Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: A Windfall

Yi Yunrui looks at Xia Ning quietly. For a long time, he doesn’t say a word. His cold face does not show a trace of emotion.

After a while, Xia Ning can’t sit still, scratching her head with her hand, “I’m sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing to me?”

“You are so busy, but you still accompany me for lunch, and then I am not happy.” Xia Ning presses her lips. At this moment, she does not know whether she feels aggrieved or depressed.

“It’s my fault.” Yi Yunrui pauses, as if thinking about something, but for a while he doesn’t say anything.

“Are you upset?” Xia Ning swears herself. The commander squeezes his time to come out to eat with her. Maybe the commander likes quietness. It’s none of her business!

“Do you like jollification?”

“Yeah.” Xia Ning nods, “Everyone eats together. It is happy to be surrounded by laughter. But now it is also very good, oh, very quiet, the environment is very good.” At the end, Xia Ning’s voice is getting smaller and smaller, then she sighs softly.

“I will pay attention next time.” Yi Yunrui answers very seriously. The door is pulled open and the Japanese manager comes in.

“Commander, what you want are here.” The Japanese man takes two documents in his hand and hands it respectfully.

“Thank you, Mr. Miyamoto.” Yi Yunrui takes it, and then places it in front of Xia Ning, “Ning, I am sorry, please forgive me for my self-assertion.”

The atmosphere seems to be very serious. Xia Ning is a bit dumbfounded. When she picks up the files on the desktop, her mouth is “O” shaped!

There are two documents. One is the house ownership certificate and the other is the business license.

The house ownership certificate is about the land use rights of the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, covering an area of 2,560 square meters. The other one is the business license for the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant.

What makes Xia Ning stunned is that the name on the two certificates turns out to be her name!

Dumbfounded for a long time, Xia Ning finally finds her own words, “Rui… Are you kidding me?”

Yi Yunrui frowns, “Kidding?” he takes two certificates and looks at it seriously, “Yes, the certificates are true. I’m not kidding.”

Not kidding…

If the thing is true, then this Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant with more than 2,000 square meters of land is hers!

What a windfall!!

Wait. It is not right. According to the law, these certificates require her ID card. How did he do this without her permission?

“When did you do this?” Stay calm. She has to stay calm. She has to figure out whether it is a free lunch falling from the sky, or she is falling into a trap!

“I did this a month ago, but I never told you.” Yi Yunrui looks at her with tension, “Ning, are you angry?”

Angry? If she suddenly wins a Lottery, she will be so happy that she may wake herself up by laughing during the sleep. How can she be angry?!

“No, I don’t mean this.” She just married Yi Yunrui, and Commander Yi’s surprise is too big, “Everything comes with a price. Even if the restaurant is mine, I don’t know how to operate it. Are you too sloppy?”

“No.” Yi Yunrui says, “You are my wife, everything of mine is yours. There is no problem of price.”

Everything of his?!

Can it be possible that the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant belongs to Commander Yi?!

Wait, does the law stipulate that military personnel cannot participate in business? What about this Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant?

“How come you own this sushi restaurant?” Now she is full of doubts, and her mind is a mess!

“The property is owned by me before I entered the army. Then it is handed over to my brother. I never operated the sushi restaurant by myself. Now, since you are my wife, so I changed the legal person in charge with your name.”

“Even if you hand it over to me now, I don’t know how to operate it. So…” Xia Ning pushes the two certificates forward, “Rui, think about it.”

She doesn’t want what is not hers. Even if she wants it, she can’t maintain it.

The right to operate the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, as well as the land use rights of more than 2,000 square meters, are too much for her to take.

“Even if the name on these certificates is you, it is in fact my older brother Yi Yuntian that takes care of it. My brother gets a share in this restaurant. So, Ning, don’t worry about it.” Yi Yunrui says. He closes the certificates and puts them in front of her.

Yi Yuntian, the president of the Yi’s Multinational Group, the leading figure in the Southeast Asian economy. If it is really Yi Yuntian that operates it, there is no need to worry about anything.


Yi Yunrui’s gift is too big; she can’t afford it!

After a fierce struggle of thoughts, Xia Ning shakes her head, “Rui, although I am your wife, but you are also clear about the reason I married to you. Ou Yixuan and I…”

“Your relationship with him is over,” Yi Yunrui interrupts. “I only know that you, Xia Ning, are the wife of Yi Yunrui. Everything under my name is yours.”

The eagle-like sharp eyes of his are so bright and he looks straightly into the depths of her soul. At this moment, there are a thousand waves on the lake in her heart because of Yi Yunrui’s words!

“I will ask Mr. Miyamoto to report to you regularly about the operation situation of the sushi restaurant. Then, on the 10th of each month, he will regularly transfer the income of the sushi restaurant into your bank account.” Yi Yunrui says, turning to Mr. Miyamoto, “Is the detailed account of last month done?”

“Yes, Commander Yi, I will send it to you later.”

Yi Yunrui nods, and speaks to Xia Ning, who is still dumbfounded, “Ning, don’t think too much. These are yours. Can we eat now?”

Xia Ning blinks and replies after a while, “Oh…oh.”

In other words, she is now eating at her own restaurant!

Gods, then there are no such things as extravagance and waste…

Yi Yunrui glances at Mr. Miyamoto. Mr. Miyamoto understands and leaves.

Then Xia Ning sees that there are lots of waiters and waitresses outside the box, holding all kinds of dishes in their hands…

The dishes have to be arranged on several tables. With all kinds of vivid colors, Xia Ning feels she can’t see every dish clearly.

As the dishes have all been presented, everyone leaves the big room except of two people, Xia Ning and Yi Yunrui.

“Ning, I don’t know which one is your favorite. So, can you serve yourself for this meal?”

Since she married Yi Yunrui, Yi Yunrui will take the initiative to serve her every time when they eat outside, as he is afraid that she doesn’t eat enough or is overcautious. And now, there are only two of them, but he still wants to serve her and is afraid that she will misunderstand if he doesn’t.

At this moment, Xia Ning is greatly touched!

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