Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The War Among Women

Yi Yunrui’s voice is soft. Xia Ning is warm inside. She wipes her tears, “Hum, I know. Don’t worry. I am fine.”

In an instant, Xia Ning knows that she can live through.

Because he is here for her.

“You are not in good health. Go to bed earlier. About your job at the TIME ERA TV Station, do you want me to arrange it for you?”

“No need. I am young. I can handle it.” Listening to his voice, Xia Ning feels much better, “I get to the company. Do you have any other things to tell me?”

The other side is silent for a while, “No, there isn’t.”

“Well. So it is. Bye.” Xia Ning hangs up the phone and releases a deep breath.

It will be OK. She will be OK. She will certainly get the exclusive interview with Li Dezheng done.

There must be something she missed.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes out Li Dezheng’s information and looks it over again and then her eyes lighten.

There she finds the breakthrough.

Inside the Yi Garden

“Auntie Zheng, this is the top grade blood-nest. My father brought it back from his business trip. He specially told me to bring some to you.” Yin Jingyao puts the blood-nest in front of Zhao Yao and sits beside her intimately, “Auntie, is your arm still aching? May I massage you?”

Zheng Yao smiles and shakes her head. She holds her hands and pats them, saying to Zheng Ran who is sitting beside her, “Jingyao is a good girl. She often comes to see me. She really cares about me.”

“Jingyao is from a famous family. But she is not a bit stuck-up. That is rare.” Zheng Ran nods and agrees. She looks at the pretty girl and likes her better.

“Well, Jingyao is really good. Yuntian and his brothers are always busy outside for the business and leave me alone at home. It is Jingyao who comes to make me happy. I was thinking at that time, it would be so great if Jingyao is my daughter-in-law.” Talking about this, Jingyao looks pained, “Ah, I am not well blessed enough. It seemed that they are going to get married, while suddenly that woman jumped out. Ah…”

Yin Jingyao feels hurt but she does not change a bit, “Auntie Zheng, Brother Yunrui got married for his reasons. I cannot but blame that he and I were not given the fate like that. Anyway, even Yunrui has got married, I still can often come here. In my heart, Auntie is my second mother.”

“You are so good a girl.” Zheng Yao holds Yin Jingyao’s hands, showing love on her face, “It will be great if I have a daughter like you. At least, I won’t get bored…”

Zheng Yao has not finished her words, while Zheng Ran’s phone rings. Having a look at the number, Zheng Ran winks to her sister, and says in a low voice, “It is from Yunrui.”

Zheng Yao frowns. She is puzzled why should Yunrui ring up her sister.

“Hello, Yunrui. Yes. This is me, your auntie. Aren’t you busy in the army headquarter? What makes you call me?”

“Auntie, I would like to know Xia Ning’s position in the TIME ERA TV Station.”

Zheng Ran pauses for a while and smiles with some reluctance, “She, is an assistant to the chief editor. She was promoted. Ah…”

“Chief Editor?” Yi Yunrui pauses, “Which Chief Editor?”

“Well…” Zheng Ran is a little awkward, “Yunrui, here is the thing. Because Xia Ning is a senior employee in the company, while your cousin Tingting is just back to handle the company’s business, so temporarily, Xia Ning works as the assistant to Tingting to give her a hand.”

“You said Xia Ning is the assistant to Tingting?”

Aware of Yi Yunrui’s questioning, Zheng Ran pauses and wants to explain. At the time, Xiao Tingting comes in from the door and shouts at her phone, “Xia Ning, so you cannot finish the exclusive interview and make use of me? You ask me to serve Li Dezheng? You are insane!”

Hearing her shouting, all the three women in the hall immediately turn pale.

Zheng Ran constantly winks to Xiao Tingting. Xiao Tingting angrily shakes her hand, “Xia Ning, let me remind you. You’d better remember who you are! No matter how you do it, you have to get this exclusive interview done. Or, you quit.”

She finishes and hangs up the phone fiercely. Then, she drops the phone and sits on the sofa. She has hardly get calm before she finds there are three pairs of eyes staring at her.

“What?” Xiao Tingting is surprised, “Yes, I was scolding that woman, you don’t know…Hmmm!”

Not waiting for Xiao Tingting to finish her speech, Zheng Ran quickly covers her mouth and then says to the phone, “Yunrui, Auntie needs to handle something. May we hang up for now?

“Mom, what are you doing? Why cover my mouth?” Xiao Tingting removes Zheng Ran’s hand and asks in anger.

“Girl, I winked at you. Didn’t you see?”

“I saw. But I was in anger. Do you know what Xia Ning did? How dare she ask me to have dinner with Li Dezheng?”

“What?” Zheng Ran’s raises her voice by eight degrees, “How dare that woman! She thought she got the leopard gut!”

“That is it. Who she thinks she is? How dare she do this to me? I am mad…” Xiao Tingting takes a sip of tea, still in anger, and asks, “Mom, what did you want to say just now?”

“Oh.” Being angry with Xia Ning, Zheng Ran forgets that she wanted to tell Xia Tingting, “I just received a call from your Cousin Yi.”

Xiao Tingting widens her eyes, “Cousin Yi called you? What did he say?”

Honestly, she likes Cousin Yi the most. She likes the handsome look of him when he is in army uniform.

Zheng Ran curls her lips, “He asked about that woman. And he happened to hear your shouting.”

“Huh?” Xiao Tingting is frozen. Though she hates Xia Ning, Xia Ning is Cousin Yi’s wife. Hearing what she said would not give him a good feeling.”

“It is terrible. Mom, you should have reminded me earlier.” Xiao Tingting looks miserable and is regretful about the shouting.

Zheng Ran also shakes her head, “Xia Ning may not be right, but she is Yunrui’s wife. We are relatives. We need to take Yunrui into consideration…”

“Xia Ning should be punished if she does the wrong thing!” Zheng Yao says. She guesses about what Xiao Tingting just said and bursts into angry, “She looked gentle and I thought she was a good girl. The report in the newspaper is past too. But how dare she play the trick on Tingting! The woman…let me call her.”

Saying this, Zheng Yao takes up the phone to dial the number. Zheng Ran immediately stops her, “Sister, it is past. It is OK. Don’t be mad at it, not worthy. It is bad for your health.”

“Tingting is her cousin. She is too snooty to do so. No, I have to talk to her…”

“Sister!” Zheng Ran presses the phone to stop her again, “They are young and everyone is impetuous. It is normal to argue about matters from work. You might call her. But if she blames someone for this, Tingting may be the one.”

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