Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: If You’re not Willing to Do It, We will not Do It

Hearing the words “Ou Yixuan”, Xia Ning is shocked!

What does Commander Yi want to do?!

“Mr. Ou, This is Yi Yunrui, I call you because I want to ask for a few days off for Ning.” Yi Yunrui pauses, “The bruise on Ning’s face is getting better. Thank you for your concern.” Yi Yunrui does not wait for the answer and decisively hangs up the phone.

Xia Ning is stunned, and Commander Yi personally asks for a leave for her?!

Wait, Yi Yunrui says that a few days off… then these days…

Xia Ning feels herself blush!

Back to the Yasi Villa, Yi Yunrui takes off the military uniform and puts on an olive casual shirt. Different from the military uniform, this casual shirt makes him look ever much stronger and more powerful.

There are only two of them in the big living room. Xia Ning takes a peek at Yi Yunrui sitting next to her and swallows unconsciously.

Honestly, can she escape?

Thinking of this, Xia Ning unconsciously looks in the direction of the door.

“You want to go out?”

Getting caught, Xia Ning laughs embarrassedly, “Oh, I haven’t been so idle for a long time, huh.”

“Are you bored?” Yi Yunrui looks at her. A fire is in his eagle-like eyes.

Xia Ning’s heart does a flip!

If I’m bored, are you going to do something special to me? Xia Ning has the feeling of shooting herself in the foot.

“I..I…” Xia Ning’s tongue is in knots, “there is no snack at home, I want to go out and buy some snacks…”

Yi Yunrui’s expression softens. He is about to say something when the phone rings.

Looking at the Caller ID, Yi Yunrui says “excuse me”. He steps aside and picks up the phone.

When Yi Yunrui walks away, Xia Ning also takes her phone out and presses it purposelessly.

She is so nervous, so nervous!

After a while, Yi Yunrui comes back and takes the military uniform hanging aside. He says, “I have to go back to attend a meeting.”

Xia Ning is relieved, “Oh.”

Xia Ning’s relieved respond makes Yi Yunrui frown. He puts on the military uniform. When he goes out, he thinks of something and pauses. He turns back and says, “Before I come back, stay in the villa and don’t go out. You can take anything you want from the refrigerator.”

Xia Ning is frustrated, why he doesn’t let her go out?

Watching the huge black monster-like vehicle leave, Xia Ning walks back into the house and looks at the huge house, being bored.

This villa is a five-storey duplex structure that is as luxurious as a small palace. The Yasi Villa is quite big. There are flowers, grass, all kinds of rockeries and fish ponds. She has to admire that the place where rich people live is different from ordinary people’s homes.

The decoration inside villa is mainly silver and black, which is simple and elegant. The style is quite suitable for Yi Yunrui.

Yi Yunrui says that here is their home in B city.

This home is super luxurious! At least she can’t earn that much money for a lifetime.

“My boyfriend is married, but his bride is not me…”

The phone is ringing. The person who is calling is Li Baoer. Xia Ning is happy to see her name, “Beauty, what makes you call me at 2 o’clock at noon? Don’t you have to work?”

“Hey, have you read today’s Wondertime Daily?”

Li Baoer’s voice is very depressed. It is clear that this phone call is made secretly.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Ning is puzzled, and her intuition tells her that the situation is not good.

“The gossip news of you and Ou Yixuan made the entertainment headlines of Wandertime Daily!”

Xia Ning’s heart sinks, “What gossip news?”

“It says you are Ou’s paramour and you want to be his wife! Hey, Xia Ning, it seems that you have offended someone with powerful backing! They used the newspaper to discredit you.”

Suddenly, Xia Ning understands why Yi Yunrui did not let her out.

Zheng Yao’s strange expression may also relate to this.

“Well, I know.”

“Well, that’s all I want to tell you. Take care of yourself, bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Xia Ning feels upset.

It seems that the word “paramour” has a predestined relationship with her in the past few days. The Wondertime Daily is very famous in B City. With the headline of the newspaper, half of the city will know that she is a “paramour”.

Annoyed, very annoyed!

How did she suddenly become a “paramour”!

When she is in a bad mood, she wants to eat a lot!

“The snacks are in the refrigerator.” Remembering the words of Commander Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning runs to the front of the giant refrigerator which is higher than her. When she opens the refrigerator, she is immediately shocked!

Oh my god, there are all kinds of snacks in the refrigerator, sweet ones, salty ones, spicy ones, sour ones…. The kinds of snacks are even more than those in the supermarkets!

Wait, does Commander Yi like to eat snacks too? Otherwise, why is the refrigerator full of snacks?

Whatever! I’m going to eat them anyway!

Xia Ning takes a lot!

Turning on the built-in 100-inch ultra-large LCD TV with the remote control and holding a lot of snacks in her arms, Xia Ning decides to enjoy her holiday.

And she decides to let her heart enjoy the holiday as well.

Yi Yunrui’s meeting is lasting until late at night.

Xia Ning is lying in bed, tossing and turning.

Everything here is still very strange to her. In addition, as she is in someone else’s bed, she can’t fall asleep!

Hearing a slight noise from downstairs, Xia Ning is shocked and quickly closes her eyes.

Yi Yunrui is back.

The door is gently opened, and the person that comes in is very cautious in every movement, as if he fears of waking her up. The man comes by the bed and stops.

A faint fragrance wafts towards her, which is the unique aroma of Yi Yunrui. Xia Ning’s hand is slightly clenched and her heart beats faster.

Is he watching her behind her?

Yi Yunrui stops at the bed for a while and then gets into the bathroom.

The sound of the water comes out. Xia Ning swallows. Imagining what might happen next, she has already had her heart in her mouth.

The sound of water stops. After taking a shower, Yi Yunrui walks gently to the bed and lies down beside her.

Smelling the faint lemon scent, Xia Ning is a little bit anxious, and keeps pretending to be asleep.

Feeling that the man beside her turns around and his warm breath blows to her ears, Xia Ning cannot help but take a deep breath.

What does he want to do?

When Yi Yunrui’s big hand puts over her head, Xia Ning suddenly quivers!

Yi Yunrui makes a slight pause and resdraws his hand, “Sorry, I’m not intended to wake you up.”

The atmosphere is awkward, and Xia Ning unconsciously moves towards the bed side, “Nothing. You just finished the meeting?”

As soon as the words come out, Xia Ning regrets. He doesn’t have to report to her!

Besides, how can a meeting last so long! Is she complaining about him?

“Sorry, I…” She asked too much.

“Some things happened in the army. I had to deal with it. I am sorry for coming home so late.” The commander answers honestly.

“OK.” She wants to ask about the entertainment headline, but she holds back.

Forget it! Commander Yi is busy with ‘national affairs’. Don’t bother him with these trifles.

The two do not talk anymore. The darkness is filled with silence.

Xia Ning can clearly hear her heartbeats.

“Ning, am I horrified?”

“Huh?” Xia Ning is confused.

“Why you lie so far away from me?”


Feeling the masculinity behind her, Xia Ning’s body is frozen! Her mind immediately becomes blank!

Is “that thing” going to happen?

“Ning, I am your husband.”

The warm breath blows near her ears, and Xia Ning body is frozen!

“Are you afraid of me? Why is your body so tense?”

Xia Ning swallows. Being nervous, her heart is about to jump out of the chest, “I… I am not…” Yes, she is afraid!

He doesn’t talk behind her, and the atmosphere in the room is tense.

Suddenly, she hears a smirk, and the hand on her shoulder pats her slightly. A low voice is near her ear, “Don’t be afraid. I’m not making you do anything you don’t want to do.”

Then, Yi Yunrui lets go of his hand, pats her head and turns away to sleep.

Hearing the man’s smooth breathing sound comes from her side, Xia Ning feels greatly relieved.

However, a strange feeling comes out—

Did she guage the heart of a gentleman with her own mean measure?

Or is her flat body not suitable for the ‘appetite’ of the Commander?

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