin Jingsi helps her sister stand up, and says, “I know that you are upset about the relationship between Yixuan and I, but no matter what, it is me you hate, don’t look for others’ trouble.”

When she finishes her sentences, many people are whispering.

“Xia was not so well-educated! No wonder Mr. Ou abandon her…”

“Hey, doesn’t she know what the situation is. How dare she!”

“Jingsi is not only beautiful, but also kind-hearted. Whoever marries her will be happy for a lifetime.”

“That’s right, fortunately, Ou Yixuan does not marry Xia, or he will suffer a lot later!”


As accusations are everywhere, Xia Ning knows that her explanation is useless at this time. Looking at the Ou Yixuan behind Yin Jingyao, at this moment, she wants to know what this man thinks.

“Yixuan, I don’t…” she didn’t push Yin Jingsi.

“Ning, I love Jingsi, no matter what you do, the only one I love is her. I hope you understand.” Then, Ou Yixuan clenches Yin Jingsi’s hand.

Yin Jingsi is so moved that tears are in her eyes!

At this moment, a round of applause sounds around…

It is so ironic that the scene of ‘warm and moving, my love for you will never end’ in the eyes of Xia Ning.

The pain in the heart makes her brain blank and tears blur her eyes.

She is so naive that she thought that Ou Yixuan would protect her.

Oh, everything is going to be a play.

Too stupid, she is really stupid!

Resisting the tears that almost burst out, Xia Ning struggles to step away.

She has to wake up from a dream!

As night falls, the street is brightly lit and bustling.

A night wind blows, Xia Ning trembles slightly. With hands clasped, she feels cold with a short skirt.

Xia Ning takes a deep breath and looks up at the sky.

In the past eight years, has Ou Yixuan loved her?

Or, does she always misunderstand?

“Good evening, Miss Xia.”

There is a sound of a young man, and Xia Ning looks back. A tall and thin man in a military uniform stands next to her.

“Who are you?” A soldier?

“Miss Xia, I am Feng Le, the correspondent of the C Military Region’s Mr. Yi. We have something to ask you.”

Yi Yunrui?!

It is like a bang in the brain. Xia Ning is frozen on the spot.

Feng Le respectfully points to the front, “Miss Xia, please come with me.”

Looking at the direction pointed by Feng Le, Xia Ning is dumb.

A huge black monster stands on the side of the road, and is luxurious to the extreme. Hummer is a small baby compared to it!

The latest military car, Knight XV!

Xia Jing glances at the license plate. It is exactly the special car for the Commander!

This car is the sign of identity!

Feng Le is smiling and waving to her next to the car. Are there any reasons for her to refuse? The Commander now parked the SUV armored car next to her.

When she gets on the car, she clearly sees the teasing smile on Feng Le’s face when he closes the door.

The interior design is as luxurious as the outside, and the space is very large. It seems that it is big enough for six or seven squats.

But in such a wide space, the atmosphere is inexplicable oppression.

Yi Yunrui sits next to her, and his clean military uniform shows his mighty and masculine body. His face has sharp edges, with a pair of sharp eyes that can pierce people’s soul. It is undeniable that the Commander is like the god of war.

“Are you still cold?”

The low-pitched magnetic voice makes Xia Ning feel slightly warm.

“Not at all.” With the air conditioner, it is not cold in the car.

Feeling that Yi Yunrui’s eyes are locked on her, Xia Ning’s heartbeat inexplicable accelerates. She feels like she sits on a needle pat.

Yi Yunrui doesn’t continue the conversation. The atmosphere inside the car is intense.

After a long period of silence, Xia Ning can’t help sneaking a peek at Yi Yunrui. However, she straightly looks into the eagle-like eyes of the commander. Xia Ning is shocked, takes a breath and turns away to avoid his gaze.

God, when they were in the hotel last night, why didn’t she feel that Yi Yunrui was so aggressive…

“You were participating in a friend’s engagement dinner party?”

“Yeah.” Xia Ning nods with a voice as low as a mosquito’s.

“Ou Yixuan is your head?”

“Yeah.” Xia Ning nods again, wondering why the commander wants to know these things.

Xia Ning licks her lips, feeling that something has to be figured out now.

“Commander, how do you know that I am Xia Ning? And, how do you know about me?”

Yi Yunrui narrows his eyes, “I said, we met in the UK.”

They met in the UK doesn’t make sense that he knows her names!

Xia Ning does not understand, but the commander answered very simply, as if he did not want to say more.

“What do you want from me?” As long as she finishes her question, Xia Ning’s mind immediately drifts over the man’s words: You slept me last night, and some of the responsibilities you have to bear…

Yi Yunrui stuns. With knife-like sharp lips pinched, he remains silent. His eyes watching Xia Ning are like a deep pound without a bottom.

Slightly frightened by Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning takes a deep breath.

Wait, is the commander an interrogator?

“Xia Ning, let’s get married.”

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