Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 491 - No Way!

Chapter 491 No Way!

Jing Shu has been waiting at the door. When she finds Xia Ning bring a woman with her, she feels very curious, “Director Xia, who is she?”

“She is my new assistant. You may call her Man.” Jing Shu widens her eyes in surprise. Xia Ning smiles, “You silly, I will explain to you later. Now, get a uniform for her first, the one with long trousers. Then, show her around the media building.”

“Oh.” Jing Shu glances at Man. She curls her lips.

Does Sister Xia have a problem with her? Why does she hire another assistant?

If she doesn’t work well and disappoints Sister Xia, Sister Xia should tell her frankly. They haven’t seen each other for only one day and Xia Ning suddenly brings a new assistant here.


Jing Shu leads Man into the dressing room and puts a uniform in front of her, “This is your uniform. It is clean. You may get changed.”

Man nods. She takes off her clothes at once and puts on the uniform very soon.

Jing Shu feels displeased. She finds Man very beautiful, but strange. She doesn’t understand why Sister Xia hires such a woman to take away her job.

“What’s your relation with Director Xia? I didn’t notice that World Era Weekly wanted to employ an assistant for the director. How did you get your job?”

Man glances at Jing Shu and responds, “To work under the elder sister-in-law (means Mrs. Yi here in Chinese) will bring me a lot of delicious things to eat.”

Jing Shu feels so surprised that she almost faints!

God! What an answer? Is she serious?”

Wait. The elder sister-in-law? Is it possible that Sister Xia has a brother and Man is his girlfriend?

If it is true, Jing Shu can’t complain. Anyway, they are family!

Jing Shu sighs. She can’t but accept it. She says, “Follow me, I will tell you the philosophy of media building and World Era Weekly.”

It takes about an hour for Jing Shu to show Man around the offices on this floor. Then, she makes a pot of coffee and goes back to the Director’s Office with Man.

Xia Ning sees Man bring the coffee. She smiles, “Shu, close the door. I want to discuss something with you.”

Jing Shu and Man sit down. Xia Ning takes up the coffee and drinks. She glances at her large office and asks, “Shu, do you think there is enough room here for two working desks?”

“Two?” Jing Shu feels confused, “Director, do you want to have two people working here?”


Jing Shu blinks her eyes. Seemingly, Sister Xia is going to have more than one new assistant…”

Jing Shu feels sad. She sniffs and responds, “Sure. There is enough room for ten working desks, not to mention two.”

How can Jing Shu hide what she is thinking from Xia Ning? Xia Ning smiles, “Shu, don’t take it wrong. I will tell you the truth. But it is just between us. Don’t tell anyone else. OK?”

“Hum. Director, don’t worry. I am a real secret keeper. I won’t tell anyone else.”

As to what Jing Shu says, Xia Ning totally agrees.

“Man is sent by my husband to protect me. She used to be a commando.”

Xia Ning briefly introduces, but Jing Shu is shocked by the word Commando.”

It is not surprising that she finds Man strange. It turns out that Man has such a special background.

Xia Ning nods, “To be my assistant is the way to cover her identity. So, Shu, you may treat Man as my personal assistant.”

“Oh. I see!” Jing Shu’s eyes brighten. Man doesn’t come to scramble for the job from her. That is good. She says, “OK. I see. Director Xia, don’t worry.”

Then, Jing Shu turns to look at Man. A question suddenly pops up in her brain. She asks, “Man, you are good at fighting, aren’t you?”

“Well. I am still alive now.”

Jing Shu rubs her palms, “I am of Grade 4 of black belt. Do you like to practice with me someday?”

“You can’t defeat me.” Man replies frankly.

As if she is poured with a basin of cold water, Jing Shu feels a little humiliated, “Why?”

“You are weak. You can’t stand a fist from me.”

“…” Jing Shu hesitates. She thinks for a while, “It is easy to say. Show it…”

A sound of breaking is heard.

Jing Shu has not finished her words, while Man has taken up a book of about five centimeters in thickness. She directly breaks it into two parts with a little strength of her hands.

Jing Shu is shocked blankly.

Man throws the book of two parts to Jing Shu and asks, “How many pieces of boards can you break?”

Jing Shu looks at the book. She swallows her saliva, realizing the woman is horribly excellent!

What a strong strength it may take to tear such a thick book! However, Man seemed to tear it easily… She may be able to tear a human being apart directly!

“Ugh!” Jing Shu clears her throat. She responds reluctantly, “I have never counted the quantity. I will try one day.”

“Shu, Man had some special trainings. You are not comparable to her. You may drop the idea.” Xia Ning sees Man’s show and is also shocked. She says, “Bring two working desks here. By the way, draft a recruitment notice. I want to hire an assistant for you.”

“What?” Jing Shu feels confused. Sister Xia really wants to hire another assistant? Though the assistant will be for her. Jing Shu responds, “No need. I think I can manage everything. I believe in my work capability, don’t doubt…”

“After you move in here, who will stay outside to keep a watch on the offices?”

“…” That is a problem. After all, Jing Shu can’t tear herself into two parts and put one inside while the other outside. She says, “Oh. I may go out to get prepared for that.”

With the help of some male colleagues, Jing Shu spends almost an hour in moving all her stuff into the Director’s Office. Meanwhile, she also arranges a set of desk and chair for Man, which are just like hers.

When Jing Shu is working at arranging the things, Man walks around the office. She takes out some small instruments and puts them to different places.

When other people all leave, Xia Ning asks, “Man, what instruments did you put here?”

Some things in the office are confidential. Though Man is trusted by Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning thinks she still needs to confirm with Man first.

“A danger detector and two infrared detectors.” Man replies when she glances at the bracelet on Xia Ning’s wrist, “I have just found some dangerous signals. Mrs. Yi, Commander Yi is really very concerned about you.”

Xia Ning feels confused for an instant, wondering what’s the relation between the dangerous signals and Yi Yunrui’s concerns.

“Mrs. Yi, your jewelry is beautiful.”

Reminded by Man, Xia Ning finally understands, “Thank you.”

Man goes back to her seat. She takes out a piece of paper and draws something on it.

“Director Xia, as to my assistant, do you want to hire a man or a woman?” Jing Shu asks.

Xia Ning gently smiles, “Shu, it will be your assistant. It is up to you.”

Jing Shu blinks her eyes happily, “Great. I may see whether I can be a leader. Ha. Ha.”

At this time, someone knocks at the door and opens it.

A man around twenty years old comes in. He looks elegant and handsome with an air of quiet homeboy.

The man is a stranger to Xia Ning. Jing Shu doesn’t know him, either. However, Man suddenly stands up from her seat. She stands in front of Xia Ning and asks, “Buzzard, what brings you here?”

The man called Buzzard closes the door and replies in a slow voice, “I come here to have an interview.”


Xia Ning feels confused to hear Buzzard’s words.

It seems that Jing Shu hasn’t finished the recruitment notice while the interviewee has come here.

Buzzard takes some steps forwards and stops at a spot some distance away from Xia Ning. He bows, “Mrs. Yi, Commander Yi sends me here to protect you under the identity of the assistant to the director.”

Xia Ning blinks her eyes. Seemingly, her husband arranges not only one bodyguard for her!”

“Oh, I see. Please have a seat.” Xia Ning says. She takes out her phone and calls Yi Yunrui, “Darling, do you send another man here?”

“Has Buzzard arrived?”

“… Darling, how many people do you arrange for me?”

“Only two.” These two can be comparable to an army. He says, “Buzzard is his nickname. Sweetheart, you can call him Xiaoniao (means little bird in Chinese).”

Xiaoniao… Xia Ning hears the name and feels shocked all of a sudden.

She hangs up the phone and puts on a reluctant smile, “You are Xiaoniao, aren’t you?”

The man nods. He takes out a lollipop from his pocket and puts it into his mouth. He looks around and smells the air, “Man, you are almost a robot.”

Man darkens her face. She turns to Xia Ning, “Mrs. Yi, this man is insane. You may avoid contacting him.”

Insane… Well. The man even leaves such an impression to Man. How sick can he be?

“Sh, Shu.” Since everyone is here and confirmed, Xia Ning has to make the arrangement, “Bring another desk here.”

“Yes, Director.”

Xia Ning finds that Xiaoniao has finished at least six lollipops within an hour. He simply bites some of them.

If he goes on eating lollipops in this way, it will be surprising if he doesn’t get diabetes…

“Mrs. Yi, the man is born with the problem of serious glucopenia. He loves lollipops. Mrs. Yi, you’d better not touch his candies. The crazy man bombed an army camp because of a lollipop.”


Xiaoniao lifts to look at Man, “Man, Commander Yi said that it was not good to say bad words behind other’s back.”

“I am saying right in front of you!”

Xiaoniao shrugs his shoulders. He takes out another lollipop from his pocket. Looking at the space lollipop which is transparent like a crystal ball, Xia Ning’s eyes brighten!

“Xiaoniao, you also like the space lollipops?”

Not expecting that Xia Ning will raise such a question, Xiaoniao feels confused. He nods.

As if she remembers something, Xia Ning takes out a box of lollipops from her drawer and puts it in front of Xiaoniao, “This may be a little different from yours. They are universe lollipops. This box is for you.”

Xiaoniao looks at the box of lollipops on the desk quietly and doesn’t speak a word for quite a while.

Seeing this, Xia Ning turns to Man in confusion. Man stretches her palms, “See? The man is weird. Well. Mrs. Yi, do you still have any of these lollipops? I want to have some, too.”

Xia Ning smiles. She checks her drawer for a while, “I have finished the other, except for one. Here you are.”

Man takes it over. She has just opened the package when she suddenly realizes a chill around. She turns around and sees Xiaoniao looking at her greedily as if he wants to bite her. She puts the lollipop aside and takes out the gun on her waist. She points the muzzle at Xiaoniao, “Go to eat your own lollipops. Or, I will feed you the bullets.”

How dare he have any interest in her food? No way!

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