Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Promotion? A Raise in Salary?

Within an hour, Xia Ning arrives at B City.

Xia Ning’s mobile phone rings when she just gets off the plane. It is from Ou Yixuan, asking her to go directly to the company.

Xia Ning has a lot of luggage, so she decides to return to the Yasi Villa before going to the company.

Thirty minutes later, Xia Ning appears under TIME ERA TV Station.

When Xia Ning steps into the office building, everyone looks at her. Li Bao’er runs to her and whispers, “Is the interview completed? Oh, Miss Xia is going to be promoted!”

Xia Ning smiles softly and just wants to say something, then she sees Ou Yixuan walk out of the office and go straight toward her.

“I will return to my seat.”

Li Bao’er slips back, and then Ou Yixuan stops in front of her, “Is the interview completed?”

“Yeah.” Xia Ning nods.

“Did you say you were getting off the plane? Why do you just arrive at the company now?”

“I got something to do first, so…”

“Vice President Zheng has been waiting for you in the office for a long time. Go inside.”

Vice President Zheng came for her?! Which Vice President Zheng?

“Vice President Zheng?”

“The wife of the chairman of TIME ERA TV Station, Vice President Zheng Ran.” Ou Yixuan looks at her with a strange look, “She is your aunt. Don’t you know?”


Xia Ning blinks, aunt… Is she the sister of her mother-in-law Zheng Yao?!

“Oh, I know, thank you for your reminder.”

Ou Yixuan glances at her and nods, “Get in.”

Following Ou Yixuan, Xia Ning feels a little bit upside and down. Her mother-in-law doesn’t like her. She doesn’t know much about the Yi family.

There is a woman sitting in the office, tall and wearing closes from famous brands. She looks similar to Zheng Yao, but her eyes are sharp. At first glance, Xia Ning knows that she is a smart and capable woman.

“Vice President Zheng, Xia Ning is here.” Ou Yixuan introduces, “Vice President Zheng, this is Clerk Xia who just finished her interview with Mr. Dai.”

“Hello, Vice President Zheng.” Zheng Ran is staring at her. Her sight is like a knife, making her chilly.

“Are you Xia Ning?”


Zheng Ran looks at Xia Ning for a while, and she says, “Mr. Dai’s interview. Show me.”

Xia Ning puts the first draft of the interview on the desk, “This is the first draft. Please take a look.”

Zheng Ran reads the manuscript and says nothing. The atmosphere is very quiet, and Xia Ning feels even more uneasy. Xia Ning doesn’t know why she always feels that the aunt uses a strange tone to speak to her.

After reading it for a while, Zheng Ran closes the manuscript, “There are many things need to be revised. The first draft is not qualified. Go back and modify it.”

Xia Ning feels grave, “Ok.”

It’s bad. As the vice president personally says that it is not good, it seems that the draft should be modified a lot.

Zheng Ran takes a sip of tea and puts the cup down, “I’ve heard from Yixuan that you want to get promotion and a raise in salary, right?”

Speaking of the key point!

“Yes,” Xia Ning tries to calm herself down, “Vice President, I have been working at TIME ERA TV for three years, and my work attitude has been sincere and serious. In addition, this time I finished my interview with Mr. Dai. I believe that I can do a higher level of work. So, I asked for a raise in salary and promotion.”

“Yes, you have been working on TIME ERA TV for three years and deserve a raise in your salary. This time, since you completed Mr. Dai’s interview, it is normal for you to get a promotion.”

Xia Ning is relieved.

Zheng Ran pauses, looking at Xia Ning with her eyes slightly narrowed, “If your work attitude has been really sincere and serious, It is reasonable that there will be opportunities for you to get an increased salary and promotion. However, you have been a clerk after working in the TV station for three years. On this point, I believe that Mr. Ou is a man who admires talents. For three years, he has never mentioned you to me. As far as I know, you are an old acquaintance with Ou Yixuan. Now, Xia Ning, what do you say about this?”

What Zheng Ran said makes Xia Ning a bit speechless.

Three years ago, she and Ou Yixuan entered the TIME ERA TV station. Both of them were full of vigor and vitality. However, Ou Yixuan is better at communicating and dealing with interpersonal relationship and has stronger capability than her, so Ou Yixuan has been steadily promoted. In the past three years, Ou Yixuan has been working hard for himself, and has no time taking care of her. She thought she would be ok as long as Ou Yixuan was with her and his achievements were hers.

Now she finds that she was too stupid. She never fought for what she deserved. Now, she ends up with nothing. On the contrary, she is even misunderstood by others!

Pressing her lips, Xia Ning glances at Ou Yixuan. He sits aside without say anything.

Xia Ning snorts. This man just thinks about himself! She is really stupid, really really stupid!

“I don’t know.” She replies straightforwardly and doesn’t want to explain.

Zheng Ran blinks, “Although your performance is average, in terms of your three years of hard work for the company, the company will consider your request. You may get a raise in salary and promotion.”

At this time, Zheng Ran’s cell phone rings. She looks at the caller’s number and smiles, “Tingting, why don’t you come now? Mommy has been waiting for you for a long time. Come on, come in. Come in. Mommy is in the office of Mr. Ou…”

“Mom, I’m coming! Bye!”

Before Zheng Ran finishes her sentence, the office door is opened, and a girl about twenty or so with a tall figure like Zheng Ran comes in. She has a pair of big and beautiful eyes, like a Barbie doll.

Seeing Zheng Ran, Xiao Tingting hugs her and says intimately, “Oh, I’m late just for a while, Mom, you don’t have to hurry me for ten hundred times!”

“You little girl! Show some respects!” Zheng Ran stares at her and says, “Well, there are other people here! Behave yourself!”

Xiao Tingting stands at attention, “Yes, President Zheng!”

“Xia Ning,” looking at Xia Ning, the smile on Zheng Ran’s face completely disappears. She speaks to her coldly, “This is the new editor of TIME ERA TV Station, Xiao Tingting. You will be her assistant later.”

“Hello, Editor Xiao.” Xia Ning politely greets her.

“Are you Xia Ning?” Xiao Tingting is surprised, and then disdained, “Oh, I thought Xia Ning is a great beauty. I see! How can you be a perfect match for my cousin with such a face?! I don’t believe it before. Now it seems that you really adopt some dirty methods!”

Xia Ning’s face is clouded over. It seems that she is “notorious” now.

Smiling slightly, Xia Ning doesn’t explain.

Because her explanation is useless.

“What are you smiling at? Are you angry with me? Do you think that I should call you sister-in-law!” Xia Ning’s smile makes Xiao Tingting misunderstand, “I tell you, stay away from me! I don’t want to have any relationship with you!”

“Editor Xiao,” Ou Yixuan tries to mediate the dispute, “Maybe you misunderstand. Xia Ning smiles because she is promoted. Xia Ning will be your assistant. As Xia Ning is an experienced employee, she can help you with many things.”

With a look of disgust, Xiao Tingting says to Zheng Ran, “Mom, I don’t want her to be my assistant! This kind of woman is too disgusting!”

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