Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Women in the Villa

It reminds Zheng Yao, who stops and puts down the phone, “That’s right. I miss this. Then what can we do? She is too arrogant!”

“Anyway, that woman is your daughter-in-law. Yunrui just married her. Let’s wait and see.” Zheng Ran pats her sister’s shoulder, “We have to believe Yunrui has the judgement.”

Zheng Yao goes silent and signs at last. She shakes her head, “She is the one Yunrui chose. We cannot but wait.”

Yin Jingyao darkens her face and feels full of complaints in her heart.

Xia Ning, let us wait and see. Yi Yunrui’s wife will be me, only.

On the road, people and cars come and go, with endless noises.

“Hum, drive into No. 2, Kanghe Alley. Yes, it is.” According to the information, Xia Ning comes to a remote alley.

There is some distance from here to downtown. People of B City know that this is the slum in B City.

Xia Ning gets off, among the criss-cross alleys. She looks for quite a while to find the little house.

The exterior wall of the house is broken and seems to be years old. Xia Ning stops in front of the house and is a little confused.

People living here will have any relationship with Li Dezheng?

She hesitates for a while and knocks at the door, “Auntie, please open the door, I am from President Li’s.”

Two hours later, Xia Ning comes out from the Kanghe Alley and calls Li Dezheng, who picks up the phone very soon.

“How is it? Have you decided,woman?”

“President Li, as for the dinner, Chief Editor Xiao will response to you tomorrow. Would you wait with patience?”

The other side pauses and smiles, “Well, playing the trick?”

“President Li, you cannot say so. Everyone knows who Chief Editor is. If President Li is of sincerity, why not wait for another day?”

“Oh, then, I will show my sincerity and wait for tomorrow’s response. Or, no need to mention the exclusive interview.

Saying this, Li Deheng hangs up the phone.

Xia Ning smiles. One evening is enough for her.

Xiao Tingting just said that she makes use of her. Then, let it happen.

No matter what she does, it will be said to be her fault. Then just add one more fault.

Having all the material and manuscripts put in order, Xia Ning goes back to Yasi Villa. It is already past ten o’clock.

It is one hour earlier than usual. Xia Ning drops the briefcase, pedals off her shoes and throws herself in the sofa.

Exhausted, really exhausted. The whole strength of the body is overused.

Her working overtime every day is called “asking for it” by Li Bao’er. Well, she understands what it means. That is right. She is now asking for it.

With her education background and work experience, it is not difficult for her to find a job. The salary may not be as much as TIME, but the advantage is that she will feel easier and relaxed.

However, her heart tells her to go on; she won’t be a deserter!

She looks gentle, but she knows that she is tough. When she makes the decision, no one can make her give up.

The reality is cruel and she has to learn how to stand it. She does not want to rely on Yi Yunrui.

If she can stand the difficulties in TIME, it will be easier for her to work in other places in the future.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes a deep breath. She wants to eat a piece of chocolate to feel better, when she sees there is a cup on the glass table. She is stunned.

On the table, there is a goblet, with a circle of red lipstick on the edges. That is the semilunar shape of woman’s drinking!

There is still some wine residue in the glass, telling that the drinking happened just a while before.

There is a piece of paper under the cup. Xia Ning takes it up. The writing is elegant. It says: Rui, I am back.

As if being punctured by a needle, Xia Ning feels her heart hurt. A woman has been here. She doesn’t know if she has left.

She thinks of something and goes to the telephone. She checks if there are any missed calls.

There is one, a strange one, with a left message.

Xia Ning quickly turns on the answering machine. A charismatic woman voice speaks: Rui, I am back. I wait for you.

Suddenly, Xia Ning feels that her brain is blank!

This woman has the telephone number of the villa. She came to the villa. It seems that her relation with Yi Yunrui is not normal.

Is she… still here?

When Xia Ning is pondering, the telephone rings.

It is from the woman who left the message.

At the moment, Xia Ning’s mind is in a mess, hesitating whether she should answer it or not.

She puts her hands on the telephone receiver. She hesitates for several times but doesn’t pick it up. Finally, the phone is transferred to the answering machine.

“Rui, I am leaving. I will come back again.”

Listening to the beep of the telephone receiver, Xia Ning is stunned for quite a while.

What is the relation between this woman and Yi Yunrui?

Out of her sight, is Yi Yunrui having…

Suddenly, she remembers the hugging scene of Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi. She is shocked. She shakes her head to get away from the doubt.

No, Yi Yunrui is not Ou Yixuan. Yi Yunrui will not do that. No…

However, she is only comforting herself. She has not known Yi Yunrui for long and knows little about him.

Besides, almost all the rich second generations of senior officers have the third or fourth woman, not to mention that he is the Yi Yunrui…

Xia Ning clenches her fists tightly. Her heart is in a mess with all kinds of feelings. Is it too hasty for her to get married to Yi Yunrui?

“I am looking up, on the moon…”

The ring of the phone in the mid-night is loud. It scares Xia Ning. She looks at the familiar number and her heart is tightened.

It is Yi Yunrui.

All the things come together. At the moment, Xia Ning feels annoyed, very annoyed.

She puts her fingers into her hairs and pulls and pulls. Then she presses the key. Before Yi Yunrui speaks anything, she asks, “Haven’t you gone to bed yet?”

“Hum, have you got home?”

Yi Yunrui’s voice is so calm and seductive. However, hearing it now gives Xia Ning the feeling that she is going to cry, “Yes. I have.”

“Why is your voice different? Don’t you feel well?”

It sounds worried at the other end of the phone. Xia Ning shakes her head, “No.” She glances at the glass at the table, “I would like to ask you about something.”

“I am listening.”

“Do you…” the words coming to her mouth turn into a signing, “No. Nothing. It is late. You should go to sleep. Bye.”

Without waiting for Yi Yunrui’s response, Xia Ning hangs up the phone and throws it away.

Looking at the big villa, not knowing why, Xia Ning suddenly feels really helpless and lonely.

Her grandma is gone. Her parents are gone too. She is left alone in this world. Yi Yunrui is too outstanding and is liked by many outstanding women. She is only an orphan with nothing. What can she fight others with?

Even if Yi Yunrui says he likes her now, how long can that like last? She has nothing and she doesn’t know what Yi Yunrui likes her for?

Perhaps, the marriage with her is just an impulse of Yi Yunrui. Maybe the great commander just cannot get used to her being bullied.

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