Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 490 - This Is Not A Battlefield.

Chapter 490 This Is Not A Battlefield.

“Darling.” Xia Ning holds Yi Yunrui’s hand, “Was I mean to say those words to our brother?”

“Oh?” Yi Yunrui feels amused, “What did you say?”

“I said…”

“Ha. Ha.” Yi Yunrui rubs his wife’s nose, “It is all right. My brother likes money and a kind of people, his enemies!”

“Enemies?” Xia Ning wonders why he likes enemies.

“It is because of his enemies, especially the powerful ones that our eldest brother has grown up to be what he is now. Therefore, our brother is positive about having enemies. Sweetheart, I may repeat. You don’t need to worry about anything. If our eldest brother takes any actions against you, you may directly fight back as powerfully as you can. However, don’t give yourself too much pressure. Don’t forget that you have a husband right here for you.”

Xia Ning nods. She suddenly remembers something and asks, “Is that OK? Will it bring conflicts to you two brothers?”

Yi Yunrui shakes his head, “My brother is not a narrow-minded man. Besides, even if you don’t cause trouble, troubles will find you. We live in this world and we have to continuously solve all kinds of troubles in life. Probably, the conflicts we are having now may help our eldest brother earn his beauty.”

What Yi Yunrui says sounds meaningful!

Ah. Xia Ning understands.

Yi Yunrui holds out his hand to hug his wife tightly, “Do you want to know about Man?”

Xia Ning nods.

“Man is an orphan left by war. Her hometown is in Syria. All her family died in a clean-out event. When I found her, she was still a little child. I sent her to join the army. She was very excellent in the army, being a genius of fighting. Soon, she entered the special forces and carried out the most dangerous tasks. The girl is lucky. She always comes back alive. However, it is a pity that all the other members in the teams she used to be in are all dead.

Xia Ning hears his words and feels her heart twitched.

Man is such a beautiful girl. Why did she always push herself towards the edge of death?

“Darling, Man told me these things. But I don’t understand why she did so. Didn’t she fear death? Or, is she a born adventurous girl?”

“Man’s family were killed by terrorists. So, she hates them very much. It has been five years since I’ve met her. She joined the peace-keeping forces and was carrying out a mission in the mop-up of terrorists. There were only two people from that team coming back alive. One of them is Man.

Wars are cruel. When people on the battlefield, their lives are not guaranteed. Xia Ning hears Yi Yunrui’s words. She can’t help admitting that Man is a very lucky girl.

Suddenly, she remembers something and asks, “Are Luo Zhen and others also carrying out missions like these?”

Yi Yunrui darkens his eyes and nods.

Xia Ning feels a chill in her heart. She thinks of Zhou Wenping and Li Baoer and feels worried about them.

Luo Zhen, Dai Zhongheng, Feng Le, please come back alive!

“Zhongheng and Luo Zhen have rich war experience. They are gifted leaders. Don’t worry. They will be safe.”

Xia Ning purses her lips. It sounds right. But who can guarantee that?

Yi Yunrui is aware of his wife’s worried expression. He pats her on the shoulder, “Sweetheart, Man is a food aficionado, just like you. However, the difference between her and you is that she will not refuse any food.”

At this point, Xia Ning can’t agree more. Man ate all the food on the table, including two bowls of rice! Those are two really big bowls.

“Man said that she hadn’t had any rice for a long time. Ha. Ha.”

“Yes. The special forces team she was in was surrounded by enemies many times and the supply of water and food was cut. She had to eat some certain small animals to save her life. Sweetheart, Man always stayed with those strong men. She is like a man in personality. She will be working with you. I am afraid that you have to be tolerant of her with kindly understanding.”

Xia Ning understands what Yi Yunrui means by small animals. When she thinks about that she feels very sorry for Man. She smiles, “Don’t worry. It is not a problem. To be honest, I like Man very much.”

Yi Yunrui looks quietly at his wife with affection in his eyes, “Sweetheart, Man has no family or relatives. I am the one who she is most close to. Anyway, we are only friends. Don’t take it wrong. She is a poor girl. I summon her to come back this time because I hope she can enjoy some quiet time in her life. Can you give her more space?”

Xia Ning looks at her husband’s pleading eyes. She holds his hand tightly, “Honestly, when Man hugged you, I was shocked. However, I trust you and I also believe your choice. I won’t take it wrong. Don’t worry.”

Yi Yunrui expresses clearly that Man is a special person to him. His feeling to her is complicated. It is hard for him to tell it more clearly for now. Xia Ning understands. She may need to ignore some things.

It is about eight the next morning.

Xia Ning hasn’t changed her pajamas. She looks down through the window and sees Man motionlessly standing like a statue outside the door. It seems that even heavy rain or strong winds can’t move her a little. On the contrary, Zhang Hai holds breakfast and leans on Knight XV. He looks at Man with an amused smile.

It is not surprising. Soldiers from different arms of services are different in their attitudes.

Xia Ning strokes her head. Man looks too serious. According to Yi Yunrui’s arrangement, Man will go to World Era Weekly to be her secretary. It doesn’t look workable.

At this time, Yi Yunrui comes to her, embracing his wife from behind, “Sweetheart, let’s have breakfast. And then, we are going to work.”

“Darling.” Xia Ning points at Man downstairs, “Don’t you think Man looks a little weird?”

Yi Yunrui glances at Man and responds, “Oh. She does.”

Yi Yunrui takes out his phone and calls Man, “Come upstairs for breakfast.”

Yi Yunrui hangs up and holds her wife again, “Sweetie, I ask Man to have breakfast with us. Would you mind it?”

Xia Ning shakes her head. She understands what her husband means. Soon, Man will go to her company to work with her. She thinks it is necessary for her to give her some instructions during breakfast.

Man comes up very soon.

When Man finds Yi Yunrui open the door in an apron, Man feels shocked for quite a few seconds, “Commander, report…”

“It is not an order. You don’t need to report. Come for breakfast.”

“Oh.” Man comes in. She looks around at the clean and tidy house, feeling greatly surprised.

Was it all done… by the commander?

“Morning.” Xia Ning comes. She takes out a pair of brand-new slippers from the shoe cabinet and puts it in front of Man, “This is new and has ever been worn by others before. Don’t worry.”

“Oh.” Man takes off her shoes at once. She looks very embarrassed.

She puts on the slippers and goes to the table. When she looks at the breakfast served Chinese and western style food, Man swallows her saliva.

Xia Ning brings a bowl of porridge for her, “Help yourself. Let’s have breakfast.”

Man takes over the porridge. At this time, Yi Yunrui has taken off the apron and sat down at the table. Man says, “Commander, Mrs. Yi, I may start.”

She takes up a steamed stuffed bun for a bite and starts eating greedily.

Xia Ning has some porridge and looks at Man from the opposite. To be honest, when Man is eating, she really looks rude and impolite. However, Xia Ning thinks she is cute. She likes to make friends with those who tend to enjoy food in a casual way.

Yi Yunrui sits beside her. He notices the expression of her wife and looks at her even more affectionately.

He feels guilty to Man.

Before summoning Man back, he had thought about that for a long time. He was worried about many things. The most serious one was the attitude of his wife to Man.

Mei Ruo and Yin Jingyao both hated Man very much. Their attitude has something to do with Man’s leaving.

However, he feels a relief now. His lovely wife is kind-hearted.

When they realize that Man is almost full, Xia Ning and Yi Yunrui exchange a glance. Xia Ning says, “Man, can I have some requirements on you?”

Man feels surprised. She puts down the chopsticks at once and wipes her mouth, “Yes, Mrs. Yi.”

“As Rui said, you are summoned back to protect me. However, I want to make it clear to you. You will be my assistant. So, in many aspects, you don’t need to strictly follow the formula of the army now. Just relax .”

Xia Ning tries her best to soften her voice. She is afraid that she may hurt Man’s self-esteem.

“Yes, Mrs. Yi. I see.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning blinks her eyes. It doesn’t seem that Man fully understands what she means…

“Man.” Yi Yunrui speaks with a smile. He holds out his hand to pat Man’s shoulder, “This is not a battlefield here. We don’t need to fight. Relax. Do you understand?”

Man feels shocked. She thinks seriously for a little while. Then, she closes her eyes to take a deep breath, “Commander, I understand. Relax. OK. Relax…”

As being a soldier of the special forces for such a long time and undertaking numerous dangerous tasks, she can’t alter those routines for an instant. However, being reminded by Yi Yunrui, she gets to understand.

After breakfast, they take a break and then go to World Era Weekly together by car.

Man gets off the car. When she looks at the fashionable media building, she feels a pressure she has never experienced before!

She doesn’t blink her eyes even when she kills. She doesn’t fear death, either. But she feels frightened to be here…

Relax. Relax even more…

Someone pats her shoulder gently. Man opens her eyes and sees Xia Ning smiling at her.

“This is where I work. Feel easy to be here.”


Xia Ning smiles. She turns to her husband, “Darling, I am going to work.”

“Hum. I will wait for you at home.” Yi Yunrui hugs his wife around her waist and kisses her on her forehead.

Man is shocked blankly to see what he does.

Does she make a mistake? In her opinion, the commander is always tough and unsentimental. She hasn’t seen him for only a few years. How can he change totally?

If she didn’t have so many delicious foods these days, she would think that she was in a dream.

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