Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Teach her some lessons!

“Nonsense!” Zheng Ran’s face is clouded over, “We’re at the company, Tingting. We have to be fair. Your Mom has already decided. Don’t say anything like this.”

Xiao Tingting curls her lips. Under the condition of not violating principles, her mother dotes on her a lot. Now, since her mother is obviously unhappy, she’d better not talk back.

“Um!” Very unwilling, Xiao Tingting turns around.

“Vice President Zheng, Editor Xiao,” says Xia Ning, who has been silent for a long time. “If Editor Xiao feels that I’m not qualified as an assistant, the company can make another arrangement. No matter what arrangement the company makes, I will agree to it.”

When Xiao Tingting shows her attitude, she realized that something is aimed at her. Today, after meeting Zheng Ran, she knows Zheng Ran’s attitude towards her directly determines her future in the TIME ERA. It is time for her to be mentally prepared.

She didn’t fight doesn’t mean that she is stupid. Ou Yixuan makes her completely understand the reality.

It’s time to be sensible.

“Vice President Zheng, since Editor Xiao has other opinions, can you consider changing the arrangement?” Feeling that there are some bad intentions, Ou Yixuan asks.

“There is no need. I’ve already decided it. Tomorrow, Xia Ning will be transferred to the editorial office to be the assistant of Tingting. Mr. Ou, arrange everything.” Zheng Ran looks at Xiao Tingting and says, “How old are you? Don’t act like a child! Come out with me!”

After these words, Zheng Ran leaves the room. Xiao Tingting presses her lips. After giving Xia Ning a glance, she steps on her high heels and follows her mother.

“Ning,” Ou Yixuan sighs, “Xiao Tingting is President Xiao’s apple in the eye. She has a great temper. You have to endure. You must not offend her. Do you know?”

Xia Ning nods.

“This is the arrangement from Vice President Zheng. I can’t do anything about it. I hope you can understand.”

“I know, Director,” Xia Ning replies stiffly, “If there is nothing left, I will go out first.”

Then, not waiting for Ou Yixuan to answer, Xia Ning takes the interview draft on the table, turns away and walks out of the director’s office.

Looking at the back of Xia Ning, Ou Yixuan’s face is clouded over and his fist is clenched.

“Hey, what happened?” Seeing that Xia Ning’s expression is not right, Li Bao’er is worried, “Did you get your promotion and raise in salary?”

“Yeah.” Xia Ning nods. “I’ve been promoted as an assistant editor.”

“Wow, this is a great thing! This position has a bright future. You will get another promotion soon!”

“Maybe.” But the chance of another promotion is almost equal to zero.

“What happened to you? You have been promoted. Why aren’t you happy? Is there something going wrong?”

“Nothing.” She would rather endure all the difficulties by herself. If she tells Li Bao’er, Li Bao’er may be involved in this, “You should not ask so much. Concentrate on your own work.”

Li Bao’er frowns. She knows the character of Xia Ning. This girl accepts everything although she is reluctant. She has been her friend for several years. Xia Ning never complains to others.

Something must have happened in the director’s office. The two women came out with a gloomy face, especially the later one who thinks herself as a princess, just like Yin Jingyao!

“Xia Ning, don’t take anything by yourself. Although I, Li Boer, am an ordinary person, I will always be on your side.” Li Bao’er pats on Xia Ning’s shoulder.

Xia Ning feels warm in her heart and turns her head and smiles at her, “You are always my friend, and my sister. Don’t worry. I am fine.”

“It’s okay if you’re really fine,” Li Bao’er shakes her head. “I advise you to get married soon. It is better to be a housewife than to endure this at the company! I think you should consider Commander Yi you met a few days ago.”

Speaking of Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning looks slightly relieved. Yi Yunrui gives her a lot of things. But to be a director is her dream, squatting young, she wants to fight for it.

“Mom, why did you want that woman to be my assistant! I don’t want it!” Xiao Tingting looks unhappy as she doesn’t like Xia Ning.

It is said that this woman likes to induce men and her reputation is very bad. Her cousin Yi who knows little about woman must be induced by her.

“Tingting. You are so stupid!” Zheng Ran shakes her head and points her daughter’s head, “I don’t like her just like my sister, but your cousin is very protective for her. My sister has no mean to teach her some lessons, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t teach her some lessons!”

Xiao Tingting’s eyes light up and seem to understand Zheng Ran’s meaning.

“You just came back from abroad and are not very familiar with the TIME. I arranged her to be your assistant because on the one hand she can bear responsibilities if you mess up, and on the other hand, it is to let her know her position and give it up herself!”

“Mother, what you mean is to let me make her…”

“Hush!” Zheng Ran presses Xu Tingting’s mouth with her finger, “You are her boss now and you can arrange any work for her. If she can do it, then she can stay. If she can’t do it, then fire her! Since the company does give her an opportunity to get promoted, it is her fault that she doesn’t cherish it. But, Tingting, you have to remember that you are a boss and she is your subordinate. The boss has to give the subordinate many opportunities and takes good care of her.”

Xiao Tingting is happy, “It turns out to be like this. Mom, I understand. I will definitely take care of her!”

In the Times TV station, Xia Ning modifies the manuscript until 10 o’clock. Then she gets out of the company and catches up the last bus. When she returns to the Yasi Villa, it is already over eleven o’clock in the evening.

Throwing her briefcase to the floor, Xia Ning is so tired that she is lying on the sofa.

Her interview draft is rejected twice in one day. She modified it for three times. The suggestions of the review have always been that the content of the interview is not deep enough and is on the surface. Eventually, she found Ou Yixuan and asked where the problem is, only to be told that there is nothing about love affairs of General Dai Zhen.

She is speechless. Dai Zhen’s taboo is his love affairs. Who dares to ask? She refused to modify the draft in the end and threw a sentence, “The interview is like this. I tried my best. The manuscript is here. Use it or not!” Then she slammed the door.

The company is trying to make things difficult!

After 30 minutes, Ou Yixuan told her that the first trial was passed, but asked her to modify it in detail and handed it in today.

Then she realized that some people like to “bully the weak while fearing the strong”.

Just as she is going to take a shower and has a nice sleep, her phone rings.

It is from Yi Yunrui.

Her heart is beating fast and her hand holding the phone slightly shivers. Xia Ning takes a deep breath and presses the answer button, “Hello…”

“Are you at home?”

The voice at the other end of the phone is low and sexy. It is very nice to hear. Xia Ning feels warm, “Yeah.”

“Why don’t you call me when you arrived?”

It turns out that Commander Yi has been waiting for her call. Xia Ning feels sorry, “I’m sorry. I went to the company directly after I got off the plane, and I have been busy until now. I forgot to call you back, so… I’m sorry.”

Yi Yunrui is silent for a while, “I know. Take care of yourself. I will come back when I have time.”

“Ok. Mind your business in the troops. I get no problem here.”

A reply comes from the other end after a long time, “Okay. I know. Bye.”

Before Yi Yunrui hangs up, Xia Ning hears Feng Le’s voice and he seems to report something.

Xia Ning glances at the clock on the wall. It is already twelve o’clock in the evening. It seems that Commander Yi is quite busy.

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