Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 3 - Are You Treating Me as A KITTY Cat?!

Chapter 3: Are You Treating Me as A KITTY Cat?!

Get married?!

Just like a thunder, Commander Yi’s words strike Xia Ning!

Dumbfounded for a long time, Xia Ning finds her voice, “Commander Yi… please stop kidding.”

“You think I like to tell jokes?” Yi Yunrui raises an eyebrow.

Xia Ning is embarrassed. If Yi Yunrui liked to tell jokes, it would be afraid that there were not many people in this world who dare to tell jokes.

If it’s not a joke, what does Yi Yunrui say is true?!

“You, you… I…” Xia Ning’s head is in chaos, “Commander Yi, I just met you twice…”

“No, we met a long time ago, but you don’t remember me.” Yi Yunrui interrupts Xia Ning, and says very seriously.

We been known each other for a long time ago? Why does she have no impression?!

The world is full of wonders. The famous Commander Yi proposed to her!?

“Xia Ning.” Yi Yunrui frowns for she looks like she saw a ghost.

“I… I have to think about it.” Xia Ning squeezes a little smile, turns away and wants to open the door, but the door is tightly closed, and she cannot open it.

A pair of big hands stretches over and covers Xia Ning’s small hand. The palm is very rough, which is caused by long-term training. The palm is very warm. Xia Ning is shocked!

The warm breath boasts near her ear and the distance is too close. She feels that her world is full of the masculinity of Yi Yunrui.

He smells very comfortable. The smell is like a pair of invisible wings, tightly closed to her.

At this moment, she should have been very flustered, but she feels at ease.

God, Yi Yunrui is the commander of Region C. She and he have only met twice. How could he propose to her?

He can afford it, she can’t afford it!

Xia Ning pulls back her hand and says with an angry voice, “Commander Yi, please show some respects!”

Yi Yunrui is shocked, and his thin lips pinched, sitting back to his position, “I’m sorry, it is windy outside. I will drive you back.”

“You don’t need to…”

“Xia Ning, I mean what I said,” Yi Yunrui looks at Xia Ning and says seriously, “I hope that the woman who is sitting next to me is you in my life.”

Xia Ning mouth slightly opens in surprise. Does the commander is telling her he loves her?!

Without waiting for Xia Ning to answer, Yi Yunrui knocks on the window, and Feng Le, who is standing outside, immediately gets on the car.

“Drive Miss Xia home.”

“Yes, Commander.”

The Knight XV slowly starts, driving fast but steady. The back seat remains silence.

Yi Yunrui slightly closes his eyes. Xia Ning can’t read out what he is thinking.

Xia Ning clenches her fist and looks out the window, trying to be calm.

At fifty meters from the Xia Ning’s apartment, the Knight XV stops.

Feng Le comes down from the driver’s seat and opens the door, “Miss Xia, please.”

Xia Ning breathes a sigh of relief. She is going to be free.

“Xia Ning,” at the moment when Xia Ning is on the tip of her toes, Yi Yunrui opens his mouth, “I can give you time to think about it, but from now on, the man around you can only be me.”

The huge black monster roars away, leaving Xia Ning dumbs in the same place. A string of questions passes in her mind.

Yi Yunrui, does he… have something wrong with his brain?

The next morning, TIME ERA TV Station.

“Wow, you got big dark circles around your eyes. What did you do last night?” Putting the coffee in front of Xia Ning, Li Baoer shakes her head. “But at least our girl Xia Ning is still alive.”

Xia Ning glances at her and takes a sip of coffee, “Don’t think too much, I’m fine.”

It’s all the commander’s fault. His confession of love made her think for a long time, and she scarcely got any sleep!

The commander may have some problems with his brain. Why did he want to play with her?

Thinking for all night, she still can’t remember where they met!

“Oh, I believe that you didn’t push Yin Jingyao last night. The woman, from the military region, is not so easy to be pushed down to the ground.”

Xia Ning is upset, feeling slightly painful in the heart. That’s right. Everyone that has a clear mind knows that. But he does not know.

“It seems that you get no work to do this morning. Why are you chatting here? Be careful to get caught by the boss!” Xia Ning snorts.

“Hey!” Knowing that she stepped on someone else’s pain point, Li Baoer immediately changes the topic, “That’s nothing to be afraid. What I’m afraid of is what he may do…” Li Baoer halts and hurriedly says, “Ou Yixuan is coming, Xia Ning, brave up!”

Li Baoer runs back to her desk right away when she finishes her sentence.

Xia Ning feels awkward. After a while, she sees a stack of documents on her desk, “After finishing this interview, come to my office.”

After throwing this sentence, Ou Yixuan returns to his office.

Looking at the celebrity interview on the desk, Xia Ning’s heart is sinking.

In the TIME ERA TV station, she is an inconspicuous program manager and a column manager. Her job is to compile a column of interviews with celebrities.

When she and Ou Yixuan entered the TV station, she has been in charge of this program for many years. In the beginning, she cooperated with Ou Yixuan, and then Ou Yixuan got a lift and became the head of the TV station.

Ten minutes later, Xia Ning took the sorted documents and entered the office of Ou Yixuan.

“Sit.” Ou Yixuan is signing the documents. Knowing she comes in, he doesn’t even look up.

Xia Ning pinches her mouth and sits down.

He really changed. He would at least smile at her when she came in.

“I have sorted out the documents, Mr. Ou, what do you want me to come in?”

What happened last night makes Xia Ning put Ou Yixuan forever in the position of friends.

Ou Yixuan pauses a while, puts down the pen and looks at her, “Where did you go after leaving the party last night?”

A touch of disgust passes in the heart, Xia Ning answers coldly, “Go home.”

Xia Ning’s cold tone makes Ou Yixuan’s face sink, “Xiao Ning, Jingsi is a wonderful lady. She doesn’t mind my previous experience with you. She is the blessing of me.” Ou Yixuan pauses and continues, “We are over. I hope that you will never think about it anymore. I don’t want what happened last night will happen again in the future, in case everyone misunderstands our relationship.”

Ou Yixuan’s words make Xia Ning stunned for a while, and nameless anger is ignited from the Xia Ning’s heart!

Yin Jingsi is a wonderful lady, so he loves Yin Jingsi. How about her?!

Yin Jingsi doesn’t mind the things between him and her. The subject of this sentence should be changed to “she”!

The most cherished eight-year relationship in Xia Ning’s heart has now become his burden, so that he is so hurried to clarify their relationship!

Ou Yixuan sees the clouded expression of Xia Ning, and takes it as her unwillingness. Ou Yixuan frowns, “Xia Ning, I love Jingsi dearly. I am only a colleague of you. I hope you can let it go! Otherwise others will say that you are the third one between me and Jingsi!”

“Who is the third one in the end!” Xia Ning pats the table, stands up and shouts.

The last sentence of Ou Yixuan completely infuriates Xia Ning.

Yes, she is not as good as Yin Jingsi in any aspects, but she has self-respect!

She misunderstood Ou Yixuan; she was blind for eight years!

Straightly facing Ou Yixuan, Xia Ning says one word by one word, “Ou Yixuan, you coward!”

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