Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Elegant, Luxurious and Top-class!

“This is between Rui and me. It’s none of your business!” Yin Jingyao is so furious that she can’t notice the situation at all.

Yi Yunrui frowns. He is fed up with her. He knows that Yin Jingyao is going to be hysterical.

Although she has become the leader of the Art Troupe and holds rank of Major, Yin Jingyao is still unruly and undisciplined. But her title doesn’t allow her to do anything she wants in the troops!

With a cold face, Yi Yunrui exchanges a look with Political Commissar Xue, reaches out to Xia Ning, who is standing behind him, and takes her hand, “Political Commissar Xue, I trust you with the businesses of the troops for the moment. Ning, come with me!”

Being dragged away by Yi Yunrui without listening to her protests, Xia Ning looks behind before leaving, seeing that Yin Jingyao wants to follow them but is stopped by the guards and Political Commissar Xue is calling someone to deal with something.

Seeing Yi Yunrui’s clouded face, Xia Ning’s heartbeat is rising after being thrown into the car.

“Start the car!” with his eyes closed, Yi Yunrui orders Feng Le coldly.

From the military region to the downtown, Yi Yunrui doesn’t say a word. His handsome face is cold and his eyes are closed.

The quiet atmosphere makes Xia Ning uncomfortable. She wants to draw back her hand but it is tightly held by him. She wants to say something but doesn’t know what to say.

In fact, she really wants to know what Yi Yunrui thinks about her conflict with Yin Jingyao.

But she can’t ask him. After all, Yi Yunrui and Yin Jingyao have known each other for eight years. As someone shows up half-way, she has no rights to judge their relationship.

However, considering the character of Yin Jingyao, Xia Ning doesn’t think she will forgive her easily. She has to be well-prepared when she returns to B City this time.

“Is there any news from Mr. Dai?”

After quite a while, Yi Yunrui asks.

“Eh, the interview is at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Yi Yunrui takes a look at the time, “What do you want for lunch?”

“Eh?” Xia Ning responds to him after a while for Yi Yunrui asks an unexpected question, “What time is it now?”

“Five past ten.”

God! He asks her what she wants for lunch at five past ten. She just had her breakfast.

As something occurs to her, Xia Ning says, “Is Commander Yi free today?”

Yi Yunrui glances at her, “I have to go the municipal Party Committee later, but I can send you to the Dai’s in the afternoon.”

Oh. It turns out that he got some businesses outside the military region.

“According to your words, can I have anything I want for dinner?”

“Yes,” Yi Yunrui nods, pauses and says, “anything within my power.”

“Hahaha!” Xia Ning laughs, for Commander Yi thinks of something strange, “If it’s not convenient for you, I can have lunch by myself, since we’re in the downtown now.”

Yi Yunrui quietly looks at her. There is tenderness in his cold eyes, “I’m convenient. I will be with you wherever you go.”

Xia Ning pauses. The way Yi Yunrui looks at her makes her feel that he really loves her.

Xia Ning blushes and turns her face aside, “I don’t want to bother you, Commander. You should put your business at the first place…”

“I’m your husband.” Yi Yunrui’s face clouds over. He reaches out his big hand and turns her little face to his side, “Let me repeat myself one more time. You can whether call me Rui, or husband. There are only two choices.”

His palm is rough because of long-term training. It is powerful. And he looks really good when he is serious.

Now, he is serious to her. She can see herself clearly in his clean eyes.

Xia Ning puffs a little. A strange feeling flows in her heart. It feels like something is sprouting.


“Call me husband.” Without waiting for the complete sentence, Yi Yunrui makes a choice for her.


“Call me husband.” says Yi Yunrui with a firmer tone.

Xia Ning blushes. If there is a hole on the ground, she will jump in without a second thought.

Feeling her hands being held more tightly, Xia Ning hears Commander Yi’s firm voice, “Call me husband.”


Yi Yunrui narrows his eyes a little, and there is a beautiful raise on his thin lips, “Um, I’m here.”

At this moment, the car stops. Knowing the two on the back seat are flirting, Feng Le feels he shouldn’t interrupt, but they arrive.

“Commander… We’ve arrived at city government.”

Yi Yunrui’s face turns serious. He lets go of Xia Ning’s hand. Xia Ning relieves. But when she is going to draw her hand back, it is held by him again.

Differently, this time there is something in her hand. A bank card.

Xia Ning is confused. Yi Yunrui takes her into his arms and whispers into her ear, “All my savings are in the card. The password is 5201314.”

Surrounded by his warm breath, Xia Ning trembles a little when Yi Yunrui tells her the number.

5201314, which means I love you throughout my life in Chinese!

“Wait for me in the car. It will take no longer than thirty minutes.” Then, Yi Yunrui turns around and speaks to Feng Le, “Give me the car key.”

“Yes, Commander.” Feng Le gives the key of Knight XV to him.

Putting the key in the hand of Xia Ning, Yi Yunrui says, “If you’re bored, you can drive around. Tell me where you go. I’ll go and find you.”

Xia Ning feels warm in the heart, “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

“I’ll come back as soon as possible.” Gently patting her head with his big palm, Yi Yunrui looks at her with dotage.

Seeing Yi Yunrui’s tall and strong figure quickly disappears in the building, Xia Ning puts her hand on her chest and takes a deep breath.

She is so nervous about the inexplicable and ambiguous feeling. Her heart is beating fast.

She has to admit that the charm of the Commander is too much for common people, like her.

Xia Ning makes efforts to calm herself down. She looks at the bank card in her hand and a word pops in her head, “Home”.

Well, she is married. She is a woman who has a husband.

But she is not sure about how long this relationship can last.

Until last month, there is only one man, Ou Yixuan, in her world. But now, everything is changed. She became the commander’s wife. Everyone now surrounding her is rich and has power. Although Yi Yunrui treats her very well for now, she feels insecure.

With little power, she feels like she may be torn into pieces at any time.

Holding tightly the bank card and the car key in her hand, Xia Ning takes a deep breath.

No. Since she has already made her choice, she will never give up!

She only has one life anyway. She isn’t afraid of death!

Thinking of this, Xia Ning puts away Yi Yunrui’s bank card, takes out her phone and begins to play games.

“I’m looking up, on the moon!”

Her phone rings with a loud sound. Xia Ning is shocked. She looks at the number on her phone. It is Ou Yixuan!

Somehow, she gets a sense of foreboding. She presses the answer button with a strange feeling.

“Xia Ning. When can the interview with Mr. Dai be completed?”

“Soon. I still have a few days.”

“Then when can you come back to B City?”

That’s strange. Ou Yixuan seems to want her back soon. Did anything happen in work?

After all, she is nobody. How can there be anything urgent for her to deal with in work?

“I’ll come back as soon as I finish my interview.” And the problems of her salary and promotion will be solved upon her return.

He pauses for a while, “I just called the assistant of Mr. Dai. He said your interview is at 3 p.m. You can finish your interview today. Can you come back tomorrow? Something happened in the company.”


Intuitionally, Xia Ning knows it must be something bad. But she has no reason to refuse Ou Yixuan since he asks her to do so and has already made some researches.

Just when she is about to answer him, someone knocks at the car door and then opens it.

The light comes in from the outside, and Xia Ning subconsciously raises her hand.

“Why don’t you lock the door?” Yi Yunrui says with a cold but handsome face. He sounds a little angry and closes the door as soon as he enters the car.

Xia Ning blinks. Was it thirty minutes that he said? How did he come back so soon?

“Hello? Ning? What happened? Is everything okay?”

The voice of Ou Yixuan from the other end of the phone call becomes anxious immediately.

“I, I’m fine. I’ll go back tomorrow when I finished my interview.”

“Is it from the TV station?”

“Yeah,” Xia Ning looks up into Yi Yunrui’s curious eyes and continues, “The head of the station asked me to go back tomorrow. It seems that there is something important.”

Yi Yunrui smiles coldly, “Is that so?”

Xia Ning is confused, “What do you mean?”

“Nothing”, Yi Yunrui takes a look at the time, “Have you decided what you want for lunch?”

Xia Ning presses her lips. She has already decided what she wants for lunch, but she’s afraid that Yi Yunrui doesn’t like it.

Yi Yunrui stares at her for a while, and seems to figure out what she is afraid of, “The reason I come is to have lunch with you. You can say whatever you want. I’ll not judge.”

Since he is so thoughtful, Xia Ning says, “I want Sushi.”

“No problem”, Yi Yunrui responds without a second thought, “Feng Le, Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant.”

“Yes, Commander.”

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant?! Xia Ning’s eyes are widely opened. God, it is a famous chain Sushi restaurant that operates around the world. The materials are transported by air and can’t be too fresh, making the price so expensive that common people can’t afford a meal!

When Ou Yixuan was promoted to be the head of the TV station, he took her to eat there once. Although she restrained herself not to eat much, it still cost him a few thousand yuan which equals to her one-month salary!

“Wait!” Xia Ning is worried, “Commander, this restaurant is too expensive. Maybe we can choose another…”

“Call me husband”, Yi Yunrui frowns.

“…the restaurant is really expensive. I was invited by a friend last time, and it cost several thousand yuan.”

Yi Yunrui narrows his eyes, and asks, “Which friend?”

Xia Ning pauses and loses her words for a while. It seems that Commander Yi is a little jealous.

“Just a friend”, she turns to Feng Le, “Le, can we turn around? I know the command’s salary is not high. We’d better choose a cheaper place.”

Feng Le is a little amused by her words.

She’s right about military officials’ low salary. But with so many years he spent with Yi Yunrui, he knew his capability.

“Madam, don’t worry. Commander knows what he is doing.” Feng Le says, raising the speed of the car.

Xia Ning doesn’t know what to say. Feeling her hand being tightly held, she is in a pair of strong arms. Surrounded by his masculine and strong arms, she blushes and her heart is beating fast.

“Wife, we can afford a meal.”

His charming voice is above her head. The word “wife” also makes her feel at loss for a moment.

After a while, she realizes that he is hugging her. As she can’t get rid of him, she has to endure his hug until they arrive at the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant.

When the black monster Knight XV stops at the sushi restaurant, it attracts everyone. People either in the restaurant or from the outside all stop to watch them. When a couple of handsome man and beautiful girl come out of the car, everyone is amazed by them.

The man is born to be a powerful leader. His manhood is even more attracting than the black monster Knight XV, letting people feel that the luxurious military vehicle with a limit production of a hundred is to make him stand out.

And the girl in his arms is tiny and lovely, quietly clinging to his chest. The couple makes people feel that they are born to be together.

Xia Ning feels uncomfortable with others’ eyesight. Once they enter the restaurant, a Japanese in suit comes over.

The Japanese bows to Yi Yunrui politely, “Good noon, Commander Yi and Madam”.

Yi Yunrui nods to him and asks the girl in his arms, “Where do you prefer? In the hall or the box?”

Xia Ning rolls her eyes. How can they eat outside? They are treated as rare animals!

“Box”, she says in a low voice.

“Yes, Madam”, the Japanese turns to Yi Yunrui, “Commander, will ‘The Throne of the King’ be okay?”

“The Throne of the King” is the top VIP box in the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant. It is used as a reception room for distinguished guests from different countries and doesn’t open on normal days.

Yi Yunrui nods. He and Xia Ning then are accompanied by a bunch of waiters and waitresses in kimono. Through a quiet and classic corridor, they stop at a Japanese-styled box.

Two waitresses go down on their knees to pull the wooden door and bows, “Please take a seat.”

There is a small stage in the big room for Japanese traditional performance. The two go in, sit down with legs crossed. Seeing so many waiters and waitress kneeling before her, Xia Ning is not used to this.

A menu is sent by the Japanese. Xia Ning takes it up and glances at it. The price makes her mouth and eyes widened!

She thought the price of the one she went to is already expensive, but this one can double that!

Wait! They are in a flagship store!

She can’t order! And she is embarrassed! Commander Yi may be rich, but she doesn’t want to spend so much money on such a luxurious and extravagant meal!

Yi Yunrui sees the expression on Xia Ning’s face and understands her thoughts. He says, “Every specialty.”

“Yes!” the Japanese man replies and leaves.

“Wait!” Xia Ning shouts. But Yi Yunrui waves to him and everyone leaves.

Xia Ning sighs and closes the menu.

“Do you think it’s too much?” Yi Yunrui asks her emotionlessly.

Xia Ning nods. It will cost more than several thousand yuan.

Yi Yunrui says gently, “Don’t worry. Everything in here belongs to you.”

Xia Ning is dumbfounded. What does he mean?

What does it mean “everything in here belongs to you”?

“You know the Japanese man?”

“He is the manager of the restaurant.”

No wonder he waited on Yi Yunrui the moment they arrived.

Wait. Even if he knows the manager, it doesn’t mean they can get a discount. The dishes Yi Yunrui ordered will definitely cost more than ten thousand yuan even with a 50% off discount.

Looking at Yi Yunrui, who is interested in her response, Xia Ning hesitates, takes a deep breath and says honestly, “Rui, I know you are rich. But I’m an ordinary person who is used to a common life. I think we will be happier if we go somewhere more casual and common for lunch. I’m really not used to this.”

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