Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Classy, Sumptuous and Low-Key

Xia Ning is born with low blood sugar, so she always stores some snacks at home. She prefers chocolate most. So, she mainly wants to buy some chocolates in this shopping.

Yi Yunrui pushes the trolley, and his hands are busy with taking dairy products, such as cheese and milk, soy milk, and all kinds of dried fruits. He puts all of them in the trolley.

Looking at the food in the trolley, Xia Ning gasps.

God, the “snacks” that Commander Yi took are all expensive…

Then, Xia Ning takes a look at the supermarket name as if something occurs to her suddenly, and she is dumbfounded.

It is not a normal supermarket, but a large imported goods store, all on the shelves are imported goods!

The food in the trolley seems to cost a thousand yuan.

So, she stops.

“What’s wrong?” Feeling that Xia Ning has something on her mind, Yi Yunrui immediately asks.

Xia Ning looks around and then whispers to Yi Yunrui, “The goods here are so expensive.”

“Don’t worry. I have enough money to pay the bill.” Yi Yunrui says, and puts a bottle of cashew nuts in the trolley.

Xia Ning is a bit embarrassed. Although she is “rich” now, she feels extravagant about this kind of emptying-shelves style of shopping, “Will people think you’re my sugar daddy?”

Yi Yunrui thinks for few seconds and shakes his head, “No, you’re my sugar daddy.”

“…” It seems that Commander Yi is good at lame jokes, “People thinks snakes are junk food. Why don’t you stop me from buying it?”

“I am not in B City, and I can’t take care of you for the time being, but I will ask Military Counsellor Wu to help you keep in good health.” Yi Yunrui looks at her, “In fact, you will go out to buy snacks whether I’m with you or not. It is better for me to buy you some now, then you don’t have to buy them yourself.”

This is the key point of Commander Yi’s statement.

“Wait, you said that you got enough money. Are you going to pay in cash?”

Yi Yunrui nods.

“Why don’t you pay with your card?” Xia Ning says, suddenly she remembers Yi Yunrui gave his bank card to her, “I have your card. You don’t need to pay in cash!”

“I don’t spend money frequently. It’s better to buy something for you then keeping my money untouched.” Seeing Xia Ning still wants to say something, Yi Yunrui stops and seriously says, “Ning, do you regard me as an outsider?”

Although the two married, they are not familiar with each other. In Xia Ning’s heart, Yi Yunrui and her are just closer than ordinary friends.

Over a month ago, she believed that Ou Yixuan was her true love.

Marrying Yi Yunrui is her temporary decision. It only took one day that she became the wife of others. She is not able to adapt since her role was changed in a sudden.

Yi Yunrui looks straight into her eyes. For a moment, Xia Ning feels that she is superficial when treating these problems.

Yi Yunrui and she are husband and wife.

“Okay.” Xia Ning pats his broad shoulders, “Since I got most of your money, If you don’t have enough to use, ask me for it.”

Yi Yunrui’s looks at her gently and nods.

Oh, he is a good husband.

Suddenly, Xia Ning wants to jokes him and asks him naughtily, “I’ve heard that many men are hiding some money from their wives. Do you know if Commander Yi has this hobby?”

Yi Yunrui pauses and stops at the spot. He doesn’t say a word.

Xia Ning’s smile is frozen. Does she ask for too much?

Yi Yunrui gave her millions of business just now. The book that Mr. Miyamoto brought her shows the turnover details of last month, and Yi Yunrui privately told her a percentage of their profits. Then she found that her total income in TIME TV station in the past few years is less than the odds of the restaurant’s monthly income……

Afterwards, Yi Yunrui immediately remitted the profits of the previous month into her account, and her mobile phone received a text message prompting that the money was in her account.

The transaction amount is seven digits.

She is now a rich woman.

Therefore, she is unsatisfied by no means. She has no reason to ask whether Commander Yi hides money from her. Anyway, the Commander may have some gray income. She finds that the question she asked is stupid!

“Let me count them. Can you give me a month?”

“!” Xia Ning is dumbfounded. He really does have? !

It will take him one month, which means…

“Cough. Just think I’ m kidding. Wow, there is my favorite chocolate in front.” Xia Ning says and runs to the front.

Behind her, Yi Yunrui slowly pushes the trolley, as if thinking about something, with a look of contemplation.

It takes an hour for the two come out of the imported goods store.

The “big monster” Knight XV is filled with snacks.

Then the two head directly to the Dai House.

When they arrive at Dai House, it is already two o’clock in the afternoon. Seeing Xia Ning, Mr. Dai smiles. Without greetings, he asks Xia Ning to play Gomoku with him.

Housekeeper Zhou makes a teapot of tea for the two, and then brings them a bunch of sweets.

It seems that Housekeeper Zhou knows that she likes sweets and eats lots of them.

After playing Gomoku for quite a while with Mr. Dai, Xia Ning starts her work.

Yi Yunrui reminded her not to ask Mr. Dai’s love affairs. Therefore, during this interview, Xia Ning tries to avoid this topic. So, for a few hours, Xia Ning and Mr. Dai have a happy time.

Mr. Dai invites the two to stay for dinner. When they return to the military region, it is already more than seven o’clock in the evening.

Xia Ning remembers that when she got on the car, Mr. Dai smiled with some desolateness. She wasn’t sure that she saw reluctance and helplessness in Mr. Dai’s eyes.

Maybe it is because of his loved ones are not around, the old man is used to loneliness. In fact, some people just seem to be happy.

Yi Yunrui just gets off the car when he is told to attend a meeting. It seems that things are quite serious. Yi Yunrui tells her that he might not return to the dormitory at night.

Xia Ning breathes a sigh of relief.

Every night, she feels perturbed. Especially, she has to organize the interview materials this evening, in order to form an article when she goes back tomorrow. So, she plans to stay up tonight.

They can stay up together tonight.

But to her surprise, at one o’clock in the morning, Feng Le sends her some steaming hot midnight snacks. It seems that these are specially arranged by Commander Yi.

How does he know that she is going to sleep late? She didn’t tell him she has to stay up to work tonight.

International Airport in C City.

“After going back, take care of yourself. I’ll come back when I’m free.” Yi Yunrui takes suitcases of various sizes and walks her to the waiting room.

“You are busy. Put your business in the first place. Let’s talk about it when you have time.” Yi Yunrui stayed up a whole night last night. He got some moustache on his chin. He looks tired. She feels sorry for him, “Go back and take a good rest since you stayed up a whole night last night.”

“I’m fine. If anything happens, call me.” Yi Yunrui approaches her and says one word by one word, “Remember, you have a husband now.”

Blushing slightly, Xia Ning is embarrassed and turns aside her face, then nods.

Seeing Xia Ning step into the plane, the smile on Yi Yunrui’s face disappears. He picks up his phone and dials a number, “Chief, this is Yi Yunrui. I have thought it though. I agree to the arrangement.”

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